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    Starting early morning makes sense. It is not a National Highway through out the drive. You need to pass through many villages/state highways. Stick to this route and start early in the morning. Hyderabad > Zaheerabad > Humnabad > Naldurg > Tuljapur > Osmanabad > Ahmednagar > Shiridi Hyderabad to Naldurg : 4-lane toll road Naldurg to Ahmednagar : 2-lane road Ahmednagar to Shiridi : 4-lane road If you are planning to drive in the nigh, plan this section carefully (Naldurg to Ahmednagar).
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    DAY - 06 Manali - Solang - Manali (Local) Night stay hotel : Quality Inn River country Resort, Manali. Google Map pointer After a long hectic overdose of blissful adventure for those past 4 days, all of us demanded a break into the civilization We decided to rest for most of the day and decided to do a local tour during a leisure hour. Manali is a lot spoilt than what I've heard of. All thanks to the huge irresponsible tourist crowd here. There's nothing much to do here. Costly food, costly accommodation and over populated places. Very much commercialised. We have lazed around the resort pretty late and fell out post lunch to drive towards the Solang Valley. We have observed everything to be a way too expensive. Even a cable car up the hill costed us about 800 INR per head which we felt was very pricey. Solang is a high altitude valley that lies at the top of Kullu mountain. It is famous for many activities in summer such as paragliding, horse riding and Zorbing. These are again replaced by Skiing in winter. These are a few pictures of the beautiful Solang valley from the top. Having spent some good time here, we drove around the local streets of Vashisht and got back to our resort by the evening to get ready for the next day's drive. DAY - 07 Manali - Kullu - Bhunter - Bajaura - Prashar - Mandi - Chandigarh Distance : 350 kms Time taken : 13 hours (Including break time) Breakfast stop : Quality Inn River country Resort, Manali. Google Map pointer Lunch stop : VISCO resorts, Mandi Google Map pointer Night stay hotel : MAYA Hotel, Chandigarh Google Map pointer The next morning we started our drive towards the beautiful Prashar lake which is around 100 kms from Manali. We travelled for about 4 to 5 hours for just 100 kms. I shall leave the road to your imagination Throughout our drive, we could get the best views of the magnificent Dauladhar ranges of Kullu. We have enjoyed every bit of the drive while we drive towards Prashar lake. We had come across another landslide, a forest drive in the rain and also roads covered in dense fog It was quite disappointing that we couldn't get any view of the Prashar lake by the time we reached the final stop as it was all cloudy and we were covered in dense fog having all the sight around us invisible. We stayed there for about 45 mins and waited for it to get cleared. We left the place unseen in disappointment and started our drive towards Chandigarh. A view that we came for and we missed. Courtesy: Dense Fog. Source We had reached the Maya Hotel in Chandigarh around 10 PM to retire for the day. Day 08 was our drive to Delhi which was pretty smooth and back to Hyderabad to wrap it up These 8 days have ended in a moment giving every one of us some memorable moments. I would say, stop restricting Himachal only to Shimla or Manali. There are so many beautiful mountains, rivers & paths untraced around Himachal and Spiti valley is one such world where time seems to have stopped and happiness lingers in the wind. It has been over an year and a half since I have returned to the chaos of the city life and I'm still struggling to get over my post-trip blues. Now when I look back at my trip, I often relate to the memory of a face that had the same expression of joy and exhilaration as I had throughout my travel. I strongly believe that one trip to this magical land can never be enough. If you have been postponing your trip to Spiti since forever, then I hope these photographs must have heightened your wanderlust for sure I hope this guide to Spiti would be helpful for everyone and l shall come back soon with my next log to Himalayas in Nepal until then. Cheers! Happy and Safe driving.
