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    We recently had a trip from Hyderabad to Bidar. Me with my wife and two other friends started at morning 6 o'clock and returned to Hyderabad by 6:45 pm. Trip Details: Date: 29 June 2019 Places Visited: Bidar Fort, Rangeen Mahal, Guru Nanak Jhira Sahib Route: Madhapur - Chanda Nagar - Zaheerabad - Bidar Fort Distance Covered: 266.4 km There was plan to visit Bidar along with Gulberga but we canceled Gulberga as we wanted to have a one day trip without hassle. Its just start of monsoon so weather was cool and while returning it rained little. So overall it was a nice trip. Attaching few pictures taken. Inner Ring Road, Bidar Bidar Fort and Rangeen Mahal Gurudwara Nanak Jhira Bahamani Tombs Hazrath Multani Baba Dargah Breakfast: At Hyderabad Delight Restaurant. They have all south indian items like idli, dosa, puri. Food was tasty and good. Irani tea was awesome. Car parking is available. Lunch: At Royal Anmol Deluxe Family Restaurant. We had Dum Biryani and Chicken Drumstick. Good ambiance and food quantity but taste was average. There is a small car parking but you have to park on road side if you are travelling on weekends. For info about upcoming trips follow us. instagram: musafir_ds Hope you have liked our topic. Thanks Musafir
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    Refreshing pictures. Those tombs are near Bidar? Are we allowed inside?
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    This is the problem with Mahableshwar during monsoon. View points get blocked. But the weather and greenery on the other hand is fantastic.
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    Wow, beautiful pictures. Climate looks perfect. How is the road condition from Zaheerabad to Bidar?
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    I have three car dash cams in minds after going through many reviews. 1. XIAOMI 70MAI Smart Midrive D01: This is a low budget cam and does the awesome job. You can get it for 3k INR. https://www.banggood.in/XIAOMI-70MAI-Smart-Midrive-D01-Car-DVR-EU-RU-Version-1080P-130-Degree-IMX323-Sensor-Voice-Control-p-1273251.html?rmmds=category&ID=521090&cur_warehouse=CN If if you are new to dash cam and want to try, this would be the best option for you. 2. XIAOMI 70mai Pro Midrive D02 : This is a mid budget camera and will cost less than 5k INR. This give good video/image clarity and better than the prior one. This also comes with a GPS module. https://www.banggood.in/XIAOMI-70mai-Pro-Midrive-D02-English-Russian-Version-1944P-HD-Car-DVR-Camera-SONY-IMX335-Sensor-140-Degree-p-1367394.html?rmmds=category&ID=47941&cur_warehouse=CN If you have already experienced some dash cams and looking for a better one with mid budget range, then this one is for you. 3. Viofo A129 Duo Dual Channel : One of the best camera under 15k INR. This has both front and rear camera with simultaneous recording. The camera provides one the best clear video and photo. This also has additional accessories for off mode recording(parking mode). https://www.banggood.in/Viofo-A129-Duo-Dual-Channel-5GHz-Wi-Fi-Full-HD-Car-Dash-Dual-Camera-DVR-with-GPS-p-1321355.html?rmmds=category&cur_warehouse=CN I recommend this if you are find with the budget. Note: Images are from google.
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    After using Yi Dashcam for over a year, my satisfaction factor has decreased considerably 1. It stops recording randomly (not sure if its only me) 2. The suction stand can't withstand Indian heat and falls off when the car is parked under direct sunlight 3. Though images are clear, I noticed that number plates of oncoming vehicles are blurry when we're traveling at 40+ speed and the other vehicle at 20+ speed.. (I tried taking screenshots of the videos to check the # but it didn't work out). I guess a 4k cam would help 4. I now need an in car dashcam (rear dashcam) I've tried looking on the net and didn't come up with any better options. Any suggestions are welcome Thanks, Vishu
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    This problem exists in most of the dash cams. Plates are not clearly visible above 50 kmph. Did you try to very them on PC. In a mobile there will lot of noise, when you zoom in. Interesting information. What is final landing price, inclusive of customs.
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    Hi, I am agree with Musafir's suggestions. They all 3 are very good brands. However, I had bitter experience of Custom Clearance and had to pay heavy custom duty while order from Outside India. So I bought VIOFO dashcam from here https://www.amazon.in/A129DUO-Recorder-Starvis-Capacitor-Hardwire/dp/B07PZ3QL9B and I am very happy by its Clarity and Features. I also bought VIOFO Hardwire kit & Extra CPL Filter Lens for rear cam from Amazon India so I can keep recording ON when in Movies or parking at unknown places.
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    Hi @Musafir, presently I am using Viofo A129 (only front dash cam). I am satisfied with its quality.
