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    Any one done Goa to Hyd or viseversa this week? Please share experience and options...
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    @Rangerexcellent pics, and write-up. the rope ways are working now? i heard they were not operating, the last time i went. (almost an year back) Thank you!
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    Most of the roads are blocked around Goa. i would suggest you to postpone the plan. This is the information shared in one of the groups. Not sure about credibility. We tried these roads today 1)Goa-chorla ghat-gulbarga-hyd (closed) 2)Goa-amboli ghat-sholapur-hyd (closed) 3)Goa-margao-hubli-hyd (closed) 4)Goa-karwar-hubli-hyd (closed) After taking information at checkpost at last Goa-karwar-honnavar- siddapur-sirsi-hubli(now reaching)
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    Had to convince seven lazy folks to visit this place. Took me an hour to convince them 😛 Weather played important role, If the temperatures are high/Sun is out. It would be a disaster. Coracles belong to fisherman. Those are used for fishing. They use them to commute around the small villages. Yes, It is working. Previously, it was stopped due to some repair work. Than you guys.
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    Lovely log @Ranger. One place around Srisailam that has been missing out on information for the travelers. Looks like you guys have done it during a perfect weekend which had mild showers. I am surprised to see those coracles in the pictures. Are they still legally running it after a lot of disasters in the past in that region?
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    Want to see these folks taking pictures at this place, I am ROFL by imagining them at the Side walk / Crawl zones!!
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    Roads are excellent through out the drive. Mandatory stopover at the ghat section entrance. Two old work horses First leg of the journey from Hyderabad till ghat entrance is a drivers paradise Single lane road with perfect banking angles Start early in the morning to enjoy the road Ghat section is narrow, overtaking a heavy vehicle is a tough task Forest department has created few designated stopovers in the forest. Good move. There are around 6 stopovers in the forest. First view of the reservoir Soaked up in rain Still a long way to go.. Way to boating point View of the dam from the boat Private boat with less capacity Fisherman village, This is located deep in the forest. They don't have basic facilities. Very peaceful place. Beautiful views en-route We spotted around three fisherman villages. These people are disconnected with our world. Akka Mahadevi caves entrance, 500 meter walk form boat. Naturally formed entrance, this place is active from 13th century A lady is meditating at this place from the past 16 years. She never left the place. Boat operators carry food. The end
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    Yeah you really missed that fun filled event.
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    Oh yes, it is the same farm. Do keep us posted here on the future events as such too..
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    Flow wont be very high this time of the year. Usually you find good amount of water when the dam is released. I would suggest you to consider Kuntala/Bogahta waterfalls.
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    Nice pictures. Missed it. Seen the message in the group. But I though it is on next weekend.
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    Yes. Really a great time and gained some basic knowledge on off-roading.
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    Track is managed by Ravindra. Fantastic pictures. Looks like you guys had great fun.
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    The above link is really cool. Will follow them for more updates.
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    Yes was really a good experience. Only disappointment is the water wading pool which they closed. The previous day due to continues rains Endeavour got stuck and still they were unable to move it. I love water wading and spilling water when it rains. It's Challa Farms. I don't know if it's the same.