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    We reached Satara at about 2 PM. Till Satara roads were not so good in Ghat and good in plains. We encountered a traffic Jam at Satara due to failure of a tourist bus at a Junction. When we came on to NH 48 for Kolhapur, we stopped at the first Dhaba. I was not hungry and had a coffee and my wife had a wada. We decided to skip lunch. 4. We picked up the speed on NH and covered 30 Kms in no time, at that time I had to stop for taking a call which forced me to change my plan. I had set Google map to Hyderabad. Distance shown was about 580 Kms via Phalton-Pandharpur. Time of arrival at Hyderabad 2.15 AM (May be without breaks). I thought I will stay somewhere close to Solapur if I feel tired. Took the next U turn and stared back. We crossed again Satara and entered road towards Phalton. When we are about to reach Phalton, we found many police blocking the road with barricades and not allowing vehicles in to town. We were directed to another road stating that will connect Mumbai-Pandharpur Highway. It was not a long diversion and we entered Highway in 10 Minutes. 5. Immediately on entering Mumbai-Padharpur road we had to change our lane to right as the Left line is full of devotees. After driving slowly for some time, 4 lane road became two lane and we had to move inch by inch and when were in the middle of town, we were stopped by police as the devotees increased. When enquired with police, they said it is Rath Yatra similar to Jaganath Rath Yatra. There were few lakh devotees walking with bajans on the road. Temporary water and food arrangements were made for them. When I requested the police officer on duty telling him that I have to reach Hyderabad, we were allowed after 5 minutes. Mean time google map said further road also blocked and asked us to take diversion. We followed it and exited the town without any traffic jams. It took us about 50 Minutes to cross the town of about 5 Kms. Distance to travel increased again and showing 525 from Phalton and the road is through Baramati entering NH 65 at Bhigwan. Till Baramati Roads were good with mix of 4 Lane and two lane and after that till Bhigwan also good two lane road. We entered NH 65 at about 18.30 Hrs and the distance to home is about 475 Kms. Expected time did not change with all the delays and extra kms. It is showing 2.30 AM. Just after 15 Kms on NH from Bhigwan, it started raining and it became complete dark. Though road was good, mist coming out of truck tyres brought down the speed. By the time we reached outskirts of Solapur weather became clear. I saw a OYO hotel before Solapur but my wife not shown interest. I felt I can drive further. For a moment, I thought of bad roads and diversions after Solapur but decided to face it. We continued our journey without dinner. After Satara we did not stop for a tea also. Reached home sharp by 2.00 AM of Day-4 (Friday) and slept off. Finishing touch of the journey is the front right tyre was completely flat when I woke up at 10 AM. Thank god nothing happened in the middle of night. Two punctures were found in the Tyre. Clicks some where between Mahabaleshwar and Satara Ghat road. This is in Mahabalshwar End of the Log Thank you one and all for liking the log.
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    Day-3 Everything went wrong I suggested to stay one more day at Mahabaleshwar but my wife said no as the rains are not giving any break. We planned to visit Kolhapur Mahalaxmi on day 3 with night halt and start for Hyderabad on Day-4 morning and reach by evening. But some thing different was in fate. We got up by 7 AM and ready by 9.00 Hrs. We thought of having breakfast at restaurant which is on main road and checked out the room. Some of our member suggested to drive through Kas valley. Erlier I had gone through ID drive to Mahabaleshwar and liked the place and decided to travel via Kas-Satara to Kollhapur. Google was showing 180 Kms and about 4 Hrs drive. We have ample time and started after breakfast at 10.30 Hrs. 1. By the time Google map picked up I went in wrong direction for a Km and had to turn back. It started raining again and we entered Mahabaleshwar - Satara Road passing through Lingamala Falls entry point. 2. After some 9 Kms we were supposed to take right turn on to Kas road from SH-58. Here also I missed the turn and luckily I had to turn back after 500 Mtrs. This 9 Kms road was two lane Ghat road with damages at places. Once we took the turn, it is all single road and 95% good. At Bagdadh Point the road takes a sharp hair pin bend and for a couple of Kms we found shooting stones and small land slides. We encountered thick fog and slight drizzling. We had found none on the road and my wife became little scary and asked me to turn back. I asked her to enjoy the vistas and if we have to come under shooting stones let it be. 3. After traveling on this road for about 10 Kms or so, we entered a badly damaged road with lot of stones. First I thought for some reasons part of the road might have damaged and went ahead carefully for a Km. and then I got doubt as the stones on the road are bigger and may likely damage engine chamber. I stopped the car and went ahead by walk to see the road condition. After 100 Mtrs the road was much more damaged my car can't pass through by any means. There is no place to make U turn also. One side deep valley and other side hill and loose boulders are close to the road. Only option left for me is to drive reverse. I asked my wife to guide me and I came back to the safety of good road and made a U turn. In this tension, I even forgot to take a snap of the road. When we turned back, the fog was cleared and we could see beautiful valleys on both side of the road. I took out my Cam and captured them. came back to the Mahabaleshwar - Satara road (SH-58). The time was 12.30 Noon and for two Hrs we are just roaming in circle.
