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    We will have something planned in February. We will update here.
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    Hyderabad - Mysuru - Coorg - Murudeshwara - Goa(Palolem) - Hyderabad Total Distance Covered: 2097 KMS Vehicle: Nissan Micra Fuel: Petrol Mileage: 23+ kmpl with 60% of A/C all the time(2 Adults and 1 kid). No. of Days: 7 Days From Dec 22nd to 28th 2019. Total Tolls: 1030/- [Through Fastag 960+ cash 70] Route expedition Via Google Maps ** SINGLE HAND DRIVING Day 1: Route: Hyderabad(NH 44) - Bangalore- Mysuru. Total distance covered on day 1 : 729 KMS Total Time: 14 hours 27 min with 5 breaks. Christmas holidays.... planned the trip and very well executed with the support of my spouse and kid. Started at 3:30 Am on 22nd Dec from Hyderabad via NH 44.. It's a pleasure to drive through this route and it's my first-time visit to Bangalore. After entering into the Bangalore got confused with one of the exit at entered into the CV Raman road and got stuck in the traffic around 1 hour. Literally experienced the Bangalore traffic that too on SUNDAY My only suggestion to newbie visiting Bangalore or traveling through Bangalore, please take some time to explore the map deeply or ask anyone to go in the right direction. Road condition from Bangalore to Mysuru(Via NH 275) is Good with a good number of Speed bumps. So have an eye on these speed breakers. Reached Mysuru at 5:00 PM and checked into the hotel [Reliable service apartments], booked via booking.com After refreshing, visited Brindavan Gardens(KSR) and had dinner at Hotel Chirag Food court Dabha while returning back to Hotel. It was a long day by driving 729kms, but not challenging. Its a simple and straight road. Reliable service Apartments: Brindavan Gardens: Tiffin: Roadside hotel, As I had already crossed Kurnool in early hours. Lunch: Vattika vegetarian restaurant after crossing Bangalore on the way to Mysuru. Day 2: Mysuru Palace - Coorg Total distance covered on Day 2: 112 km Stay: OYO Home Luxe 23010 Opulent Stay(HomeStay) Checked out from hotel@9:30 AM, visited Mysuru Palace and started towards Coorg @12:45 PM via NH 275. Road condition is good but not great, From Kushalnagar took SH 91 towards Dubare Elephant camp-Excellent location - easily one can spend around 2 to 3+ hours in the Kaveri river. Due to the Holiday season, the queue for the Elephant camp was very huge, so avoided it and had fun with the family in the river itself and also done the Still water river rafting in it. In between, Mysuru roads were the cleanest and wide roads. Still water River rafting - 200/person. Time: 30 to 45 min Once we are done with the Elephant camp, started towards our stay at 6 pm which is in Coffee estate. As it was dark, it was very difficult for us to find the homestay as there are no street lights and its a ghat road. Oyo 23010 opulent stay(Berry trails Homestay) \\\\ Suggestion- Make sure to reach your homestay/Hotel before 6 PM in Coorg especially if you have booked in coffee estates. . ** I have avoided to stay Madikeri, as I want a pleasant place to stay on so choose HOMESTAY and it was an awesome stay for 2 days in between coffee estate and jungle. Day 3: Coorg sightseeing Total distance: 83 km Started at 10 AM from Homestay towards Madikeri, it's a ghat road and full of scenic views. It was a challenging road Visited Raja Seat, Abbey falls and fort as well...while returning we took the NH 275 as my kid was little worried by seeing the ghat roads which we have traveled in the morning and took the long way via Kushalnagar. Had lunch at Fish curry Rice Hotel and it was 3 pm. We still had time to roam, so again visited the Elephant camp and spent 2hrs and then checked into the homestay by 7 pm. Day 4 : Coorg – Mangalore – Murudeshwara – Goa(Palolem Beach) Total distance: 446 km Planned to start at 5 AM but due to the darkness started at 7 AM from Homestay. Madikeri was full of due.. the visibility was very low.. slowly crossed Madikeri and started towards Mangalore road and in between the scenes of the mountains were awful while getting down through ghat road. Stopped at Abhi falls – It's a small waterfall