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    Skoda Octavia. Bro . Actually I would like to know the route for Goa to Hyderabad. But not Hyderabad to Goa.is it the same route you mentioned.... And please let me know, is there a ghat route and speed breakers way eliminated in your mentioned route
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    Golkonda resorts, Ramoji Film city and Palm Exotica resorts is another place to look out for after Alankrita and Leonia. Few other options are Lahari resorts, Hidden Castle, Songs of Earth are recommended too. Pragati resorts, dream valley resorts, Papyrus port resorts have lost their charm offlate. If you are looking out for day outings, You can consider Wonderla, Escape water park at Fort Grand and Mount Opera. If at all you want to consider camping and adventure games, Hills and Valleys resorts, Deccan Trails and Grasswalk would be a few options. I hope this helps you
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    Hey @KSK, Brilliant write up man.. Lovely pictures too. They give a perfect sight of how this place looks during peak summers every year. Pakhal lake especially, I have visited this place in December a couple of years ago which looked so serene and beautiful. Now, that I see this place in summer, it looks very different Thanks much for sharing this post..
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    Hi Naresh, You can take the following route which is considered the best amongst all the available options. Gachibowli -> Zaheerabad -> Humnabad -> Kalaburgai -> Vijaypura -> Bagalkot -> Belgavi -> Baga May I know which car would you be travelling in.. ?
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    Can any one suggest safest route from Goa to Hyderabad. Since raichur roads are under construction and having hell lot of speed breakers in village route, and then 100 km ghat route. Please suggest any hiway route without villages without ghat road and without speed breakers
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    Love the Baleno in blue shade. Pictures came out very well mate. Temperatures in Warangal are high compared to Hyderabad? What is the best time to visit, two days good enough to cover all the places?
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    I think, if you are doing by flight from Hyderabad to Srinagar, you can comfortably do this full trip in about 7 to 8 days .. You can still choose to do it this year. Before you attain the experience in driving through the mountains ridges and the offroad tracks, you will know the routes to handle and work on your confidence levels.. I would recommend you to go for it this year
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    Are you planning to visit the North Goa or the South Goa. Can suggest accordingly .. The usual better route currently is as below, Hyderabad --> Zaheerabad -> Humnabad -> Kalaburagi -> Jevargi -> Vijaypura -> Bagalkot -> Belgaum -> Chorla -> Panjim
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    Hyundai i40 .. The built quality if Hyundai definitely differed when compared Hyundai cars in India [emoji4]