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    -- Started by 01:00 P:M from Mantralayam and Took Kurnool Road Via Emmiganur and Road was Super Good 4 Lane till Emmiganur and it was double road till reaching Kurnool and day time we might encounter good traffic and needs to be careful as I saw some bikers driving so reckless and Jay walkers crossing road at their wish . -- Alampur Temple is around 11 kms from Highway and very less to no traffic is encountered and road condition is good : Parking space is available at 50 Rs as mentioned previously .There is a small Garden kind and Tungabhadra River flows near by Road condition from Mantgralayam Emmiganur and few snaps of Alampur and TungaBhadra river follows
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    This is in continuation to the Travelogue posted about SriRangapuram After having peaceful and Good Darshan at SriRangapur Temple , We Planned to go ahead for Mantralayam and as we have started from Pebbair - hit the highway ,after crossing Beechupally at Erravelli we decided to take Gadwal Route to reach Mantralayam - Planned to do little shopping of sarees at Gadwal but nothing so great there - almost same prices as we get here in city - Instead of coming back we decided to proceed further and asked a car Driver regarding the route : He suggested was to go Via : Gattu - Macherla (TS KA Border one) and It touches Raichur Mantralayam Road ** Road was good initially and for some kms we were driving alone and the place looked like a Desert with open lands and less vegetation and After crossing Macherla I think Road was Horrible for 4 kms - horrible it was all pebbles and car has taken max abuses 4kms was like hell : something cant come back and confused to go ahead. Once reaching highway :Raichur Mantralayam Road was very beautiful but some Jay walkers and little traffic . Reached Manralayam and took room by Devasthanam - SUYAHENDRA VISHRANTI NILAYAM they have some really great rooms and Very very big Car Parking place - being rainy season opted for Non AC and they were kind enough to give room of our choice like Ground floor and western Toilet : and charged 400Rs with 400Rs as Caution Deposit - Rooms are neat and well maintained But no supply of Hot water for this category of Rooms . Had Good Darshan and started Next Day after having Prasadam at Temple and this time we took Kurnool Route : one to avoid that road which we have come and also to do Alampur Jogulamba One of AsthaDasha Shaktipeetha Darshan . Road we took was via Emmiganur to Kurnool - ** Road was very Good till Emmiganur and some bits and pieces road was not good but can be manageable and its double road. Please beware of the road traffic - i saw many buses and also equally traffic at villages - After reaching Kurnool we took Bypass and Reached Alampur after travelling some distance on Highway and took detour towards left . Alampur Temple has car parking space but they would charge 50 Rs and Darshan everything was peaceful - we need to walk little to reach Jogulamba Temple. Very Limited food options at the temple and while on the way too - started back from Alampur at 5:00 P:M and except a short bio break and Tea Break at Food Pyramid it was all straight drive till Hyderabad But Post Jadcherla to be specific Shadnagar premises beware of the Traffic and some rash driving - wonder why people drive so mad and that continued till crossing shamshabad and i think evening is worst time to enter Hyderabad it seems. Posting the Pictures in serial order right from starting from Pebbair to Gadwal Mantralayam and Back . Gadwal Road
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    Planning for a trip tomorrow. Any suggestions?
