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    My friend and fellow moderator Sagar always wanted to explore Gujarat. Personally, I had very less expectations on Rann of Kutch. When he came up with Gujarat, our plan started to take its shape but I tried to skip it. I have initiated different plans and suggestions, but he did not budge. On one fine day, he booked the tickets from Hyderabad to Ahmedabad. We pulled in a few more friends and Now we are a group of 10 members ready to explore Gujarat. Car booking: Our next step was to book self drive cars, Only options available were Zoom and Myles. All the 'Myles' cars were booked on our dates, So we have booked three cars from 'Zoom'. Initial plan was to book 3 Eco-sports. But due to unavailability and bad car conditions, we booked the following cars. 1. Ford Figo 2. Ford Ecosport 3. Mahindra Scorpio
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    25th Oct 2016, 7 O’clock in the evening: Suddenly got a lucrative offer from GoIbibo on selected hotels while surfing internet. Confirmed with my soul mate for a trip during Diwali holiday; and by 7.30 PM we were done with hotel & bus booking to travel to one of the most favourite destination of our country ...GOA!! Night driving is not my cup of tea. So this time had to let go of our white knight. We had very short time for this trip (29th Oct to 1st Nov), so driving during the daytime will be too hectic for such a short trip. 28th Oct: We completed our respective work early to be with our friends when as they were taking delivery of their first car.!! We rushed to home for packing around 6 O’clock in the evening. We just had 40 minutes to pack and catch the bus to Goa. First time since morning we had time to breath....Goa here we come!! 29th Oct: Our overnight journey to Goa was uneventful and we reached Panjim, capital of Goa by 9 in the morning.. We rented an activa from Amigos Tours & Travels, near Panjim bus stop & reached hotel around which was near Candolim beach but away from the crowd of the Candolim. 10.30 AM Our stay: Mouth watering food joints just a km away from the hotel were pulling us for breakfast. So after a lovely breakfast at “Teama”, we headed towards the famous Baga beach. Baga beach was clean, our slow leisurely romantic walk along with sea shore turned even more exciting when we spotted a starfish, a jellyfish and few shells. They were washed ashore by the waves. Baga Beach, North Goa: Our next destination was Anjuna beach. Shiva valley & Curlies are the two hot spots to chill. We decided to try Shiva Valley. Our obvious choice was the 1st floor of the shack which gave us a magnificent view of Anjuna beach.For lunch we ordered Red snapper butter garlic fry which comes with fries & fresh salad & of course Kings Beer which is obvious in Goa!! The food was great, so as the ambiance. Perfect place if you are in Goa. Now it was time to spend a relaxing afternoon on the beach, with the setting sun at the horizon it created a magical effect. We couldn’t keep track of the time.. Proving to be a responsible citizen of India I did not ride back after the booze, my dear wifey took over. On our way back we walked into a German bakery this time for a cup of coffee. Ordered butter croissant, sandwich & hot coffee. It was really awesome to have good cup of coffee and nice bites at the evening. We call it for a day after having dinner nearby. 30th Oct: We had breakfast near the hotel while heading to Arambol. On the way towards Arambol:- Half way down the road Police stopped us, dint find any reason still asked us to give Rs 100(As a diwali hapta) & promised us that nobody will catch us in the next 3 days! He provided us a challan with validity!! [emoji3]. I did not oppose quietly paid and left. Hassle with the police was the last thing I wanted in a trip.. Anyway we reached Arambol & check “laughing Buddha” shack to find out that, sun-bed charge is extra @ 500 Rs/day!! We searched for another place as we were in no mood to pay extra for the bed as it comes for free if you have lunch in any shack. So, we landed at “21 Coconuts”. They don’t charge extra for bed as long as you have lunch at this place. Hence we decided to chill in this place. Ordered some delicious sea-foods like calamari, mackerel along with beer & drinks! We loved the place so much that ended up spending almost entire day by chilling & watching the lively beach!! View from 21 coconuts:- Calamri, beer, drinks.. Pomfret:- It was around 3 PM, while we decided to head towards Chapora fort to watch lovely sunset. As it was crowdy, we trek down to a relatively quiet place. It was so beautiful:- We came back to hotel after a lovely day!! 31st Oct: We woke up early and headed towards South Goa, Palolem beach, which is around 80 KM through the NH 66. Towards Palolem: We started around 7 O’clock & checked in Palolem around 10 O’clock. The famous place “Dropadi” was yet to start their day. It was bright sunny & relatively hot day, so the walk along the beach was not at all soothing hence we were badly looking for a place to sit & enjoy. We had a few drinks at “Ciarans”. @ Ciarans This place was not at all pocket friendly, so we