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    I just followed the google map, while going I took outer ring road .30 KM stretch...
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    Yesterday, we went on a quick meetup break fast meetup. Location : Hill Park (Bangalore highway) Its been very long since we guys met. It was great fun chatting with you guys, some members suggested that we need to plan a meet-up on February. We are considering a two or three day meetup. Any suggestions about the place are welcome. Interested members can join the discussion. Hyderabad ORR, PC : Faizan Tea break Once we completed our breakfast, endless parking lot discussions (I think we spent more than two hours on discussion related to travel and cars) Grey, White and Red Mandatory group picture Time to leave back Deserted ORR What next?
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    Thanks Ranger. Yes enjoyed the drive...7 days and 2300 KM..
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    Informative Log. Thanks for sharing. When and how you passed Chennai?
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    Very helpful information on road condition. Hope you equally enjoyed the drive. Thank you for the update.