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    excellent write-up and pics! it's always better to go via kurnool to mantralayam. shouldn't trust google shortcuts as it will try to redirect us, we are on the kurnool highway. we did that mistake and ended up being on terrible village road for 70 kms. but the scenery was worth, but we got delayed by 2 hours.
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    Very informative post. You have great knowledge of the internal roads in the state. Like the way you click the images of roads.
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    Hotel was good. They have an old building before the two storied bulding you can see in first pic which is a just Garden View and new bulding is partly mountain/valley view. Inside view of the room Balcony Clicks from balcony Cost we bargained for Rs. 1800 inclusive of breakfast @200 each. Effective cost is about 1400 all inclusive. The room got AC but not required in July. The hotel manager Srinivas (Whose parents are in Karimnagar) told me he sells the same room for 4000+ in season. break fast is limited this is what we had.. and good.
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    From Krishna Mandir we went towards Arther seat view point, entire road was with fog and visibility is less than 50 Mtrs. We stopped at Savitry point first and as we got down from the car, heavy rain started forcing us to get back in to car. Visibility gone down further but we thought of going to Arther seat which is just 500 mtrs away. There were many cars with people inside parked there. We too parked the car and waited for some time but the rain did not stop. My birthday cake was in the car and my wife gave an idea of celebrating by cutting the cake in the rain. As we could not found a good place to stand, we came back to Savitry point where the place was isolated and the parking area is neat with stone flooring. But there were heavy winds at that place. further we went back to wards Elphinstone point and stopped the car under some tree. I had fixed my mobile on camera stand and left it in rain taking the risk of Mobile getting damaged to capture my birthday in rain. Further we went to Lodwick point but there were also many cars in parking with people inside and it was still raining. We thought of searching a hotel for stay and have lunch too. Couple of hotels we saw were not to our liking and mean time brokers started chasing us. We went to MTDC resort but we found all the cottages and other buildings were wrapped with plastic sheets. Then we thought of Hotel Sun Shine or Hotel Shivasagar Farm house suggested by our group members. First we went to Hotel Sun Shine, but its balcony was filled with lot of shit not cleaned may be due to in season. But while reaching this hotel we saw another hotel named Hirakani garden resort which looked better and indeed it was good. When we went in to balcony we heard a loud roaring sound, when asked the manager, he said it is the sound of Lingamala water falls which is just behind the hill where we stayed. Rain stopped by this time and we thought of visiting it. From car parking we have to walk about a Km which includes go in down in to valley and going up on other side for a better view. When we got down from car it was very bright (Time 5PM) and we went in side without umbrella like any Hyderabadi. When we reached the last view point it was feast for eyes particularly the valley. I repented first for not carrying the camera but on return it proved as correct decision. When we reached last view point and started taking photos with mobile, it started raining and increased in no time. We had no option to start walking back and reached the car fully drenched. If I had brought camera, I would have carried only camera without bag and there could be a chance it got damaged. We came back to hotel and ordered food from same hotel and slept. End of day -2
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    Take the below route Hyderabad -> Zaheerabad -> Humnabad -> Kalaburgai -> Vijaypura -> Bagalkot -> Belgavi -> Baga Since Hyderabad to Humnabad is 4-lane there wont be any safety issues. Once you cross Humnabad, you will hit single lane sections/villages. By that time you see sun rise.
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    Can surely be done with families. I travel to this place every year and never faced any issue. You just have to be brave of being deserted It is a beautiful forest place with a good number of resorts. September or October to December would be the right time to enjoy the greenery here..