only had a beer & mocktail before moving to “Ro-Coco Pelton” which offers free sun-bed. But weather was bit hot so we chose to sit inside after spending some time in water. “Ro-Coco Pelton” is a nice cozy place which has nice varieties of food & drinks menu, managed by local youths. Though service is bit slow, but who cares. People go there to relax, slower the service means more time to chill !!. View from Ro-Coco Pelton Colourful Goa: Around 1 O’clock we checked into “Dropadi” to have lunch. It was a crowded place as it’s very near to the entrance of Palolem beach; unlike “Ro-Coco Pelton”, “Ciarans” & other shacks for which you need to take a walk. Anyway, this time we had seafood chop suey, chicken chop suey and beer. Seafood chop suey & Kings Beer: Food was costly compared to north goa.. It was really nice to have some great food with Goan beer Kings and enjoying the sandy stretch of palolem beach!! But still I would say “Dropadi” is overhyped place & very expensive. So this is not a must visit place, for us atleast!! We relaxed there before we began our journey back, so the picturesque sight of the Goan sunset at the famous Palolem beach has to wait till our next visit. Our journey back was driving through impossibly green countryside. It was a pleasure being the photographer. Magnificent Road: Just a little before sunset we reached our hotel. We preferred a quiet beach next to the hotel, to enjoy the serene of twilight & before the darkness took over. There was no one out there. Soft rhythmic sound of the waves, last rays of the setting sun adorning the horizon and the twinkling diamonds were decorating the dull sky over us. Nothing can be better than this at the end of the day especially after a long drive. We lay down on the soft sand to watch the star gazed sky over us. It was so peaceful, quiet, serene…. We could see the Candolim beach a km away busy with night life entertainment. So people don’t come to this area. If you are in mood to enjoy serene beach then come to this place. After spending a blissful hour there, that night we had Goan special King fish curry & rice paired with Kings Beer for dinner at a shack near candolim beach while enjoying the evening breeze of Arabian Sea. Last Day, 1st Oct: Woke up early to enjoy the uninterrupted stretch of golden sand beaches. Clean water, fresh air, chirping sounds of birds..what a nice ambience it was. Early morning walk along with seashore of Goa is one of the unforgettable moments of my life. Today we had a plan to visit a church and Aguada fort before we took our bus from Panjim . However the weather was warm and we changed our plan. We went back to 21 coconuts at Arambol to take the last bite of Goan delicacy. Sea-foods, beers & mock tails we had them all.[emoji3] That's me:- 21 Coconuts:- Around 4 O’clock we headed back towards Kadamaba Bus stop. After few formalities to return the activa, it was time to bid farewell to Goa. But when you leave Goa you leave with a lust to get back here again.. and surely we will come back soon!! “Unplanned trip is the best kind of trip”. We did not plan our trip but that added to our pleasure the blissful surprises hanging around the beach, cruising through the state on two wheels .. delightful food..chilled beer and The mighty Arabian sea!! About the places we visited: 1. Sea pearl hotel, candoilm: It’s basically a home stay not a hotel. Owner Dominic & Lettie both are good people as a host. Main advantage of this place is location. It’s less than a km away from the overcrowded candolim beach road. Though you will get all the food joints, some necessary items , shopping places, tattoo counter & what not!! Apart from the strategic location, next attraction should be the serene beach next to the hotel. This beach is a km away from the main candolim beach and entire crowd goes to the main candolim beach, so you get a calm & quiet beach though very connected to the market. The owner maintains a good garden surrounding the property which looks really nice. Downside we found is they don’t even provide bed tea, forget about foods. Only option is the menu card of nearby food joint they kept at room. If you call them the food joint fellow will come for delivery. Another disadvantage is , as the approach road is very small, you can’t keep your own car(if you drive down to Goa) at hotel area rather you have to keep near market (Designated Parking area is there & had seen many private car parked at night which came from other states). 2. Anjuna Beach & Shiva valley: The water of Anjuna Beach was not good when we visited. You can do some watersports at this beach like Baga. Rate was 700/- for parasailing. You need to take a small walk around some garments & accessories shops to reach Shiva valley shack. This place is one of the most happening shacks of North Goa. If you sit on the 1st floor, you can have nice sea foods & drinks overlooking Anjuna beach. Foods were bit pricey but the place is really wonderful. You have another option “Curlies” which is next to “Shiva valley”. Both the place offers you sun-bed. 3. 