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    A road trip to the cold desert mountain - Spiti Valley Ever since I've become a travel junkie, I've always had a dream of exploring the Spiti valley. All those breath-taking pictures of the majestic Himalayas which I have surfed for an year until then, has urged me to take an extra inch and do this road trip. And I finally did it. It was seriously not an easy road trip for us after a lot of effort we had put in drafting our plan so cautiously. I henceforth, decided to make this log more like a guide than my travel story which would help all our 'India-Drive' members. All the information that I showcase here is by the experience of my trip including the information that I've gathered before doing this trip. Spiti valley is a cold desert mountain valley located high in the Himalayan mountains in the North-eastern part of Indian state of Himachal Pradesh. The name "Spiti" means "The middle land". (i.e. The land between Tibet and India. This place is more surreal than how it looks in the photographs. It is just too beautiful to be described in words. For that span of 7 days in Spiti valley, seemed like we were in a different world altogether. In a world where there's no internet, local kids know more about life than any other urban kid of his age. Say "Julley" (Hello in the local language of Spiti) to everyone and everyone would be happy to see you Before you plan your Itinerary, know what you are getting into.. Spiti is not your regular hill-station. It is a high-altitude desert, with extreme terrain and weather. Driving here requires expert skills and full attention. At an average altitude of above 4000m ASL, acute mountain sickness is a real threat. When to plan your trip.. If you are planning a drive to Spiti for the first time, it's best to visit between the months of June and October. From the mid of October, the sub-zero temperature starts freezing the water pipes and hotels are forced to close making the accommodation difficult. Those with experience of snow driving can make the trip in winter as well as the road from Kinnaur is usually kept open. Quite a few homestays take in guests through the winter but, expect barely minimum facilities. (For example: Don't expect running water or functional toilets) Plan a minimum of 10 days to enjoy the trip with all the beautiful detours in between. Which route to take.. You can drive to Spiti in 2 routes. Either from Shimla or from Manali. It roughly takes about 8-9 hours to reach Kaza from Shimla. It is best to do a complete circuit starting from Delhi to Shimla, via Kalpa toTabo and Kaza before finally ending up at Manali. (We did this same route after a lot of survey). Route taken: Delhi - Narkand - Kalpa - Kaza - Rohtang - Prashar lake - Delhi This is the best route to take: No permits required. No issues for self drive cars. No altitude issues since the altitude gain is very gradual. Route 1: Delhi - Shimla - Narkand - Kalpa - Kaza Road condition: This route is comparatively better than the other route between Manali and Kaza. Only problem with the route are constant landslides. The drive starts getting adventurous after you cross Tapri. Road widening work is in progress and it is advised to leave your start point (Shimla or Narkanda) very early. Permits: Foreigners need an Inner Line permit to visit many areas close to the international borders. Permits are issued by the District Magistrate Office in Reckong Peo, Kullu, Keylong and Shimla. Getting the permit at Reckong-Peo would be easier comparatively. (The office remains closed on public holidays and Sundays) No permits required on this route. No issues for self drive cars. Food options: Quite a few food joints in these small towns or villages en-route exist. Narkanda, Tapri, Spillow, Nako, Hurling, Tabo (mostly Tibetan). Stay options: The drive from Shimla to Kalpa would be long if you are driving from Delhi. Try to choose Narkanda for your stay but it has limited options compared to Shimla. Stay options in Narkanda: Tethys Ski Resort, Banjara Orchard Retreat, HPTDC guest house. Stay options in Kalpa: HPTDC hotel Kinner Kailash, Hotel Kalpa Regency, Kinner Villa, Hotel The Grand Shamb-La Route 2: Delhi - Manali - Rohtang - Gramphoo (take a right) - Losar - Batal - Kaza Manali to Kaza will approximately take you 10 hours for just 200 kms. Road condition: This route is open from the mid of June and closed from the mid of October. The road actually exists only upto Rohtang pass (Manali to Rohtang is 50 kms). Take a right turn at Gramphoo (15 kms from Rohtang). Road from here is horrendous and almost a dirt track which makes it more adventurous. And this progressively becomes worse with several water crossings that requires some skill to cross this. You can hardly find any civilisation in this route. And the route between Batal and Chhatru has huge boulders on a riverbed on which one would be driving. Note: Make sure you drive an SUV or any high ground clearance vehicle as it is impossible to avoid a scratch if you are driving a sedan. We have witnessed a Toyota Etios and a Suzuki Alto with hanging bumpers and exhausts en-route. Permits: Foreigners taking this route will require an inner line permit. This can be easily gettable from the Special District Magistrate's office in Kaza. If you take Route 2, you need to obtain permits to cross Rohtang pass. Can be an issue with self-drive cars at Rohtang. Self drive People driving self drive cars, It is suggested to take Route 1 since you wont have any hassles with permits. Few tips and suggestions: 1) Spiti weather changes without giving you any prior warning. Even during peak summer between April-May, there are good chances of snow, landslides and blockages. Check with local authorities before heading out to explore any corner around. 2) Do buy a BSNL sim because nothing else works after Manali. 3) Do not go to Chandratal directly because it's really at a considerate height and we are not used to it. Suggest you to start with Kaza and take it smoothly. 4) Do not carry much luggage if you are doing a bike trip. Be prepared for the most pathetic roads.