point but the scene opposite to the waterfalls was great, spent around 30min by viewing at mountains with some clicks. Pics Moved towards Mangalore road.. Its a 2 lane road but the road condition was too good until we reach near to Mangalore. Halted for tiffin @ Hotel New kamadhenu at Kodankeri place. I rate it 4/5. ** Before entering into the Mangalore we have crossed 2 toll plazas on NH 73. Time was running out due to the highway traffic on NH 66, decided not to halt until murudeshwar temple. Did the same and reached murudheshwar temple by 3 pm. Temple location, shiva Idol .. beach all were awesome… As there was no time for us to stay, we shortened our stay and moved towards Goa at 4 pm. From murudeshwar the road condition is Average, due to the heavy vehicle traffic avg speed was between 50 to 60 on NH 66 and most of the road is under construction. Finally entered Goa after 3 hours drive from murudeshwar, our tiredness got vanished by seeing the see view's . Not a single toll we encountered on NH 66 after crossing Mangalore until Palolem. Checked into the hotel @7:11 PM at Palolem. Hotel Name: Bay leaf resorts. We got refreshed in 15 min and moved towards beach. My kid and wife were very excited by seeing the environment over there. We roamed around Palolem beach for a while and had some roadside snacks. Dinner @ Baba's Little Italy restaurant. Reached room by 1:15 AM after having a nice relaxing time on the beach shack. Day 5: Palolem Siteseeing. Our day started a little earlier, by 6 AM we were on the beach and had some fun playing around. @9am booked a boat for 2000 rs, visited Monkey island, butterfly beach, honeymoon beach and also saw a lot of Dolphins As it was Amavasya, the water level on the Honeymoon beach was very high and boats were unable to drop us over there. **My suggestion to one is to have a pocket full of cash if you are in goa. In Goa, most of the ATMs either won't be working or no Cash boards. I had to wait in queue for an hour as there was only one ATM which was working. In the evening, we had visited the Omellete center which is located exactly at the main entrance of the Palolem beach. He has a wide variety of egg dishes and its fantastic. Must visit the place. (Added the stall Pic) After a beautiful sunset, we moved on to one of the beach shack and had a great dinner. We spent the time until midnight on the beach shore and moved to the room. Day 6: Palolem – Hubli - Raichur Total Distance: 483 KMS Total Time: 10 hrs 43 min We decided to start our day a little earlier and moved on to the beach.. We experienced the beautiful sunrise and played around. Started @10 AM from Palolem... As we all know petrol is cheaper compared to that of other places in India. Filled the petrol to Full Tank and checked the Air pressure as well, as it would be a long drive. As I was in south Goa and few locals also suggested me take the route of Raichur rather than going through choral ghats from north GOA. But, I can say it was a smooth drive until I have reached KADANKOPPA but after that its a Hell of the drive. The road is under construction a lot of diversions and road is not at all good. Reached Raichur by 9:50 PM, decided to halt there for a night and did the same. As I was not in a condition to drive more as it was 4 more hours for Hyderabad but due to the road condition decided not to drive more. **Please do avoid this Hubli-Raichur road. Day 7: Raichur – Hyderabad Total Distance: 207 KMS Total Time: 4 hrs 6 min Started at 5 AM from Raichur and road condition is very bad until you reach NH 44. Reached Home by 10:05 AM. Completed the Road-trip with full satisfaction and with lots of memories. Thank you to all the members in the INDIA-DRIVE forum for your valuable tips/suggestions which helped me to get this trip successful
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    Venue DCT joins the family.
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    I am completely new to this portal. Before posting this question I navigated to all pages but I could not find upcoming meetup details. Only thing I am seeing is completed meet up details. Please share correct URL to see upcoming meetup details please.