21 Coconuts, Arambol beach: Awesome place if you love sea foods. The staffs were friendly. We had Mackerel, Pomfret, red snapper, calalmari & what not! All tastes good. They serve all the sea foods with fries & salad or Rice. just let them know your choice. Though salad was good but the French Fries was so so. Good thing is, once the French Fries was not good, we asked them to replace it, they politely told sorry & replaced the same immediately. Do ask them that which fish is the fresh one. They will guide you, if you are not sure about the preparation in which it tastes best just let them take over. This is a shack, so don’t expect a fine dine or something. All things are pretty basic, you have to deal with it, simple. They don’t charge extra for the bed, as long as you are having foods/drinks with them. 4. German Bakery, Candolim: it’s a very nice & cozy place on the ford aguada road before novotel if you are coming from arambol. Very homely atmosphere, so we relaxed there as if we were at home. Coffee & croissant also tastes good. Few tips: 1. Hire a two wheeler than a car in Goa, you can park easily. Just head to Kadamaba bus stand after you get down at Panjim which is very nearby & walking distance. We got the active @ Rs 250/Day as we reached just before diwali, which may be changed according to the season 2. Always double check the vehicle before you commit. If you don’t find it comfortable, shift to another one. Still don’t like it? You have other vendors also., trust me. 3. Always ask for all the documents (RC, insurance, pollution etc.) Also ask for the helmet, if possible ask helmet for pillion as well. Mostly you will not get helmet for the pillion, but just give a try. Though we dint get it 4. Baga beach offers you more options for sports activity though you can do the same at anjuna as well at cheaper rate. We enquired about parasailing which they quoted at Rs 800 in baga found in anjuna @ Rs 700(without negotiation) 5. Google maps worked brilliantly for us. Hope you will also not face any kind of problem. 6. Dont try to cover South Goa in a single day if you are staying at North Goa. It will be too hectic. Rather I would suggest staying at south goa for a day to watch sunset & next day sunrise then come back to north or panjim accordingly. 7. Dont Ever Drink & Drive!! Cheers!! Pralay All rights reserved for the content & images of the post.
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    It was in the last month (June) when I had gone out on a drive with my friends to Ananthagiri for the night camping. A huge thanks to the club members especially @ranger and @sagar and who have guided me in doing this short trip especially during the night. We reached the temple sight in the Ananthagiri hills briefly around 6 30 pm. Start point : Trimulgherry, Secundrabad Base point : Sri Anantha Padmanabha swamy mandir Car : Tata Indica Manza Distance : 105 kms One-way (approximately) We took the forest trail behind the temple. We had walked for about 6 kms (distance as shown by my Mi wrist band ) and reached a flat area to camp ourselves. The weather was pretty warm and we felt that there would be no use to pitch our tents and we decided to lay over the tarp sheets which we carried to cover our tents if it rains. We had our dinner that we carried along around 10 pm after settling down to rest. around 11 pm, our night forest trails started as we started to venture ourselves a little more deeper in the forest. We found a lot of variety of insects, flora and fauna in that region. I am sharing a few with you guys We have spotted a wild spider during our forest trail. This is the dung-beetle which partially feeds on it and also rolls it, tunnels it and dwells it. It can alone roll about 250 times of its own weight. We observed the rolling phenomenon for a while and it was interesting. We spotted a scorpion enroute and examined it. Noticing the short tail segments, we confirmed that its a Female scorpion which is non-poisonous We approached a short water stream and found fish, snakes and crabs in that pond enroute. We crawled deep into the bushes deeper and the scent of the air changed to a beastly wild animal odour. We were crossing a short water stream and found this fresh paw-print on the wet land. Being suspicious about the habitats ahead of that point, we decided to retire. It was quite a thrilling experience and fun for the obvious reasons. We had learnt and experienced something new that night We walked back to our camp site by around 2 AM and played around with the camera to study the night sky. We were 5 of us and none of us were professional photographers. One of my friend is an amateur who is still learning things online. We passed time experimenting with the lens, playing around and watching the beautiful night sky He was successful in capturing a hazy constellation in the sky and we retired for the sleep by 3 AM.
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    Wow... Amazing travel story @Tapahasu. You are an inspiration to a lot many Waiting for your next episode to be released
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    Fantastic report. Appreciate you a lot, One should have lot of road trip experience to take family on such a long road trip, specially in a car like Ameo.
