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    Yesterday, we went on a quick meetup break fast meetup. Location : Hill Park (Bangalore highway) Its been very long since we guys met. It was great fun chatting with you guys, some members suggested that we need to plan a meet-up on February. We are considering a two or three day meetup. Any suggestions about the place are welcome. Interested members can join the discussion. Hyderabad ORR, PC : Faizan Tea break Once we completed our breakfast, endless parking lot discussions (I think we spent more than two hours on discussion related to travel and cars) Grey, White and Red Mandatory group picture Time to leave back Deserted ORR What next?
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    I just followed the google map, while going I took outer ring road .30 KM stretch...
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    There also an App on the store "My Fastag", by using the above handle we cab recharge of anyone and no login required. I have this and works like a breeze, cheers
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    Fastag easy recharge using UPI According to NPCI (National Payments Corporation of India) banks should allow Fastag users to recharge using UPI. How to recharge using UPI? Example car number : TS 92 AB 9999 Fastag issued by bank : ICICI Generic UPI handle : netc.XXXXXXXXX@bank-name. (XXXXXXXXXX is the number of car, bank-name is the name of bank) UPI Handle for the above Example: netc.ts92ab9999@icici (not case sensitive) Steps Add the UPI handle to GooglePay (Any UPI payment app) Once you add test it by sending "one rupee" If everything is in order, you will get a confirmation message on your registered number
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    Just an offline meet-up. We started back. We have a meet-up planned in February. We will update the details.
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    I just saw this message. Not sure if it's happening as not seen any reply here.
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    Guys we are meet-up for tomorrow morning breakfast. If anyone interested to join, comment below.
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    Yes Sagar this is a nice hotel in the stretch between Hyderabad to Naldurg....I guess between Omerga to Naldurg.... I have been to there most of the time in this stretch and it is a very nice Hotel.... Sent from my SM-M305F using Tapatalk
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    Yes Sagar....From last 2 year there is not much long drives due to lots of official international travels and work stress. Only able to do our regular drive that is SHIRDI and PUTTAPARTHI.....[emoji3][emoji3][emoji3] This year luckily it again starts with Shirdi but this time it is mainly NASHIK for some personal work....So thought of covering Shirdi as well...[emoji3][emoji3] However this year there are some trips lined up like HYD to PONDICHERRY ,HYD TO BHUBANESWAR(my home town) ,Kerela Trip...Let's see how it goes... Sent from my SM-M305F using Tapatalk
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    Beautiful clicks, Did you visit Pocharam Sanctuary? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Dear Friends I have taken this route on the 12th Jan 2020, started at 6:00 pm evening from Bolarum, went via JNTU, the road was good till Tembhurni and once we take right, till Karmala, its ok, but after this 169 Km stretch is very bad, it pulls off and tells on the car too. while return we did it on the 14th 2020 from Shirdi, started at 10:00 am and reached home at 10:00 pm. during the day the 169 Km stretch we were surprised to see how we traveled !! Over all this is a better route than the other, as I had traveled on other roads in other trips. thanks to KAM for his post which attracted me to take this route. About a distance of 45 KM approx before Sholapur there is a restaurant ( Sai Prasad NH 65) (https://goo.gl/maps/cURVrDQzwM5nBtHU8)you will get into single road at this point, you get good food excellent service, we tried their Jawari roti they use their own Jawari from their farm, so just imagine...... and on return we again stopped in the evening and they served hot onion pakodi and tea, the costing is also very cheap. Thanks to every one for their inputs - and this is an update on the route
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    Looks like holiday season effect. We will definitely plan a drive in February. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Clicks from recent trip to Medak Church & Pocharam dam. Mobile: Poco F1
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    Informative Log. Thanks for sharing. When and how you passed Chennai?
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    Very helpful information on road condition. Hope you equally enjoyed the drive. Thank you for the update.
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    Yes, as suggested by Ranger, road till Adilabad is superb, but you need to be utmost careful after Kelapur toll, this is the only toll which will charge you Rs 35 INR (just to indicate you that bad roads are starting from there as you wont find any name there ). Road is pathetic there for 30-40 km stretch and while returning its even more pathetic, so plan this stretch during day time. After and Before this stretch you will enjoy the drive. Regarding food outlets: Almost nothing is available on the way. Fog: It could be there b'use of winter. I traveled in October and didnt experience fog at that time. Thanks, Dhananjay
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    Sharing a few mobile clicks on my recent road trip in Singapore, Bali and Nusa Penida.