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    We planned to road trip in Dussehra holidays, and got the proper information from india-drive about the route plan. Vehicle - Ertiga 4 Adult+3 Kids Days - 7 days As I am from Huzur nagar we started the trip from Huzurnagar just 150 Km away from Hyderabad. Day 1 – Huzurnagar – Mahabalipuram (Ongole – nellore – kelambakam-Mahabalipuram) 550 KM Distance – 550 KM Started @6:00AM and visited the Mattapalli Laxmi Narasimha Swamy temple that is near to Huzur nagar and proceed to Mahabalipuram. Reached Addanki around 9:30 and had breakfast (Food packed from home) and started.( As we bring food from home, we are not stopped here.) For Tea break stopped after Nellore around 11:45AM Lunch break at Eluru by pass road and food is very good. And proceed towards Mahabalipuram. Reached Mahabalipuram @5:00PM, crocodile park is closed. so went sea shore temple but ticket booking counter is closed. Passed some at beach beside sea-shore Temple. We are not reserved any rooms in advance, so tried near sea- shore temple. There are plenty of hotels near sea-shore temple. After bargain we go two AC rooms costing us 3000 Rs. Road Condition – Excellent. Huzur Nagar to Chennai toll road.(After Chennai I took some local route to Mahabalipuram as per google map, but Road condition is average). Day 2 – Mahabalipuram Local (Crocodile park, Snake Park, sea shore temple, and nearby visiting places.) As room is near to sea-shore temple start the day @8:00AM and visited the Local places. Around 1:00PM started to Pondicherry took Lunch Break @ Sai Saravana's and Food is good, Hotel is one the way to Pondicherry. Mahabalipuram to Pondicherry double road. Visited Arovelli, rock beach and other beach in Pondicherry. Same day night around 8:00PM Started to Chidambaram, We booked the rooms from OYO @ Chidambaram and we called the hotel, they said rooms are not available. As rooms are not available @ chidambaram we stayed in Cuddalur(40 Km before Chidambaram). Road Condition – Very good, Mahabalipuram to Pondicherry and Pondicherry –Cuddalur (Double road without divider and more traffic). Had Dinner at Cuddalur @ A2B(Adyar Anandhar Bhavan), There have more than 10 branches in Tamil Nadu and food taste. We booked the rooms @ Hotel Durai, Cuddalore and Hotel is in center of the town, but rooms are average. Day 3 – Chidambaram – kumbakonam-tanjavuru- stay in srirangam Morning started towards Chidambaram from Cuddalur @8:00AM and reached Chidambaram by 9:00AM(Road condition is good and it is double road with more traffic ) Visited the temple and some other local temples and proceed towards Pichavaram mangroover forest. @ Pichavaram mangroover forest, Hire a Row boat as its go narrow way, we hire for 1 hour but he went very slow and I asked to bring me to narrow ways(where most of cinemas shows)…he asked 300 rs extra for that… once I agree then he went very fast as he has to finish and come back with in an hour. Once finish the boating we started towards Kumbakonam @2:00PM ( No options for lunch in this road and most of the road is under construction) reached Kumbakonam by 4:00 and had lunch. After Darshan @ Kumbakonam proceed to Tanajvur and reached by 7:00 PM and visited the Big temple.( Temple simple superb) Had dinner @ Tanjavur near big temple. Road Condition is average, Most of the road will go through the small villages and more speed breakers.(Kumbakonam to Tanjavur) @Tanjavur, bruhadeshwar Temple also Called Big Temple... Its amazing...once in life time mush see this temple. Had Dinner Near to Big temple and proceed towards Srirangam and stayed . Road Condition – Chidambarma to Tanjavuru is average. Tanjavuru to Srirangam- Toll road and it is excellent. Day4 – Srirangam local and proceed to Madurai and Darshan at Madurai and proceed to Rameswaram Early morning 5:00 Am went for Darshan and there are many temples with in compound and finished to visit all of them by 8:30AM and took prasadam there only( there you can get multiple verities of prasadam and we finished our breakfast there only.) proceed to Madurai. We stayed in some other hotel but one they way we have seen this Sree Renga Villas and its nice place for stay and food. we had our lunch here. Road Condition – Srirangam to Madurai – toll road excellent Reached Madurai @5:00PM, but due to dussara navarathi celebrations temple closed betweek 5:00PM to 8:00PM for some decoration. we had darshan only utsav vigraham. we proceed towards Rameswaram. Madurai to Rameswaram – 170KM Toll road and its excellent (around 100 KM double road without divider) Day 5 – Rameswaram Local and proceed to Madurai and stayed in Madurai Early Morning visited the spatika linga darshanam and had holy dip in Agni teertham. Had bread fast and Darshan the main temple and visited some local visiting points. Evening proceed back to Madurai and stayed in Madurai. Day6 – Madurai local and proceed to Kanchi ( near to srirangam and its pilgrims place - samayapuram ) As We missed to darshan @ Madurai, we went to the temple while return and had Darshan. This is big single rock near Madurai, I think around 1 KM of rock. Road Condition – Excellent (Toll Road). Day7 – kanchi to Huzurnagar. We visited both vishnu Kanchi and Shiva kanchi. we hired a Auto for local temples and finished all local sight seeing by 1:00PM and started back to Home town. A2B Highway branches. Thank you.
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    Thanks for your valuable inputs Sagar. I think it is a good point what you mentioned about fog. Let me see if i can find a good airbnb option there. Will update in forum during/after journey.