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    Brilliant work @Tapahasu. Speechless.. The way you have described about how each and every day spent was so much fun to read. Thanks a lot for sharing your experience.. I've enjoyed reading it through thoroughly Waiting for more .. Especially the immigration process at Pheuntsholing
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    Day3: By 6 am visiting konark temple is best, but we woke up at 7:30 am late and by finishing breakfast by 9am i. e a very bad time to visit konark temple added to this some local person murdered in the night, and police is everywhere, so parking is very far from konark temple. sun is on his peak by 10 am itself somehow managed through, still wondering no complaints from wiffy. Tickets que is very long and no separate lines for men and women somehow got it done very quickly and hired a local guide, he helped us with his umbrella and enormous knowledge he has on this temple even though illiterate, after knowing about brief about konark temple and 12 out of 24 wheels history we tired and guide with age of 60 was very active and he continues his way of explaining things, after making halfway of the temple wiffy starts complaining about scorching heat, she said u guys finish and i will wait for u. the guide says “madamji abhi tho asli cheez dekhneka hai, ghore log tho sirf isko dekhnekeliye athe hai”. She pumped up again and ready to walk, guide told the kids to watch at something and took us both to some wheels where it has xxx scenes of ancient mudra. I have to see her face.....burst out of laughing. Guide quickly understand the situation and rushed towards the kids, Very funny it was. Anyhow it charged our mood from sun rays. To save ourselves from heat had some coconut, cucumber, plenty of water and rushed to puri jaganath darshan, heavy traffic buy 2 wheelers, 4 wheelers and cows, everywhere u can see cows and cows. I as usual trapped by some goons who run quick darshan and at the end I couldn't even had darshan of Lord jaganath, but had a bill of 1116/-for annadaanam. At least satisfied that Annadaanam was served to God. Kicked his ass for this but paid him 300\- very shameless fellow, saying mujhe kitnebhi maro lekin paisa dho. Plz plan it earlier in proper time and go directly by urself and have darshan always. my wife cursed him all the way we reached to our hotel Sonar Bangla motel midway at the outskirts of kolkata. The most horrible place for 5000/- i never suggest this hotel to anybody, online reviews were good so i booked it but wasted money. It’s a supreme room, AC not working and it’s hardly a 8x10 size room, even after room freshener applied its smelling and owner is so rude and says don’t like then talk to your MMT representative, time was 11pm, no one picks the call, no option left hardly slept as beds are very bad….don’t know how travelers given such a rating to this hotel. TOTAL DRIVEN DISTANCE: 512.00KMS TOTAL DRIVEN TIME: 11 hrs Tariff for Accommodation: Sonar Bangla Motel Midway/ double Bed Room -Non/Ac Rs.5000-00 with charges for Extra person
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    Day2: Woke up early by 5AM , Quickly refreshed and went to beach side photography, shot some sunrise pics, I came back by to resort by 6 am and started waking up my family, this is when horror starts.. Crowd started to pile up and are shitting all over the beach, Around 2 kilometres of stretch is used as public toilet. Lost interest of going to the beach. Kids got ready and had puri (only thing available) as breakfast. Wiffy took some pics at cottages. Started towards Chilka lake and its a 4 lane road, sun is on his peak, We still decided to do a boat ride at Chilka. Different tariffs are available from 600 to 5000, depends on whether you need a small boat or big boat, Both govt and Pvt ferries available, govt one will definitely cost you more and you have to book it from pant nivas. it’s a good stay, very spacious (on return journey we stayed here.) On bargaining they agreed to 1000 bucks for trip to breakfast point, dinosaur island and kingfisher island. Compare to any other parts this is pretty cheap for me for the total ride of 2 hrs. I already posted some pics of it. Still the kings / queens from Orissa come over here for their breakfast quiet often. Many islands are there with their own stories to tell. Boat ride was excellent, we spotted some Dolphins and Kingfishers. While on boat, we got some information about scenic road to Konark. It really proves worth listening to him, beautiful roads with lot of water bodies around from small to big, live fishing scenes. Finally reached some point where the road ends and you have to travel by ferry, just missed by 2 mins, it costed 2 hrs, there are many small boats which carries bikes and goods in regular but heavy vehicles like bus, lorry and car has to go through ferry and fees only 300/- so cheap for a life time experience. Entering, exiting and parking in the ferry is a scary part. You need to drive in reverse and you don’t have a choice of roaming freely, It is jam packed, very difficult to open doors. Luckily we squeezed some gap and got out. Strange and good thing i observed in this trip is wiffy didn’t complain about back pain.