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    Did Go karting in Kompally long back during 2012 And recently did few laps in Chicane. Undoubtedly, it is the Chicane circuit which is better.
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    Fantastic, I am yet to try both Hasten and Chicane with priority being Chicane! So far my favorite is MMS, Shamshabad. I am assuming this is 11 am-11 pm.
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    Nice post, I never did experience Go-karting, will try it soon.
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    @Ranger.. Buddy you are always perfect to make a thread which gives a compact list of the subject. Great work as always. I am sure, this would definitely be useful for the users. 👍
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    Thank you for the information. I am always not sure about the timings of the Go-Kart. Lets plan a Go-Kart meetup at Shamshabad on some weekend?
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    Nice post @Ranger, I almost loved every trial of my karting experience. Runway9 has been my favourite past time during my college days and now that it's become old and lacks proper maintenance, I have started to do this at Chicane in Leonia and MMS at Rajiv Gandhi International Airport. Chicane turned out to be my current favourite for the flat track it has and the experience is brilliant. I just came to know about the new one is town through this post. Will try Hasten GoKarting pretty soon. The track doesn't look so impressive to me in the picture but let's see
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    Hyderabad to Laknavaram Hello All, This is my first post, so please bear with me, if there are any mistakes. Distance : 210 Kms Drive time : 5 Hours (Including Breaks) Vehicle Used : Tata Winger Office Cab () Starting Point: Uppal End Point: Haritha Resorts Laknavaram Island Accommodation: Rs 2500/- for Couple with 2 Kids (but still you can manage if extra person) Telangana tourism Laknavaram Lake view resort. Link to book Accomadation: http://www.harithahotel.com/Laknavaram-Lake/ Route Taken: Uppal--->Bibinagar---->Bhongir---->Yadadri--->Jangoan--->Ghanpur--->Kazipet--->Hanmakonda--->Arepally--->Mulugu--->Laknavaram We have planned this tour almost a month back..(or else I would have joined for Breakfast ride to Rachakonda) Actually, we decided to go in 2 cars ( my Vitara Brezza & my brother's Honda Amaze). But last minute change of plans due to Honda engine radiator problem. We decided to cancel the trip, but we made a decent deal with our office cabbie. Started at 11 AM in the morning after having breakfast. Refueled the cab at Uppal HP Service Station until it choked (This pump is operated by Prisons Dept) I am a nature lover, so I have told my mom to prepare food so that we can have it under a nice shady tree on the Highway. It started off to be a foggy day and we encountered all varieties of climate like rainy, summer heat and winter cold etc The road till Yadagirigutta is awesome and the ride was good but after crossing Yadagirigutta, the road turns out to be single lane due to expansion work in progress. Road condition was average. Crossed Hanmakonda by 1:30 pm and our tummies were banging for food (normally when we do long journeys we tend to crave for food) Let the pictures talk the rest. Greenery along the highway. A glimpse of Bhongiri fort from the highway. Closer shot. Our family Cotton plantation en-route. Accommodation is beautiful, given a chance I can stay here for months. Lunch time. We had lunch surrounded by nature. The feeling that you will not experience in the corporate hotels. Breath taking view from the room, Surrounded by hillocks and water, for a second you get a feel of ooty/Kodai. We did boating and some water games. Good to see that safety jackets are mandatory. Fun games near less shallow areas. The famous Laknavaram bridge. My dad I always say that the times in my life when I've been happiest are the times when I've seen the sunset --- View on the next morning. We explored the lake. Island in the lake. Dense forest and newly laid roads. Surrounded by trees. Temple time. Thank you.
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    Hi Shammy, I havent found any package for water games there but the prices are like for Speedboat: 300/- for 4 persons Kayak : 300/- for each person(not recommended as waste of money) Floating ring: 60/- for each person( 3 persons allowed) Tea in Haritha resort hotel is 13/- which is very nice & hotel offers a panoromic of lush green hills This is place is vey beautiful and very prestine, you get a feeling of like staying in Ooty or Kodai...but plan it after rainy seasons as in the summer most of the lake will be dried up.....