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    Please provide best route and timings and places to visit
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    You can refer my Travelogue for Bangalore Mysore Ooty : Please be Noted that Bandipur is closed between 9:00 P:M and 6:00 A:M Gudalur route is bit safer than 36 hair pin road and also longer distance Expect fair amount of traffic on ghat sections and here G Maps helped us a lot where it was showing distance the on coming vehicle in opposite direction is Do try to Visit Himavad Gopala Swamy Betta on the Way to Ooty from Mysore - Around 10 km from Gundlupete , it falls towards right before Bandipur forest while heading to Ooty from Mysore . Wishing you a Happy Journey
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    Don't visit Coorg in summer. It is like any-other city. On the up side resorts are cheap in summer. Also for Ooty visit, try to reach Ooty on a weekday. It is have less crowd. Summer holidays + weekend is a dangerous combo. Plan accordingly. Bangalore to Mysuru road will have high traffic. Keep safe distance and drive cautiously.
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    Welcome onboard Sailaja. I would suggest the following plan: Day 1: Hyderabad > Bangalore > Mysuru Stay at Mysuru for the night Day 1 is going to be little hectic, Start early in the morning at 5AM Day 2: Mysuru > Bandhipur > Ooty Visit Mysuru place by 9AM in the morning. Palace opens at 10 AM, crowd will be on lower side. Drive down to Bandhipur, do a forest safari. You can easily spot deer and elephants Once safari is done drive down to Ooty Day 3: Ooty local exploration Details : https://www.india-drive.com/index.php?/topic/251-hyderabad-to-ooty-road-trip-report/ Day 4: Drive to Coonoor and stay at Coonoor Or relax at Ooty Day 5: Drive from Coonoor to Mysuru Start early in the morning, you may spot wild life en-route. Day 6: Mysuru to Coorg Day 7: Coorg local exploraiton Day 8: Coorg to Hyderabad I would suggest you to avoid Coorg during summer. Temperatures are very high in Coorg Let us know the no. of days, so that we can provide you all the details.
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    Welcome onboard @Sailaja .. Please share the exact details of the number of days you have, which place would you like to do exactly and which car would you be doing this in.. Will suggest the full plan accordingly
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    Yes definitely a life time adventure but unfortunately we had to cancel the road trip during the last moment since my father can't afford to take 20 days leave. However, we are planning by flight till Srinagar and then by taxi referred by @sagar. Hopefully we do it next year, everything happens for our good... I'll also have the opportunity to see the roads before I myself drive there... However, canceling this at the last moment is really saddening to me😢 Main reason behind this plan is I wanted to take my car somewhere really far, wanted to do a really big road trip. Taking a flight will definitely not satisfy me, though the mesmerising beauty will make me happy. Confused between Leh and road trip to some far away wildlife sanctuary. Anyway I have a week's time, will see if I can take my car on another road trip (800kms approx one way) which wouldn't take these many days or else will plan for Leh.
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    Wow Difference is huge. I missed the trip. @Ranger did not inform me.
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    Thank you. Temperatures on the higher side, reason we started at 5 AM in the morning. Place is dry, there is a drastic change. Yeah, we are praying for the same thing, hopefully this monsoon has more no. of drives lined up. Look at the difference monsoon vs summer in Vikarabad Monsoon Summer
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    Perfect blog @travel.rtc and thank you for sharing latest road updates . Approaximately how many km this bad stretch was ? I traveled to BASARA in 2016 during my HYDERABAD-PARLI VAIJNATH-AUNDHA NAGNATH-HAZUR SAHIB NANDED-BASARA-HYDERABAD trip. That time the roads till BASARA from NANDED and from BASARA to HYDERABAD (via NIZAMABAD) was pretty good. We had done a night stay in Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji Nri Yatri Niwas . A very nice place to stay and it is a part of HAZUR SAHIB GURUDWARA . We did our younger daughter's AKSHARABHYASAM in SARASWATI MATA temple. There is a decent south Indian Hotel adjacent to SARASWATI MATA temple. We had our lunch their and started to Hyderabad around 3 PM.