(Which she regular does) Looks like she started to understand the love towards exploration. Safely reached onto the other side of the bank, while taking car out off the ferry one need to be careful in case u drive sedan or suv it hits on back bumper. I managed to get out without any issue. The road is a narrow to 2 lane road and 4 lane and it took me 4 hrs on the way to konark, hundreds of cows left on roads and crazy bikers make you upgrade your driving skill set, many speed breakers u will face on this road avoided puri-konark road and took diversion on to jaganath sadak and then to maltatipur-konark road, you can find speed breakers on 4 lane road very crazy, road through the forest is fully packed with many speed breakers, after finishing the drive. l was thinking how the tsunami affected konark temple, pretty far from beach. Stayed in Yatrinivas konark, dinner in its attached hotel, very tasty but no room service. TOTAL DRIVEN DISTANCE: 250KMS TOTAL DRIVEN TIME: 7Hrs 20Mins Tariff for Accommodation: Yatri Nivas/ double Bed Room /Ac Rs.2100-00 with charges for Extra person
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    Sorry, I was bit busy with regular works. Here I am going day wise schedule with small write up Hyderabad –Bhutan – Hyderabad Started on 13th may 2018. Day1: As I already stated before, this trip was to test my family’s capability of exploring the long drives of distances more than 6000 kms and 20+ days duration, all the time I was alone going on bike expeditions. Started early by 5 am from home located at Jalvayu towers, lower tankbund, As kids are still in sleeping mode they don’t even have a hint of this trip, just they know someplace travelling, quickly packed the luggage and driven, stopped at Vijayawada for breakfast on road side nothing to say much on this stretch as kids and wiffy sleeping all the time and road conditions as everyone knows is fantastic. A new thing i learned from this trip ( mostly women want to eat street food all the time with neat and clean environment) , halting place is at APTDC, Baruva Beach. We reached by 3:30 pm (vizag) and had lunch at cafe coffee day on the way reaching to vizag. I want to skip the vizag traffic and taken the truck bypass route, It’s a two lane road some parts wide & some areas narrow, many pot holes in the road but manageable. At 4 to 4:30 it started torain started heavily, video tells all about it, once we crossed vizag, it’s a breeze through srikakulam highway and it’s no more raining and weather is pleasant, Reached Baruva by 7 pm, the APTDC cottages are very spacious and AC works well, but poorly maintained the infrastructure, you can have look of sunset and sunrise directly from your room. Booze on order available, but canteen people won't serve, Ordered snacks and food from canteen, food is average. Sat at the balcony and had a long chat and kids are busy with TV. TOTAL DRIVEN DISTANCE: 850KMS TOTAL DRIVEN TIME: 14 hrs Tariff for Accommodation: APTDC/ double Bed Room -Ac Rs.3000-00 with charges for Extra person Pics related to this journey
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    This must have surely been an epic road trip @Tapahasu . Especially when things happen to fall in a place when it is unplanned, I can imagine the thrill you had undergone Kudos to your spirit .. Keep it coming more
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    Awesome pictures @Tapahasu The cover picture is just awesome, I immediately clicked it without even seeing the title😬 Now I cant wait doing this trip. Could you please share detailed information of the trip? would be really helpful for our members.
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    Drive to the beautiful beach town and the 2nd highest plunge waterfall of India Route Taken : Hyderabad - Raichur - Hubbali - Gokarna - Jog falls - Shimoga - Chitradurga - Anantapur - Kurnool - Mahbubnagar - Hyderabad Total Distance : 1600 kms ~ Day 1: Hyderabad to Gokarna : 650 kms Stay : Sanskruthi resorts Day 2 : Exploring Gokarna by foot covering all the beaches starting from Shiva temple. Stay : Sanskruthi resorts Day 3 : Gokarna to Jog falls and Jog falls to Shimoga : 230 kms Stay : Akash Inn Day 4 : Shimoga to Hyderabad : 600 kms Gokarna and Jog falls was a trip that I could never forget. Apart from Shiv temple, Gokarna is famous for its beautiful beaches and landscapes. Beaches to visit in Gokarna : Gokarna beach Kudle Beach Om Beach Half-moon Beach Paradise Beach The Gokarna beach forms the coast of the town while the other four beaches lie to the south of Gokarna. Kudle and Om are around 6 km from Gokarna town along a muddy hill; they are accessible by rickshaw or foot. Om beach is named so because it is shaped like the auspicious Om symbol. Half-moon and Paradise are beyond Om beach and are accessible only by foot or boat. They are smaller and remote beaches. Below is a short Photolog of my Day 2 in Gokarna We have covered all the beaches mentioned above in the list this whole day and ended at Om beach by night. It was "ALL BEACH DAY" for us
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    Hi guys, Sharing the latest update of the water flow at Jog falls.. PC: Shared by Vamshi..
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    Can imagine the beauty in Kerala being hit by nature himself so badly this year. A picture of athirapally falls shared by a friend before the place got flooded 🙂
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    A-1 drive & another scintillating report embellishing every bit of winsomeness. Kudos to the whole team for coming up with such a sterling story [emoji1305] Gujrat has always been an inviting territory with its elegant vista diffused all over. Wish to go on an expedition with you guys soon.
