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    I would say, it is better than Spiti valley. But the problem is timing, In December this terrain is difficult compared to Spiti (in summer, Monsoon)4x4 with snow chains is a must in December.  Yeah Around 4~5k We got them a day before the trip NE is opposite to commercial. My next trip would be somewhere around Arunachal Pradesh. At least in December, very few tourists. Our car is the only self drive car. Most of them are cabs, very limited in number.
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    Planning a trip from Hyderabad to Asansol. Any help on route and stopovers. The travel is of 1525km and I need estimates for the stopovers and which places. How is the road condition and the best possible route.
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    @sagar this temple is called Rajrajeshwari temple. It is in a Place called Udgir which is around 200 km from Hyderabad.
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    One of those travel stories I've been waiting for. It has truly lived up to my expectations so far and waiting for more.. Thanks much for sharing this valuable information @ARAY. Keep it going.
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    Which temple is this @mit1682.. and where in Maharashtra
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    good information here.. definitely would help folks planning this travel..
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    Photos taken from mine recent visit to my native place in Maharashtra
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    Hi, Well narrated ☺️. Do we need AWD or 4x4 vehile for this trip?
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    @Rangercan a cross hatch like Freestyle do this trip?