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    Day-2 Birthday in Fog and Rain When we wake up after 6 in the morning it was not raining and the hills from the balcony are clearer than yesterday (It is on the East side of the mountain.). Before we were ready, I asked the hotel guy, how many are there in the hotel he said if we vacate, only one guest. Then I said think if you can offer any discount, we will stay here for another two days and even after an hour when we were ready to go out, he did not responded and I do not want ask him again. I simply called reception and asked for checkout. We left hotel by 9.00 AM and weather at Panchgani was clear. We had breakfast at Vithal Kamath and it was really good. We found no crowds on the road. Birthday Boy Near kate's point We thought of visiting some points and find a good hotel during lunch. While entering Mahabaleshwar at Venna lake, local tax collecting people took Rs.120 in various names. At this point thick fog started and at once we missed noticing the Venna lake and had to take a U turn when we saw it while exiting. Thick fog was all over the lake and no boat was playing in the lake. Half of the eateries close to it were shut and less than 10 people were around. after spending 10 minutes at Venna lake we moved ahead towards Kate's point. On the way some broker stopped our car and asked whether we need a hotel, when asked about view points, he told us that we can not see any due to fog. But we moved further and went near kate's point. In the entire road we did not came across a single person in either direction. From parking it was too dark and we thought of skipping and came back on to main road. Thought whether fog or rain we can visit the Mahabalshwar temple and we reached there. WE had visited the Mahabaleshwar, Atibaleshwar and Panchganga Temples. Later we went across the road and visited krishnamata Temple where River Krishna said to be originated. Pamchganga Atibaleshwar Mahabalshwar Krishna Temple Krishna River in the valley
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    After celebrating 50th Birthday at Srisailam, I thought of spending my 55th one also some where out side. Many options were considered but most of them were dropped due to late monsoon this year. Only a day before we had decided to spend the day at Mahabalshwar. I had to convince my wife a lot as she was not ready to accept we two only travel and I will be lone driver (She does not drive and do not want to try also). Any way I had booked a room online (Directly on hotel website as it was the cheapest) in Hotel Valley Nest after lot of research for a proper location away from crowds and with a valley view. I had taken 4 days leave and had 6 days in hand including weekend. So I kept the program open for return journey. We had planned to start at 4 AM on Tuesday 2nd July and started 15 minutes late at 04.15 AM took ORR at Rajendranagar and exited at Muthangi by 5.00 AM and took NH 65. with one small break of 10 minutes we took diversion towards Pandharpur from NH 65 at Mohol by 9.30 AM. It's about 360 Kms and we had covered it in 5 Hrs approximately excluding breaks. This includes diversions and bad patches between Basavakalyan and Solapur of about 100 Kms. On the way I had received calls from my friends informing me that heavy rain forecast in Maharastra, but we had not faced any rain except a small drizzle till Mohol. We had tried to stop for breakfast before Solapur but some hotels we missed in fast drive and some of them are closed. I do not know the reason but many eateries are closed on the way. Once we took a turn at Mohol towards Pandharpur also we found couple of hotels were in locked condition. After a couple of Kms we found one hotel and stopped there afraid that we may not get food further. But it was wrong as we found may hotels in the route till Pandharpur. We had Poha and it was good but coffee was too sweet. (May be sugar is cheap there). Wash rooms were neat and average. After relaxing about 40 Minutes we started again at 10.20 and reached Pandharpur by 11.15. Google is showing the expected time at Panchgani at 02.00 PM. So we thought of having darshan of lord Vittala at Pandharpur. It seems it rained on previous night and we could see all the roads are wet and parking areas were slushy. There are couple of paid parkings areas near the temple (100 Mtrs away from main temple). Though it is a pilgrim place of masses, we found the streets are neat (except the wetness of the rain) and of course temple area is maintained very neat. There seems to be multiple entries to the temple and we did not asked any one or did some research and went in to the temple from main entry towards the river Chandrabhaga only to know that it is a quick darshan (far away from sanctum) line once we entered the temple. But form that point also the Lord Vittala is clearly visible. By 12.30 we were again on road towards Phaltan after reaching Phaltan, I set my google map to our hotel Valley Nest and the route changed from Via Wai to Via Kudal. We reached the Hotel through Mahu Dam at 4.15 PM exactly after 12 Hrs since we left home. At about 10 Hrs drive excluding stop overs. Entire hotel only three rooms were booked including ours. The room Mountain View Super Deluxe is good having a balcony with mountain view (not valley). Road condition Except Basavakalyan to Solapur Road till Mohol is 4 lane toll roads. From Mohol to Panchgani it is two lane except small stretch of single lane mostly good. I will update further later.
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    The last Himalayan trip ended in January of 2018. Arunachal was a great trip and the addiction was too strong. We decided to head to the Himalaya again. Many among our friends and relatives argue that with the same kind of effort or probably less, you guys can easily make a trip to other countries/ places. Why drive to the Himalayas all the time, that too from Hyderabad? Probably we are so brutally attracted to the Himalayas. Some who are well versed with the mighty walls up north ask, blinded by the gorgeousness of mighty Himalaya? The answer reverberates hell yeah!