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    Day - 3 (Gandhidham - Dordo - Great Rann of Kutch - Mandvi - Gandhidham) View from my room - The Holiday Village Resort The resort were we had stayed is a beautiful place which offers all the amenities including sports like squash The Restaurant inside the resort serves continental food suitable for any person in the country Tried some authentic Gujarati food such as Dhokla, Fafda, Bhajiya goti, Dabeli etc. Our drive towards the 'Great Rann of Kutch' was an eventful one Fabulous view of 'The Great Rann of Kutch' - The place where 'The Rann Utsav' takes place every year We chose to hit this place post 'Rann Utsav' to avoid the crowd which could be best suitable for exploration We further explored the barren lands of Dordo and drove down to the Mandvi beach to enjoy the beautiful sunset Mandvi is one of the best beaches in Kutch, Gujarat to enjoy the sunset and relax amidst nature We reached our resort late in the night to set everything for our drive back to Ahmedabad from Gandhidham on day-4
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    Day - 2 (Gandhidham - Dholavira - Gandhidham) Our day drive towards Dholavira started off post breakfast from Gandhidham The road towards Dholavira was quite decent with neatly laid roads even after you bifurcate into the villages after you cross Bhuj highway All the 3 cars lined up to halt at our first sight of the white salt desert of Dholavira We parked the cars on to the side and got down the bridge to walk into the salt desert Fabulous view of the vast salt desert of Dholavira which goes endless We paved our path a little deep into the marshy salt land which seemed a little loose on friction to hold our feet All of us got involved in the photo sessions enjoying the magnificent view even though the sun was shining bright Having spent ample time clicking pictures, we started to walk back towards our cars to explore the next destination There are absolutely no short-cuts to any place worth going! We paced up the track, towards our next destination Our next was the Harappan civilisation - The ancient genius Harappan or Indus valley civilisation was built in 48 acres land with tall walls to protect it's residents from outsiders A few glimpses of the Harappan civilisation We then drove down towards the Kutch fossil park road to reach the end point (Karni temple) of Dholavira. The whole of day-2 turned out to be tiresome but eventful and we drove back to our residence in Gandhidham
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    Superb pictures @gowtham. Thanks for sharing all the information which would help the fellow road-trippers. I would like to share a few memories that I've carried back home from this amazing road trip. Cheers! Day - 1 (Ahmedabad - Little Rann of Kutch - Gandhidham) We started our road-trip from Ahmedabad towards Bajana to explore the 'Little Rann of Kutch' We have taken the necessary permits at Bajana village for our exploration drive and in no time, we made our tracks into the 'Dhrangdhara' wild ass sanctuary The scorpio fared really well with the off-road conditions out there One needs to be really careful without getting lost during their exploration as the place looks almost deserted There already existed few tracks which were laid by the regulars, otherwise we need to pave our own paths at times We passed by a huge lake whose area seemed absolutely dried out on a vast scale One needs to pay 25000 INR as fine or undergo 7 years of imprisonment if any rules are violated or skipping of permits We have arrived by a small lake which had numerous variety of birds such as swans, flamingos, cranes, herons etc. Having spent some time by the lake banks, we moved further towards the lake bed which was quite hard Another glimpse of the birds on the partially dried lake banks We hovered up in between to stretch ourselves and relax a bit while the sun was scorching on us We raced further deep into the woods to explore further and ended up in a no man's land What is a road trip without any adventure in the tale. All the 3 cars ended up getting stuck in a deserted land with no other human to spot at for help. A lesson learnt, we need to be a watchful while we trace our track here. A few miles away, we found a small shack where we could get some help with the equipment to dig the wet mud and clear the track and get out of the pit. The whole process of getting all our cars out of this wet land took us 4 hours We drove back to the highway and headed towards Gandhidham as the land beyond where we got stuck seemed even more wet which seemed impossible to explore
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    Day - 3 It was planned to explore the 'Great Rann of Kutch' and we reached this salt desert by noon Great Rann of Kutch accommodations (Decent resorts - would suggest you to stay here) White Rann Resort Gateway to Rann Toran resort Kutch Took the necessary permits and reached the entry point from which private vehicles are not allowed beyond this post. We are supposed to walk down for 2 kms or hire a camel cart to reach the White desert land of the Great Rann. We had paid 1000 INR to hire this camel cart for a journey up and down We were given an hour's time to explore 'The Great Rann of Kutch' by the cart owner to take us back to our start point On our way back from 'The Great Rann' we took an off road track to explore Dordo Having everything set for this drive, we tightened our rocker-arms to enjoy our drive further We made our own tracks driving deep into a place where we could find no human in the vicinity Thoroughly enjoyed every bit of this drive as we drove down and simultaneously, we were being very watchful after a crazy adventure on Day-1 at 'The Little Rann of Kutch' The Ford turned out to be an absolute performer on these tracks throwing out her brilliance in handling and dynamics The Mahindra also turned out to be quite a stunner apart from being bumpy at times And that's how it happened Surprisingly, The Figo showed up nothing less on an off road track Next destination? Mandvi beach for sunset Mandvi has many beach view resorts. Serena beach resort HV Beach hotel. (right on the beach) After experiencing high temperatures, everyone decided to visit Mandvi beach Memories made at the beach will last for a lifetime Promise of a new tomorrow Cleanest sunset ever
