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    We're back from our recent trip to Shirdi, Triyambkeshwer and Shani Signapur. Here are my trip stats: Distance Covered: ~1600 KM's Route (While going): Hyderabad -> Zaheerabad -> Solapur -> Tembhurni -> Karmala -> Ahmed Nagar -> Shirdi Route (While coming back): Triyambkeshwer -> Nashik -> Nandur-Shingote -> Rahuri -> Shani Signapur -> Ahmed Nagar -> Karmala -> Tembhurni -> Solapur -> Zaheerabad -> Hyderabad Day1: Hyderabad to Shirdi, started 05:15 am from KPHB and reached Shirdi 06:00 pm, took 1 hr break for breakfast/ lunch. Day2: Shirdi to Triyambkeshwer, started around 12pm and reached Triyambkeshwer 2:45 pm, Day3: Triyambkeshwer to Hyderabad via Shani Signapur (1.5 hour stopover at Shani Signapur), started from Triyambkeshwer at 08:15 am, reached Shani Signapur around 1:30 pm, started from Shani Signapur around 03:30 pm and reached Hyderabad home 12:30 am Road Conditions: 1. Hyderabad to Basavakalyan, 200 KM stretch is toll road and very good road condition 2. Basavakalyan to Solapur Bypass, 95 KM stretch is still a mess but things are moving and road condition has improved, lots of diversions 3. Solapur Bypass to Karmala, Single road but good road surface 4. Karmala to Ahmed Nagar, patchy road but manageable 5. Ahmed Nagar to Shirdi, four lane road, condition is okay, heavy traffic 6. Shirdi to Triyambkeshwer, mixed condition roads, at some places it's bad but 80% road condition is good 7. Triyambkeshwer to Shani Singnapur, I should have taken a different route (Sangamner, Tharabad, Rahuri), the route I have taken was pathetic, broken roads for almost 50-60 KM's after I took Nandur-Shingote route, the worst section of the entire trip Caution: 1. Don't take Bypass before Ahmed Nagar, rather go via Ahmed Nagar city, Chandni Chowk etc. Bypass road condition is just terrible, no roads and car struggles in 1st/2nd gear only 2. Carry all original documents of your vehicle and make sure no window meshes (even magnetic ones) are installed, no crash guard, no extra lights - this is applicable if you are travelling around Nashik or Pune. No issues around Karmala, Ahmed Nagar, Shirdi
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    Hyderabad to Singur dam Road condition: Average, Single roads with decent condition. First 30 kilometers on ORR the and the next 50 kilometers on a single lane road. Drive: You will enjoy driving through the remote villages of Telangana. Distance: 80 kilometers from Gachibowli, Via ORR. Hyderabad to Singur dam route: Gachibowli (ORR) ---> Patancheru (Mumbai highway exit) ---> Sadashivpet ---> Atmakur ---> Singur Dam There are multi routes available via Sanga reddy, If you want to explore the interiors of villages. Place to visit in Singur dam: Singur dam (No restriction are permissions are required. You can explore the place without any issue) Manjeera river Singur project park (average) Circular well (Don't miss this place) Harita lake view resort Google maps: Singur Dam : https://goo.gl/maps/5vejQeyWHgQ2 Manjeera river : https://goo.gl/maps/CskbP4aPD8C2 Circular well : https://goo.gl/maps/ryKQPciEjDm Harita resort : https://goo.gl/maps/AN3fVey5gvj Important points: Carry water and snacks No proper washrooms available Food options: Haritha resort and Parmy resort. Circular well view point is a little isolated, going in a group would be preferable. No proper fuel options Singur project: Irrigation Hydro electric generation Water project It is a drinking water source for Hyderabad. According to some reports, It has a lot of crocodiles but, we couldn't spot any.
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    Go for it, It is calm and serene to spend a morning at this place. Click some good pictures for your post
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    Good info @Ranger. thanks! I will plan during Pongal weekend.
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    After exploring the Dam for an hour, we started driving towards the Manjeera river bridge. We took a small break at the bridge and enjoyed the view. Not even a single vehicle crossed us during our 15 minutes break. On one side, it was the Manjeera river. And on the other side, it is the Singur Dam. Our next destination is the Circular well. This place is very isolated and calm, it is definitely a must visit place. Fishermen! We started walking on the rocks, which lead us to the reservoir for about 100 meters. We were surrounded by water on almost all sides. (small Island) We sat here for an hour and enjoyed the cool breeze. Water currents were quite high. Avoid getting into the water and beware of the crocodiles. We parked our cars on the bank. We explored this place for around one and a half hours and started back to Hyderabad. We found this resort near circular well view point. They serve only lunch and dinner. On our return drive, we tried a few rolling shots. Sticking to the speed limits of the ORR is quite tough, but we enjoyed the photography. We reached Gachibowli in no time. -Thank you.
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    We started around 7 AM in the morning from Gachibowli (ORR) and took the Patancheruvu exit. Had our breakfast en-route and reached the Dam in two hours. We parked our cars and started exploring around. View from the dam Speed boating is currently in-active due to high running costs and less crowd. Dam walk through. Some of the gates are being repaired for water leakages. View of the Manjeera river. We need to cross that bridge to reach the circular well view point. Project machinery, It is so huge and we were quite surprised that we could explore everything without any permission. View from the other side of the dam.
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    'Year end day drive' - Hyderabad to Nagarjunasagar drive meet - Report After a wonderful start of drive meetups this year, we're here again to celebrate our drive of the year 2016 together. When: December 10th 2016 Where: Nagarjunasagar Distance: ~180 kms Start point : Gachibowli ORR End point : Nagarjunakonda Island Hyderabad to Nagarjunasagar Route Hyderabad --> Yacharam --> Mallepalli --> Nagarjuna sagar dam --> Nagarjunasagar In layman terms it is straight road(Hyderabadi: Highway pakkad ke seedha jaavo ). Once you hit the highway no diversions required. Cover pic: Participants: 1) Hyundai i20 Elite 2) Ford Figo Aspire 3) Renault Duster 4) Hyundai Creta 5) Honda Civic (Black) 6) Honda Civic (Red) 7) Skoda Octavia