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    Thanks @sagar for your reply and thanks for the Welcome wishes. As you recommended we have changed our plans accordingly but starting on Friday Morning. Will upload the pics of the condition of the roads and places and will share my itenerary with our community for any future travellers.
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    Hi @KalyanVarma, Welcome on board. I personally wouldn't recommend you to do this track during the night hours as it is risky due to disturbed road conditions in between and also too many trucks. One break down would or even a puncture in the night on this road would land you in trouble as you mentioned that you would be travelling with your family. So, I would say it is not worth the risk. Instead, I would recommend you to start on a Saturday morning around 4 AM and you would reach by late noon so that you can go for you evening darshan and also for Sunday morning darshan. You can start back after an early lunch and reach Hyderabad safely without any risk. Wish you a safe trip.
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    Now I can say, it's a necessity for me to replace my Honda City with a new car and that should surely be a SUV or at least a crossover. Me and my father do many roadtrips, we travel much, but never did we face problems with the Honda City. That's a beautiful car. A car that introduced me to the world of revvs and performance. This car performs extremely well on the highways, effortlessly cruises at 140kmph. But as the trips kept increasing, rather the exploring part kept increasing, the need for a SUV started. This beauty isn't able to take bad roads well. We always feel bad for abusing the car taking it to badly laid roads. We scraped it's under body 4 times in one year which stopped is from doing further exploration trips on this car. Here, the need of a SUV or a crossover came up. A brief about the car: It's a 2014 Honda City VX (topend) i-VTEC which comes with a cruise control, sunroof, auto climate control, rear AC vents, 2 airbags, ABS with EBD, ventilated leather seats, all leather upholstery. A car with class leading comfort, luxury and space. (Here I don't consider any of the Maruti Suzuki cars because they don't even come near to any of the C segment cars in the market) The boot is so huge that it takes almost everything that a family carriers during long drives without compromising on the second row leg room. So, an upgrade or even replacement means that the vehicle should offer few more latest features including those which my City offers. Or at least should offer those which already exists. Now as I'm already a satisfied and happy owner of Ford Freestyle my second car, I want my next car to be a Ford and not others even if they're better. Test drove the Tata Harrier, Hexa, XUV5OO (ridiculous interior plastic quality) Jeep Compass, Hyundai Creta. All these cars are no doubt awesome. Of all these I loved the Hexa. But as said I don't want to come out of Ford and want to be a Ford owner always. So, here comes the problem. I'm in a confusion of what to do. Shall I wait for the new SUV launch from Ford in collaboration with Mahindra? Or take the EcoSport? Is EcoSport really a proper replacement or upgrade to my City? Does it offer more than what my City offers including space? Or at least what my City offer? all these are everytime running in my head. And a thought of restricted rear space, rear AC and boot space is stopping me from taking the EcoSport. I request EcoSport owners to give me some detailed information of EcoSport and request others to help me get the answers to the questions that are running in my mind.
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    sab hoga sab hoga .. as of now FB mein pics upload done..
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    That's a great gesture from your end as it could help a lot of travellers. Your very recent update on the road conditions would be much more helpful. Thanks much. It would be great if you can share your recent travel story accompanied by pictures and trip details with everyone.
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    Hey @SK01, Firstly I wouldn't call this an upgrade as City falls on a higher side compared to the Ecosport considering the price and dimensions. As your requirement seems more inclined towards the in-car space, I recommend you to go for another option as Ecosport feels very claustrophobic in it's rear. I would suggest you to go with S-Cross instead of Ecosport which lie on the similar price line.
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    Hi to all, I am very much interested in long drives. Recently I have done 4 day tour from Hyderabad-Raidurg-Hampi-Mangalore-Ooty-Mysore-Bangalore-Hyderabad for a stretch of 2700kms as a solo driver of my friends group. Yesterday all of sudden decided to visit shiridi along with my family by car on 15/03/2019 friday. I started searching for the best route and very impressed by the review given by @BORNDRIVER @Guestrana . I want to know whether it is safe to commence the journey starting from Hyderabad at 04 PM and to complete the journey at a stretch to Shiridi at any time in night i.e., 2AM to 4AM next day. Kindly give your suggestions as you have experienced these routes before and also as i am going with my family i have to make sure about the safety if it is with my buddies this issue will not have any impact. Kindly give some suggetions. Thanking You
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    You are lucky in this case, I still haven't received the trip's pictures from @Ravi and @Omik to draft the log . Even I am waiting for it
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    Agree with both of you @sagar @Ranger if I change from train to road then i'll take one day leave and plan as suggested by both of you. Add me to whatsapp group, submitted my number in the link.