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    We finally reached the Indus valley civilisation and moved towards the the huge walls built of mud and stone to explore the ancient Harappan culture Hats-off to the Tourism department of Gujarat who is still working on cleaning the remains and spoilts post earthquake After the Harappan culture visit, we drove down towards the Fossil park which is end point of Dholavira The poetry of earth is endless, breath taking view. Even our cars are enjoying the view. Helipad at Dholavira Nature is cheaper than some random therapy in your city On our way back to the resort, we stopped by the white salty marshy land to enjoy the sunset Sunset from the place where we were was bliss to watch and we spent about 2 hours even after it got dark on the salt desert admiring the nature in peace. A beautiful end to the day
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    Day-2 Great Rann of kutch, Dholavira. Stay options at Dholavira? Dholavira tourism Resort (Would suggest you to stay at 'Great Rann of Kutch') Great Rann of Kutch is spread across a vast area where one can explore either sides of it. Dholavira Dhordo (White desert Rann of Kutch) We have decided to explore Dholavira on Day-2 We started from our hotel by 9 AM and stopped by for breakfast at a Dhaba on the highway. Roads were excellent through out the journey. Some of the best roads in the country. First glimpse of 'The Great Rann of Kutch' white desert, Dholavira. Black and White! What Gujarat roads say? Stop worrying about the potholes and enjoy the drive. We didn't bother about the burning hot climate as the view seemed breath taking! After this view, I felt that I would call myself an idiot, If I had skipped this trip Freedom of travel. We could go as far as we could sight After spending around 1 hour, we left the place to explore more Our next destination was towards the Dholavira excavation site - Ancient Harappan and Mohenjadaro sites En-route we found a 'Sambar' in the middle of the road, by the time got to her, she ran deep into the woods
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    Day -1 Ahmedabad to Little Rann of Kutch. We hired a cab from Ahmedabad airport to Zoom car pick up location. We completed all the formalities and we are out by 10:30 AM We started hunting for the breakfast, We couldn't find a proper restaurant for breakfast. We searched for 15 kilometers with in the city and gave up. Once on the Highway, we found a small Dhaba and had a heavy brunch, we resumed our journey by 1 PM. Little Rann of Kutch Permissions: Little Rann of Kutch requires permission to enter, Officially bikes are not allowed inside, but many people ride around without any issue. It has many entry and exit points. Many people don't take permission, when get they stuck or get caught, they end up paying fine which is very high. How to get the permissions to explore Little Rann of Kutch? Little Rann of Kutch Permission is available at Bajana. Forest Guest house is located the entrance of the village. If you miss it, not a problem, you can ask around, It is very well known to the locals. How much does the Little Rann of Kutch permit cost? It costed us around 1800/- for 3 cars and 4 cameras. Is the guide mandatory for Little Rann of Kutch? Guide is not mandatory, but if you are not sure about trails, and have no idea about routes, in a single vehicle, It is suggested to take a Guide. We did not take a guide and have faced some issues. More on that later. Is it easy to get the permission? Permission is pretty straight forward, they even gave us some map. They insisted us to hire a guide but we decided not to take. Can we do Little Rann of Kutch in a Hatch back? Yes can be easily done in any car. We have done it in a Ford Figo, We did not face any issue. Do we require GPS to cross Little Rann of Kutch? It is better to take offline maps along with you, but you can easily manage without it. Simple rule, follow the white stones and trails. Don't even try to make our own road which might lead you to end up in a no man's land at times. What to do when we got lost in the Little Rann of kutch? It is not completely isolated, you can get help from the other people, many locals roam around. When in doubt always stop and ask around. Best season to vist Little Rann of Kutch? Post January is the best time to visit. Entry Points at Little Rann of kutch? You can get the latest information at the Bajana forest guest house. Major entry point is at a village name Zinzuwada and entry is from Mandapol gate. Use this route to cross Little Rann of Kuch and exit at Palasava. Check with the forest department before finalising the route. Bajana is the second point of entry. Stay options at Little Rann of Kutch? Stay options at Little Rann of kutch are very limited. Accommodation options : Rann Riders Deseret coursers Bhavan resort and farm Royal Safari Camp Flemingo Acropolis Let the pictures do the rest of the talking. We took the Bajana entry point due to time constraints, If we were early, we could have taken the Zinzuwada entrance. We soon realised that it is tough to navigate without any analysis. Fords Kicking some dust We stopped at many water bodies enroute and we spotted numerous variety of birds which were in large colonies. Ready for the takeoff We will either find a way or make one. We drove deep into the barren lands of Little Rann of Kutch. Visibility is poor for the cars driving behind, better to maintain space A look at ford said 'Keep calm and drive' Creativity is always a leap of faith, When we face waste empty lands, time analysis is needed Small dude joined the party late due to GC issues Some walks you love to take alone Birds have wind, they are free, they have mobility and still we envy them Scorpio: I wish to be as free as birds do
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    Very well narrated and great pictures. Looks like you guys had great fun. Your post hoisted my goa memories, Now I want to drive down again. Which camera, you guys are using. Looks like lens is very wide. Gopro? Best tips one must follow in Goa. Beach + sunset + shack , a perfect combo in goa, one should not miss this experience. Would suggest you to visit Gurus, If you want beautiful sunset view and less crowd.