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    Hi @Rajagopal, Go with the route above route. It is always a better route. The other route has many narrows passages and congestion areas
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    Which route i should take from hyderabad to visakhapatnam for better drive since i am travelling with family by maruti dzire
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    Thanks a lot for sharing your valuable inputs @PareshBhinde. I Murali, I would recommend you to choose some airbnb stays around panchgani instead of hotels as they are economical, well maintained and as well as offer very good views. Mahabaleshwar is again more commercial towards tourists and crowded. Try Strawberry cream (Panchgani's special desert) Try and explore less travelled roads between Panchgani and Mahabaleshwar as they offer more scenic views and less crowd. Most importantly, when you visit view points in Mahabaleshwar, make sure you pay your visit during the early hours around 11 AM and the views might be blocked with fog in the evenings.
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    Haha, that was the intention, Venue looks tiny in front of it.
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    Nothing planned for this month. We may have a meetup on Feb 1st week. We will update here.
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    Between Hyd and Vskp. Which route is better between Eluru to Rajahmundry:- Eluru - Nallajerla - Rajahmundry (Godavari 4th bridge, Diwancheruvu) or Eluru - TP gudem - Nidadavole - Rajahmundry or any other ....???
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    A member to this forum. Hi, I am planning a drive to Mahabaleswar next week. (Jan 12 to 15). Going to take BHEL - Zaheerabad - Humnabad - Solapur - Mohol - - Pandharpur - Phaltan - Wai - Panchgani & Mahabaleswar route as mentioned by PareshBhinde. Expecting your valuable suggestions. Thanks Murali.
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    Welcome @naresh237 there are no upcoming meetups planned as of now. The section will be updated immediately after planning a meetup. The forum is always checked and is kept up to date by the admins/moderators. Also, the URLs posted in all the sections are correct.
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    Hi @sunilmisra1971, I would recommend you to do the leg via Seoni which is a better option when compared. I had done the same last year. We stopped by Yash hotel which you will find it after crossing the sagar ring road on the same highway. Most of the other places seemed like small dhabas compared to Yash hotel.
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    Hyderabad - Suryapet - Vijayawada - Eluru - Rajamundry - Annavaram - Vizag is the best route.. Few areas of congestions in this route will be seen around Vijayawada ... Roads are very good. Your drive might take about 14 to 15 hours including breaks inbetween. Would recommend you to start off early.
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    Hello - any recent travel experience to Shirdi from Hyderabad and how is the road condition now?
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    You can skip Lavasa. Nothing much over there waste of time. Lost its charm. Mahabaleshwar is good. consider staying at Zostal Mahabaleshwar. They have good view. You can also add Mulshi and Tamhini to the list.(Andhbar trek) kolad, water rafting is good. Check before you go
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    Roads are good, except for few patches after Adilabad. Chances of Fog are high in winter. Plan you food breaks in advance. Very limited food options.
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    Hi , How is Hyderabad to Bangalore Route currently . Any particularly Good place to have breakfast ? Given that there has been mild political unrest in south over the CAA law , Any diversions or advisory from recent travellers ?
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    Should not be an issue. Make sure you get a Fastag. Go through this link https://www.india-drive.com/index.php?/topic/217-hyderabad-to-bangalore-highway-route-and-hotel-updates/
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    This Dussehra holidays we planned a long road trip to Coimbatore in our EcoSport. Thanks to India-Drive members, especially @sagar @Ranger for suggesting trip route and staying food options along the route. Day -1: We started around 4 AM from Miyapur, Hyderabad. Drive till Anantapur is quite familiar to me, as i have driven this route many times. Drive was excellent with good pleasant weather, around 9:30 AM We reached Anantapur for breakfast at Club RuRu. Food was good as well as the service and atmosphere. After some nice breakfast we started towards Bangalore, as we approach the outskirts of the city traffic made us slow down, and also the fear of over-speeding and getting fined made me cautious, kept at 60-80 speeds reached Devanahalli around 12:30 PM. Our EcoSport flyaudio gave us this route which bypassed the traffic areas of the city (silkboard, electronic city) and took us to the sarjapura main road and joined on the NH just after the electronic city. The route we took to bypass the city is quite scenic and some places were narrow roads. and in some parts very rough roads (2-4 KM) with construction work is ongoing. I am attaching the route map for reference. Around 2:30 we reached Hosur outskirts, despite being a Sunday afternoon the road is filled with heavy vehicles occupying all the lanes and made us slow down, managed to reach a good restaurant which serves good tamil meals by 3:00 PM. The food was