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    fantastic share. Where is this place exactly and how can i reach there? What will be the best season to visit there?
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    Hyderabad to Vikarabad, explore the unknown terrains. Unknown terrains in two Civic's? Yes, we did few off road stunts too. Total distance : ~80 Kilometers (Gachibowli to Vikarabad) Road condition: Mixed, few good and bad patches but nothing alarming. On Friday night Mr.Vishu shared few pictures of his Vikarabad drive, which we have never seen or heard of it. Me and @Saran decided to recce the place on Saturday morning. We started at 7AM in the morning, drive was fantastic, roads are filled with fog and surrounded by greenery. We reached Vikarabad by 8AM, yes we pushed little hard as we started late. We usually take left turn from Vikarabad and drive towards Ananthagiri. This time we took right turn from Vikarabad and explored the pristine side of Vikarabad. Reaching this location is little tricky for the first timers, this road is not logged in Google maps. Drive video (Watch in 1080P) URL : https://youtu.be/3yVpJPS38Ys
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    Monsoon/post monsoon is the best time to visit. You need to take right turn from Vikarabad village. Will share the location details.
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    Updating the location details. Take a right turn from vikarabad junction. Take 3rd/4th left (concrete road) Drive till you find a green patch Search for a small trail towards your left. GPS( thank you Saran for sharing) https://goo.gl/maps/BaZjH6ZHVG52
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    Thanks Sagar.. Sent from my S7 - Using India-Drive App
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    Hatch with good GC, can do it. But it is not a cake walk. We shall do it, When the Hyderabad to Solapur is 4-lane is completed. Thank you for sharing.
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    Brilliant stuff @Saran and @Ranger. Your Civics look fabulous. Now, I feel you can promote yourself to do our next monsoon drive towards the Sahayadris or Western ghats.
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    Thank you [emoji4] Hatchback might struggle due to its less weight the pitch was little slippery too.. best to take 4x4 or any SUV... Totally agreed that civic is not ment for this place. But we just took it..🤣 Sent from my S7 - Using India-Drive App
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    Wrong car at the right place. I guess a hatchback can easily do it? Excellent pictures and great location. Civic is not meant for such roads. But appreciate you guys for the urge to explore.
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    Thank you, place is beautiful. Must visit place for a weekend getaway. Best time, before sunrise!
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    lovely pictures guys! Both the civic looks stunning!! Cheers!
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    Haha.. yeah... Sent from my S7 - Using India-Drive App
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    Excellent pictures @Saran Next time, we should rest civic to explore more.
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    few of my clicks... Thanks to Mr.Vishu to show this amazing place to us. Best place for meetup... it ll be more fun if we had a 4x4 or good GC wheels in hand to explore the entire area. Also a best place for camping. Visit this place anytime to refresh your mind from your 9 hours job.
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    Just after driving a kilometer ahead, We found the second trail Second trail is more treacherous It is filled with sharp stones Plus side, more traction. Even in rains! One more dead end on the second trail. U-turns are little tricky as the paths are very narrow This time we took the correct route and reached another obstacle Saran decided to park his car and started guiding me Once we reach the top View is beautiful Greenery, Wish we had a proper 4x4 with us. After spending some time, We decided to drive back home and come back with correct set of Wheels Thank you
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    I was totally confused about the route, but Saran managed to find the correct route. There are two different trails, first trail was a dead end after driving for about 1 kilometer We stopped at the view point clicked few pictures From the edge of the hill, we saw another trail, which is leading to top of the hill We decided to drive back and explore other path We started searching for the second trail Trail was filled with large stones, some how my low profile tires stayed strong After many dead ends and u-turns We decided to drive back to main road and search for the right path