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    We recently had a trip from Hyderabad to Bidar. Me with my wife and two other friends started at morning 6 o'clock and returned to Hyderabad by 6:45 pm. Trip Details: Date: 29 June 2019 Places Visited: Bidar Fort, Rangeen Mahal, Guru Nanak Jhira Sahib Route: Madhapur - Chanda Nagar - Zaheerabad - Bidar Fort Distance Covered: 266.4 km There was plan to visit Bidar along with Gulberga but we canceled Gulberga as we wanted to have a one day trip without hassle. Its just start of monsoon so weather was cool and while returning it rained little. So overall it was a nice trip. Attaching few pictures taken. Inner Ring Road, Bidar Bidar Fort and Rangeen Mahal Gurudwara Nanak Jhira Bahamani Tombs Hazrath Multani Baba Dargah Breakfast: At Hyderabad Delight Restaurant. They have all south indian items like idli, dosa, puri. Food was tasty and good. Irani tea was awesome. Car parking is available. Lunch: At Royal Anmol Deluxe Family Restaurant. We had Dum Biryani and Chicken Drumstick. Good ambiance and food quantity but taste was average. There is a small car parking but you have to park on road side if you are travelling on weekends. For info about upcoming trips follow us. instagram: musafir_ds Hope you have liked our topic. Thanks Musafir
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    I didn't buy such a costly item like VIOFO. I had bought 3D LED Lamp from China. I end up paying 35% Custom duty on it and it also after submitting KYC documents and delay of 24(reached India) +20(for Custom)= 45 days.
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    Refreshing pictures. Those tombs are near Bidar? Are we allowed inside?
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    He will share when the report is ready, He is composing it.
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    This problem exists in most of the dash cams. Plates are not clearly visible above 50 kmph. Did you try to very them on PC. In a mobile there will lot of noise, when you zoom in. Interesting information. What is final landing price, inclusive of customs.
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    Wow, beautiful pictures. Climate looks perfect. How is the road condition from Zaheerabad to Bidar?
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    Hi, I am agree with Musafir's suggestions. They all 3 are very good brands. However, I had bitter experience of Custom Clearance and had to pay heavy custom duty while order from Outside India. So I bought VIOFO dashcam from here https://www.amazon.in/A129DUO-Recorder-Starvis-Capacitor-Hardwire/dp/B07PZ3QL9B and I am very happy by its Clarity and Features. I also bought VIOFO Hardwire kit & Extra CPL Filter Lens for rear cam from Amazon India so I can keep recording ON when in Movies or parking at unknown places.
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    I have three car dash cams in minds after going through many reviews. 1. XIAOMI 70MAI Smart Midrive D01: This is a low budget cam and does the awesome job. You can get it for 3k INR. https://www.banggood.in/XIAOMI-70MAI-Smart-Midrive-D01-Car-DVR-EU-RU-Version-1080P-130-Degree-IMX323-Sensor-Voice-Control-p-1273251.html?rmmds=category&ID=521090&cur_warehouse=CN If if you are new to dash cam and want to try, this would be the best option for you. 2. XIAOMI 70mai Pro Midrive D02 : This is a mid budget camera and will cost less than 5k INR. This give good video/image clarity and better than the prior one. This also comes with a GPS module. https://www.banggood.in/XIAOMI-70mai-Pro-Midrive-D02-English-Russian-Version-1944P-HD-Car-DVR-Camera-SONY-IMX335-Sensor-140-Degree-p-1367394.html?rmmds=category&ID=47941&cur_warehouse=CN If you have already experienced some dash cams and looking for a better one with mid budget range, then this one is for you. 3. Viofo A129 Duo Dual Channel : One of the best camera under 15k INR. This has both front and rear camera with simultaneous recording. The camera provides one the best clear video and photo. This also has additional accessories for off mode recording(parking mode). https://www.banggood.in/Viofo-A129-Duo-Dual-Channel-5GHz-Wi-Fi-Full-HD-Car-Dash-Dual-Camera-DVR-with-GPS-p-1321355.html?rmmds=category&cur_warehouse=CN I recommend this if you are find with the budget. Note: Images are from google.
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    @Shekar Nice pics. Thanks for information regarding accommodation and other useful tips.
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    It is about 75 to 80 Kms. I had not recorded exactly. Same time this complete stretch is not bad, there are diversions and mostly road damages are in the villages and towns where fly over/underpass construction is on.
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    In the same trip, day one we had spent at Srisailam and Day -two, we had visited Kollapur - Madhava Swamy temple originally built by Srikrishna Devaraya now re-located at Kollapur due to Srisailam Dam, Surabhi Palace (Private property) and also visited Somasila and Jetprol before visiting Sri Rangapur in the last. Now TS Tourism cottages are available at Somasila and Jetprole (two at each place).