good and hot. after staying so long out of Tamilnadu we always look forward to eating in Tamilnadu hotels, glad we could make it for lunch. After lunch started the journey towards Salem, Roads were quite good and smooth but not as wide as Hyderabad-bangalore highway. Not a pleasant experience as the vehicles seems to be in hurry and not giving space occupying all lanes, had to be very patient to outmatch the city buses. Kept a average speed of 60-80 KM reached Salem, thought have a break at Salem, but due to some politicians visit (i am guessing its CM visiting his native Town) the roads were filled with cops asking us not to stop and keep left. At some places the cops were confusing us with their directions, over all a confused environment, but good thing is they reroute the heavy vehicles like lorries and trucks to some other route, so we had a clear road ahead of us. The only catch is we couldn't stop for the tea break. And it started drizzling once we past Salem, it's almost 7 PM, and those rerouted trucks joined us back while we are nearing Coimbatore making our last leg of journey more interesting At Komarapalayam we stopped for some hot Badam Milk and much needed break. After that it was nice to drive to the coimbatore city with with lit wide roads, reached around 9:15 PM to Sungam cross roads, Coimbatore. After parked the vehicle and went inside the house all of us were feeling that still we are moving. From morning 4 to night 9 this makes my longest distance driven in a day. (960 KM says speedometer) We visited the famous GeDee Car museum, Coimbatore. the beauty of the museum is we can see so many vintage cars at one place which are maintained so good. Checkout few pics:
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    Roadtrips... long drives... holiday to the hills driving our car, gives a high to all the drivers. Driving to the beaches or to the unexplored hills with our family or friends is an all-time favorite activity. Driving is fun, but a single error makes it a disaster. All drivers know the feeling - a frightening realization behind the wheel of the car when a wave of drowsiness hits, that you may be too tired to go on. A blink of an eye is all it takes for one to end up trapped inside a toppled car or a badly mangled car in the opposite lane. 20% of the accidents on Indian Highways are caused by driver fatigue says a survey. It all happens in seconds, as said above, in a blink of an eye. Drowsiness is extremely dangerous. Pushing yourself beyond the limits, just to make it on time or just to boast to your friends of your achievements of "non-stop 800kms drive" is the last thing you would want to do. You Can’t Afford to Drive on Through Fatigue Fatigue is a serious concern for everyone on the road. Feeling sleepy makes a driver, less attentive, and affects the driver’s ability to make quick decisions. You need to be able to navigate, merge safely, respond to unpredictable drivers, accidents, potholes or even the sudden appearance of a cattle. Delayed reaction time can mean the difference between life and death – for you, or another person on the road. A tired mind also has more trouble concentrating, making it difficult to judge speed and distance. Entering a trance-like state while driving is a trait we notice quite often while driving on highways at a constant speed, at constant cabin temperature. This is known as Highway Hypnosis. Becoming attuned to your body and its need for rest and sleep will make you a safer driver. Warning Signals that It’s Time to Get Off the Road Driving requires your undivided attention. If you notice one or more of these signs, it is time to get off the wheel and rest. Frequent yawning & fidgeting Frequent lane changes without knowing Tailgating Erratic Braking Inconsistent speed Delayed reaction time Missing on turns and signboards Missing to check on ORVMs IRVMs Missing to use indicators Rolling down the window for fresh air Blurred vision or frequent blinking 5 Tips to Combat Fatigue 1. Surveys show that a short nap can increase alertness and significantly lower the risk of driver fatigue. Take a short twenty-minute nap, preferably before you become too sleepy. 2. Avoid medications that may induce drowsiness. 3. Eat a healthy and balanced meal at regular intervals. Lack of proper food leads to a drop in blood sugar levels which makes us drowsy. Also, heavy meals make us lazy and sluggish increasing the drowsiness. 4. Coffee, smoking, turning up the volume on the radio and fresh air only work for short periods of time. Do not rely on them to keep you alert. (Personal experience, play those songs that give you a good feeling. Not too loud and not too much music. Play it at a medium volume, this will help you cruise at a constant speed making you feel attentive.) 5. Stay hydrated and also keep switching between ‘recirculating’ and ‘fresh-air’ modes on the air-con. A change in temperature helps you stay more alert. (Personal experience, roll down the window and allow fresh air and those traffic sound to enter the cabin. Hearing those makes us attentive and lets us drive till we find a good tree to rest under.) Above all, never forget to take naps at regular intervals. It's not only beneficial to you, but also to your car, its engine, and tires. If you are really tired, never attempt to drive beyond the limits. It's your maturity and safe driving habits that ultimately call you a good driver, not your "800kms non-stop achievements".
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    due to monsoon patrolling BOOKING FOR PACHERLA IS OPEN (ONLY BAIRLUTY & TUMMALABYLU WILL BE CLOSED BETWEEN 16/7/2019 TO 15/10/2019) planning to visit pacherla this weekend. will update the details.