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    Hyderabad to Singur dam Road condition: Average, Single roads with decent condition. First 30 kilometers on ORR the and the next 50 kilometers on a single lane road. Drive: You will enjoy driving through the remote villages of Telangana. Distance: 80 kilometers from Gachibowli, Via ORR. Hyderabad to Singur dam route: Gachibowli (ORR) ---> Patancheru (Mumbai highway exit) ---> Sadashivpet ---> Atmakur ---> Singur Dam There are multi routes available via Sanga reddy, If you want to explore the interiors of villages. Place to visit in Singur dam: Singur dam (No restriction are permissions are required. You can explore the place without any issue) Manjeera river Singur project park (average) Circular well (Don't miss this place) Harita lake view resort Google maps: Singur Dam : https://goo.gl/maps/5vejQeyWHgQ2 Manjeera river : https://goo.gl/maps/CskbP4aPD8C2 Circular well : https://goo.gl/maps/ryKQPciEjDm Harita resort : https://goo.gl/maps/AN3fVey5gvj Important points: Carry water and snacks No proper washrooms available Food options: Haritha resort and Parmy resort. Circular well view point is a little isolated, going in a group would be preferable. No proper fuel options Singur project: Irrigation Hydro electric generation Water project It is a drinking water source for Hyderabad. According to some reports, It has a lot of crocodiles but, we couldn't spot any.
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    You really are lucky to have found the 'Table Top' so deserted a peaceful. It looks so serene and beautiful. During our visit in October to the Table top, it was almost like a market with a lot of eateries, horses and kids playing arenas. We hated to stay there and moved back to the hotel.
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    Day-1 continued.. Surprisingly we both not felt tired even after 12 Hrs and with less sleep on previous night. So thought of covering few points in Panchagani before sunset. We had consulted hotel manager and started for Parsi Point by 5 PM. When we reached the point there was very less crowd and only two cars were available in the parking opposite to the point. (Parking fee Rs.20). When we reached the view point, it was a Wow view with clouds passing through the valley and there was good light. By the time I could set my camera to capture it, I could capture the clouds on one mountain. But they were captured in our Dil. It is only to feel. We did not had lunch on the way and were little hungry. We ate Vada Pav and a baby corn at the eatery at that point. We had booked the room for the first day only thinking we will search other better options at Mahabaleshwar for day two and three if needed. We had noticed couple of hotels near Parsi point with valley view. We had checked both but both do not have a balcony hence we decided to search for room on next day and explore more of Panchgani. We started for Table top. On the way local tax guys took Rs. 100 for various reasons and handed over three tickets which includes parking at Table top. When we reached Table top just before sunset very few people were there. All the shops and eateries were deserted and half of them were closed. When we reached the top, all the horse carts were parked and horses were not in sight. may be we are late and in season. Winds were blowing hard and it was difficult to hold the camera steadily. After spending half an hour, we started back from table top and started roaming on roads. After walking on Table top we started feeling tired. While roaming we had seen the direction board for Sydney point. It was almost dark but went to the point. Light drizzling started and we did not spent any time there. Started back to the hotel. On the way my wife picked up a cake for me in the market. Usually my daughter will order a cake from US to be delivered. We informed here not to do so as I will not be available at home. When we came back to hotel and freshened up, we felt sleepy. It started raining as we reached the hotel and continued most of the night. We ordered a Chicken snack with Biryani to be served in the room. Snack was good but not the Biryani. First we thought of cutting the cake at 12 Mid night as we do every time but decided to sleep early. We informed our kids not to disturb at mid night and went to bed. End of Day -1
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    It is about 75 to 80 Kms. I had not recorded exactly. Same time this complete stretch is not bad, there are diversions and mostly road damages are in the villages and towns where fly over/underpass construction is on.
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    Wow...excellent pics & write up with precise information. Looking forward to see more!
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    Waiting for the Day2 story. Very nice idea to celebrate birthdays via road trip. Between Hyderabad and Solapur, how many kilometres is bad?
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    Definitely an inspiration for people like me. A great way to celebrate. Would love to see more from you. Hyderabad to Solapur hotel options are very limited. Finding a decent option is very difficult.
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    Firstly, I would like to congratulate you for your passion towards travel. Very inspirational to do continuous road trips at the age of 55. Your information has always been helping many members who plan to take this route.. Thanks a lot for sharing.. Waiting for more pictures and full travel story..
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    Any Evidence can be produced before the court of law but it must be testified and tried by the Court during the trial of the case. One should go through with the Indian Evidence Act and prepare the case accordingly.
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    Looks too complicated! Seen this discussion in WhatsApp group. As someone pointed in the group, If we can share mobile pictures/recordings as proof without any issue, why there is an objection for dash-cam.
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    Its was nice calm place that we have the leverage to explore peacefully. Few of my clicks:
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    I had very less exceptions about Maredumilli, but this place has proved me that I am wrong.Next Day we drove back to Hyderabad via Vijayawada.It was an awesome drive. Long weekend well spent. Visited Dhraksharamam Jyotirlingam Couldn't capture the beauty of this place due to low light. Deva nagari lipi on the walls of the temple