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    Hi Friends, I am planning for Hyderabad<->Kodaikanal<->Kanyakumari<->Hyderabad, Any suggestions would be really helpful. Vehicle: Alto 800 This would be my 3rd trip in Alto 800, crossing 2k+ km (Solo Driver) 1st-> Hyderabad<-> Mahabaleshwar<->Goa<->Hyderabad 2nd -> Hyderabad<->Mysore<->Ooty<->Pondichery<->Hyderabad Any suggestions on roads, any info. Thanks in advance...
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    Planning to start @ 2-2.30AM from Hyd @Ranger Already been to Munnar, Allepey,Atthirapalli falls etc(Kerla zone) so want to explore new places..
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    @Ranger in that case i'll start late night and cross bangalore early morning and take a break near salem and drive-on. Thanks!
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    4AM is decent. Bangalore traffic is the Major hurdle. If you get stuck you will waste lot of time. But it is unavoidable.
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    Thanks @sagar One day at Kodaikanal Itinerary which I planned as of now. Day-1 Hyderabad to Kodaikanal Day-2 Explore Kodaikanal and start to Madurai which is around <115Km> as per Google Maps. Day-3 Have darshan at Madurai Meenakshi temple and start to Rameshwaram <175KM> Explore Rameshwaram, Dhanuskodi etc. Day-4 Explore any places left in Rameshwaram, sunrise etc and start to Kanyakumari. <310km> Day-5 Explore Kanyakumari and to & for to Kovalam <80km><80km> Day-6 Start from Kanyakumari<-> Banglore and take rest Day-7 Start from Banglore to Hyderabad. Total 1 week of plan. let me know if any iterations are any changes or routes on the same. Hyd-Kodai ------>Hyd-Bng-Hosur-Krishnagiri-Salem-Dindigul-Kodai Kanyakumari-Hyd ---> Kanyakumari-Madurai-Salem-Hosur-Bang-Hyd Thanks...
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    @Ranger Thanks for the info. what's your suggestion for starting time from Hyderabad? i was thinking 4 AM. or should i start much earlier?
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    Hi @Sonu Bhainsora, How many days trip are you planning to do ? I would recommend to do your trip in the following way, Day - 1 Hyderabad to Bangalore Day - 2 Bangalore to Kodaikanal Day - 3 Relax and spend a leisure day in Kodaikanal Day - 4 Kodaikanal to Kanyakumari (Kanyakumari local) Day - 5 & 6 Travel back (You can either take the same route back or via Chennai)
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    4 years and 6 years of my kids trekking along with me.. its not difficult.. It took 3 to 4 hours. entire stretch is 7 KM. But we can cover it less than 2 hours if only Adults.
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    Beautiful video @snehalk. It reminded me of my post monsoon wildlife trip to Nallamalla Forests... Amazing editing skills.