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    Hi Guys, We went on a trip to Srisailam and around Nallamala Forest this April to beat the heat. It was a wonderful experience and the places were nothing short of breathtaking. If you are planning for a quick weekend getaway, do check out the stunning visuals around Srisailam before you go. I am a newcomer in the art of video editing and your opinions and views will matter a lot. Please comment if you like the video. Cheers ✌. Admin note: Adding screen shots from the video.
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    One of the best drone videos ever. It is awesome. Do visit Srisailam during Monsoon. Do you have images as well, if so please share.
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    Wow, very well executed. Nice work. Keep it up.
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    Hi All, We are planning for a quick meetup on Hyderabad ORR. Plan is to cover entire 160 kilometers ORR circle. Start point : Gachibowli ORR entrance End point : Gachibowli ORR entrance Meetup date: 9th June (Sunday) Meetup time : 5:45 AM (updated from 5:00AM) Meetup end time : 10 AM (approximately) We will be going via Vijayawada(exit) section and will come back via Mumbai(exit) section. We stop over for breakfast at Vijayawada exit. If you guys have any place suggestion on breakfast point, we can discuss here. Interested members, please add your name to the list. Confirmed members: 1. Ranger (Civic)
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    7. Allwyn (Octavia)
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    Confirmed list 1. Ranger (Civic) 2. Pralay (Grand i10) 3. Sridhar Tandra (Tiago) 4. SaiKishor(ev2) 5. Naveen Gummadi 6. Saurabh mishra(xuv300)
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    Confirmed list 1. Ranger (Civic) 2. Pralay (Grand i10) 3. Sridhar Tandra (Tiago) 4. SaiKishor(ev2) 5. Naveen Gummadi
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    1. Ranger (Civic) 2. Pralay (Grand i10) 3. Sridhar Tandra (Tiago) 4. SaiKishor(ev2)
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    Confirmed Members: 1. Ranger (Civic) 2. Pralay (Grand i10)
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    Hi Friends , Require suggestion on routes to cover all in 7 days. Planning to start( Self drive) with family to start from Hyderabad. I am thinking of following plan, please suggest places to visit on the journey. Monday - 1st day Hyderabad to Tirumala - 8am to 10pm ( With few breaks) and halt at tirumala Tuesday - 2nd day Tirumala darshan and halt. Wednesday - 3rd day Tirumala to Thiruthani - halt. Thursday - 4th day Thiruthani to Vishnu kanchi - Arunachalam ( halt) Friday - 5th day Arunachalam to Tirupati - halt Saturday - 6th day - Tirupati to Nellore - halt Sunday - 7th day Nellore - Hyderabad
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    recently visited arunachal pradesh, my favorite shot from mobile is this one. on the way to Sangestar Tso Lake (also called as Madhuri Lake) which is located on the way from Tawang to Bum La Pass in Tawang district of Arunachal Pradesh, near Indo-China border 15,200 ft above sea level.
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    Honestly, I didn't felt great about pics in the first look. After watching the video and editing. You are awesome. I can imagine if you have focused on lush green locations... It will be wonderful.
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    One of the best videos I have seen in the recent times! Fantastic work @snehalk
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    Night photography Location : Pune Mobile : Poco F1 Software used: Snapseed
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    Hyderabad to Goa can be done in a single day without any issues. But If you feel uncomfortable driving for14 hours, better to take a halt. Don't stop at Vijaypura. Stop at Hubli. Next day you can cover some place around Goa. Since Hubli to Goa is under 5 hours drive. In Hubli many stay options are available and well priced. Day1: Hyderabad to Hubli Day 2: Hubli to Palolem If you start from Hubli around 6AM, you will reach Palolem by afternoon. You will have time to relax in Goa from afternoon. Hyderabad to Kalaburgai, you will find some tolls, should be under 200/- Before entering Goa ghat section you have to pay around 250/-, only one time.
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    Hi Ranger, Thanks a lot for your valuable inputs. I am going for a 4 day trip. To be very frank, I am still thinking about this long drive( from BHEL to Palolem) which, I don't think, I can cover in a day. I must take a night halt in Vijaypura and then next day I can proceed towards Goa as per your advised route. What would be the approximate travel cost, including Fuel and Toll for both ways please ? Thanks in advance!
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    So the monsoon is arriving. Do we have any drives in June. Badly need one over night drive. Looks like long summer coming to an end.
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    A quick drive to home town.
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    I think it may be possible for people like you and Aritray. (on a beast mode 24x7) But for regular drivers it will take minimum 13~14 hours.
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    I just noticed that Panaji-Belgavi route is closed for some reason on Google maps. Anybody have any current update pls ?
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    @PareshBhinde you can do it in WagonR without any issues as long as you have got your car thoroughly checked before travel at the service center / your mechanic. Try to start early in the morning to avoid city traffic and reach early, avoid driving late in the night since you are traveling with Family! I am that last minute Goa plan drop due to one of the friend not turning up batch guy and hence will let our fellow members to give you more suggestions on "In Goa" updates!!
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    Thanks a lot for updating us back on the current road status of this stretch ravi kiran. Please do share some pictures if you have any.. Will surely be more helpful..
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    Did a quick drive from Hyderabad to Tirupati. Roads are good through out the drive. We took NAM expressway. Hyderabad -> Nalgonda -> Miryalaguda -> Ongole -> Nellore -> Nayudupeta -> Srikalahasti -> Tiruapti Tirupati to Tirumala ghat section is excellent. Ghat section is closed between 12AM to 2AM both the routes. Ghat section now has a speed limit based on time. Alipiri to Tirumala time should be above 25 minutes. In Alipiri before entring the ghat section, one need to go through vehicle/luggage/human scanner Tirumala to Alipiri should be above 40 minutes Route from Alipiri to Triumala (newly laid)is excellent, compared to route from Tirumala to Alipiri. Both the routes are one way, token is issued at the entrance and will be scanned towards the end.
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    Very neatly composed, noise is well controlled.
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    @Ranger.. Buddy you are always perfect to make a thread which gives a compact list of the subject. Great work as always. I am sure, this would definitely be useful for the users. 👍