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    Starting early morning makes sense. It is not a National Highway through out the drive. You need to pass through many villages/state highways. Stick to this route and start early in the morning. Hyderabad > Zaheerabad > Humnabad > Naldurg > Tuljapur > Osmanabad > Ahmednagar > Shiridi Hyderabad to Naldurg : 4-lane toll road Naldurg to Ahmednagar : 2-lane road Ahmednagar to Shiridi : 4-lane road If you are planning to drive in the nigh, plan this section carefully (Naldurg to Ahmednagar).
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    Hi @S Kumar, Good to hear back from you after so long. As discussed above, no doubt about the route to be taken. But, I would recommend you to take any calculated risk by driving down this road during the late night hours as you are driving down with the family. I would rather recommend you to start by 4 am early in the morning and you would reach by noon. and for your drive back make sure you start by 12 or 1 PM on sunday after your lunch.
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    Dear friends... I am back to this thread after a year as it's again a time for my annual pilgrimage to Shirdi. Last time you guys were awesome in guiding me through my HYD-SHIRDI-MAHABALESHWAR-HYD trip. I enjoyed that 1700 km journey. This time the plan is for HYD-SHIRDI-HYD only. Though I have upgraded my car from Santro to Tata Tigor around two months ago, I actually booked train ticket to and from Shirdi to save leaves. Start on Friday evening and return on Monday morning just me my wife and 4.5yr old son. The driver inside me is pushing for road trip and says cancel train tickets. I am in love with my new car and clocked first 2k km in first 20 days. One trip to Chirala Beach and another to Basara and a few 100 - 200km trips near Hyd. Now my questions: - I know most of you will strike down my thought, however I expect to get some direction to make final decision by asking this question. How it would be if I start around 8-9pm on Friday night and reach upto Beed by sunrise and then cover rest until Shirdi in daylight? For return journey, start from Shirdi on Sunday afternoon and cross Beed before sunset and cover rest with headlight on. I am thinking that driving on 4 lane road in night is as good as driving in day. The only worry is any unfortunate breakdown of car post NH 65 will call for big trouble. Can @Ranger @sagar @BORNDRIVER @drsantoshms help me out from my dilemma. Thanks Guys!
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    Current best route update 2019: Hyderabad > Zaheerabad > Omerga > Naldurg > Tuljapur > Osmanabad > Beed >Pathardi > Tisgaon > Miri > Vambori > Rauri > Shiridi
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    Thanks a lot for the update Rana. This information is very helpful. Do share some pictures of the road conditions if you can.. Cheers!
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    Great review sir, You are an expert in review this route
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    Hi Guest Rana , A very happy new year to you. Either you can take the Route.-1 or Route-2 or Route-3. My experience says Route-2 is best though it is little longer around (50 to 60 km more than Route-1 and around 30 to 40 km more than Route-3). I had done both the stretches during my trip to Shirdi in Aug-2018. Kindly go through my detail report in this thread on both the stretches. Another of our India-drive member (Drsanthoshm) also visited to Shirdi using Route-2. The BHOOM stretch is below average (though not sure if any repair work has been done in last 2 month). The ROUTE-3 is the evergreen route since many days but the horrible stretch between OMERGA to SOLAPUR, Average route from Tembhurni to Ahmednagar have reduced the popularity of this route. The stretch from Tembhurni to Ahmednagar has always heavy traffic (trucks,tractors loaded with SUGARCANEs). Route-1 Hyderabad - Zaheerabad - Humanabad - Omerga - Naldurg - Tuljapur - Osmanabad - Bhoom - Ahmednagar - Shiridi Route-2 Hyderabad - Zaheerabad - Humanabad - Omerga - Naldurg - Tuljapur - Osmanabad - Beed - Pathardi -Miri-Vambhori-Ahemednagar- Shiridi Route-3 Hyderabad - Zaheerabad - Humanabad - Omerga - Naldurg - Solapur- Tembhurni- Ahemednagar- Shiridi So if you don't mind to drive some extra km and want to have stressfree drive , Kindly follow ROUTE-2. Regards Born Driver
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    Hyderabad - Patancheru - Zaheerabad - Humanabad - Basavakalyan - Omerga - Naldurg - Tuljapur - Osmanabad - Boom - Ahmednagar - Shiridi