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    Plan is to visit coimbatore on 29 sep 2019, sunday Suggest some stop-overs or good restaurants enroute. also Hyderabad to Coimbatore is possible to do in a day? Thanks in advance!
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    Pl keep the updates on roads once u start the journey
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    @Ranger Sure, will keep this post with daily progress. Thanks for the info...
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    It is possible, since roads are good. But it is not suggestible. I think it should take around 20 hours, if you are comfortable with that, nothing like it. Reason, I am suggesting to stay in Salem/Dindigul? You can enjoy the uphill drive next day. A fresh start, early morning dive in ghat section is more fun. I am planning to do a solo drive to Dhanushkodi from long time. Your trip can be helpful for me (with latest information). Please share us your daily progress(on this post), once you start.
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    Planning to start @ 2-2.30AM from Hyd @Ranger Already been to Munnar, Allepey,Atthirapalli falls etc(Kerla zone) so want to explore new places..
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    @Ranger in that case i'll start late night and cross bangalore early morning and take a break near salem and drive-on. Thanks!
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    4AM is decent. Bangalore traffic is the Major hurdle. If you get stuck you will waste lot of time. But it is unavoidable.
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    Thank you for the update. Looks like all the roads leading to Goa are in bad shape. Better check the details about road closure before going.
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    Difficult to do it in a single day. Can be very hectic, since you are doing a solo drive. I would suggest you to stop at Salem. Also you can skip Kanyakumari, unless it is a check list. Instead of Kodikanal, I would suggest you to visit Munnar.
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    @Ranger Thanks for the info. what's your suggestion for starting time from Hyderabad? i was thinking 4 AM. or should i start much earlier?
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    It is completely 4-lane toll roads. Roads are good through out the drive. Can do it in a single day. If you are a single driver, take a nap once you cross Bangalore. Roads are good to drive even during night. Start early in the morning from Bangalore. Hyderabad to Bangalore https://www.india-drive.com/index.php?/topic/217-hyderabad-to-bangalore-highway-route-and-hotel-updates/ Bangalore to Coimbatore: You can find plenty of decent hotels on highway.