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    After a short snack and refreshment break, we had started our drive towards Wayanad around 2:00 p.m. My camera battery ran out cold and so I have managed to get a few shots through my phone. We had reached the 'Vythiri green' resort in Wayanad by 8:00 p.m. travelling 250 kms from Athirapally. The resort had charged us 3500 INR/night which included a complimentary breakfast. Early morning walk around the resort in Wayanad on this green carpet was so relaxing and refreshing We had spotted these beautiful fields around the place. After all it is the 'God's own country'.. The place looked so alluring that we never wanted to leave. Quite soon, we left the place after breakfast at the resort and started towards Goa around 8:00 a.m. It was late in the night by the time we had reached Goa. We had traveled for about 14 hours to cover a distance of 650 kms via Gokarna. The drive from Mangalore until we had reached Goa was totally on the coast line and was one heck of an experience. The next day it was 31st December and we were all pumped for the new years eve in Goa after experiencing the 'Sunburn After Party' the previous night. We started to explore the known places around Candolim, Baga and Anjuna. We had explored both the South and North Goa quite a few times when we had been there before and had come to Goa this time for an obvious reason to party like it never ends.. Few things to do when you are in Goa: 1) Always try to keep your bikes or cars full on fuel. 2) Try all the Goan cuisines possible. 3) It is known that Alcohol is cheap there but let us be civilized. 4) Keep the beaches clean and preserve the beauty. List of beaches to be covered if you are going there on a tour: North Goa: 1) Calangute 2) Candolim 3) Anjuna 4) Baga 5) Aguada 6) Chapora 7) Arambol 8) Dona-Paola 9) Vagator 10) Morjim South Goa: 1) Colva 2) Palolem 3) Agonda 4) Varka 5) Cavelossim List of places to be covered if you are going there on a tour: 1) Chapora fort 2) Aguada fort 3) St. Freancis Xavier's Church List of few known places to party and good food: 1) Curly's (Anjuna) 2) Cafe Mambo (Baga) 3) Infantaria (Calangute) 4) Tito's (Baga) 5) Lasagna (Vagator) 6) Bora-Bora (Morjim) 7) Beach side seafood shacks (Prawns, Squids and Crabs are a must try) After one heck of a night at the Curly's on the beach-side for the New year's eve, we got back to our stay around 4:00 a.m. in the morning to rest down as we have got our return journey lined up few hours ahead. On the whole, it has been a holiday full of action as i have squeezed in maximum destinations possible for the days available and i admit it was exhausting but it was an experience to cherish for a lifetime.
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    The next morning we had checked-out of Munnar and started to drive towards 'The Venice of the East', Allepy via Kochi around 6:00 a.m. as the fog slowly started to clear the way. The drive from Munnar through the ghats was breathtakingly beautiful & thrilling and the roads were absolutely amazing. We came across many waterfalls driving down between the green hills until we had reached Kochi where we have stopped by for breakfast at the 'Sarvana Bhavan' The distance to Allepy from Munnar is around 180 kms which took us around 5 hours and we reached the House boat point by 11:00 a.m. We had booked a decent Canoe for a day boat ride for 8000 INR as the prices were running high due to the peak tourist time at the place to experience the ride back waters. All boats sailing low between the narrow channels around, we started off around 12:00 p.m. sailing slow aboard Surrounded with trees on the banks around, we traced our path on to a broader side lapping the water. It felt like an absolute dream traversing so silently. By 1:00 p.m. we were taken to a small shack on the banks where we were served amazing lunch which had some delicious 'Karimeen' fish fry and Tody. After the delicious lunch, we had started our ride further. We had the sight of the mammoth house boats passing by all over towards their halt for the day by the evening hour. Enjoying the beauty of nature, stretching ourselves and clicking pictures, we reached another shack for a tea break around 4:00 p.m We started to head back towards the finish point as there should be no boat found running after 6:00 p.m. and we got done with it. One of the island resorts which rests on the lap of this water body We had reached the parking place and drove down towards the beach side place called 'Mararikulkem' village which was around 10 kms from Allapuzha. We have rented a home-stay for the night at the Marari place by the beach side, dropped in the luggage and left for hike. Beach was very neat and calm with hardly any crowd around and was almost like a private beach. After a sumptuous dinner, we hit back home to rest down and get charged for the tour the next day. The next morning we had started our drive towards 'Wayanad' touching the Athirapally waterfalls (Niagara of India) on our way. We took the road via Ernakulam which was decent and distanced around 100 kms with 4 hours of travel time including a break. We reached the Athirapally waterfalls around 10:00 a.m. and this is definitely one must see destination in Kerala. A trek for about 20 mins has to be done to reach the base point of the falls and needless to talk about the place as the pics says it all and definitely not a place to miss out on.