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    Thank you @sagar Yeah 😄, with no road trips (apart from team Baleno meets) whatsoever in 2018 due to professional constraints, I'm trying to make amends this year. Next is, BOCH 8th meet @Chirala in March, and thereafter I'm going to visit a couple of other beaches and hope island. And of course, the list is very big this year ☺️. Thank you @Ranger. Roads to sanctuary are good, and the place is deserted, not a single soul to be seen. The guard (who was speaking half Telugu and half Kannada) politely said it's not allowed to go down, so we went a couple of hundreds of mtrs along the trail and returned back.
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    Agree with both of you @sagar @Ranger if I change from train to road then i'll take one day leave and plan as suggested by both of you. Add me to whatsapp group, submitted my number in the link.
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    Don't remember the exact location, Close to Heritage factory on the highway.
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    Hi @S Kumar, Good to hear back from you after so long. As discussed above, no doubt about the route to be taken. But, I would recommend you to take any calculated risk by driving down this road during the late night hours as you are driving down with the family. I would rather recommend you to start by 4 am early in the morning and you would reach by noon. and for your drive back make sure you start by 12 or 1 PM on sunday after your lunch.
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    Beautiful pictures, Any improvement in the place/facilities. Did you guys trek all the way down? There was plenty of water during our visit. Looks like it is completly dry now.
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    I joined in Sagar's Creta for the drive.
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    Amazing pictures @Sridhar Tandra and too many of GAP is what I found in your pictures Thanks for those candid shots. I like the cute @pavanbandari picture too And Endeavour no doubt is a stunner not just on road but the drive as well. I felt a little wobble with Fortuner at certain speeds. Off-roaders for a reason
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    Lovely, You really are on a roll to explore the places around Hyderabad. What's next in line? Brilliant pictures btw
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    Lovely report as always @sagar.. 😊 India Drive members are looking as soulful as ever.. 😊.. Gandikota is one of my favorite places.. Gorgeous pictures!! Could not spot @Ranger's Civic.. where was she?
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    Hampi, Aihole, Pattadakal and Badami tour was indeed a three years dream ultimately became true in the first week of Jan, 2019. I took the same route as our ID group travelled in December, 2018. Hyderabad-Kurnool-Bellari-Hampi. Return I came from Badami-Lingsugur-Raichur-Desugur-Mahaboobnagar-Jadcharla-Hyderabad. I may not be able to put up all the story at one go. I will try to post it day wise. Team Me and My Wife, My Mother's sister and uncle, Their Daughter and two 11 & 9 year old kids. (5+2) Vehicle- Uncle's own Xylo Day One-05-01-2019 With a little delay than we planed we started from Vanasthalipuram just before 6.00 AM with a cofee break at M Food Court before Jedcharla and reached Kurnool by 9.15 AM. We had Buffet Breakfast at Hotel Suraj Grand @ Rs.120/- Per head and the breakfast was very good. We started just before 10.00 AM from Kurnool and reached Mayura Bhuvaneswari KSTDC Hotel at Kamalapura by 2.30 PM. My wife became sick by the time we reached the destination with three vomitings between Kodumur and Kamalapura. I was told its an infection in intestine and simple medication was told by our family doctor over phone. Every one was in anxiety and after medicationction she slept in the room forcing me to continue with visiting places. I was in a real dilemma not ready to leave her alone in that condition and other side My uncle, aunty, sister with two kids who came from Australia and depending on me for the tour. At one stage I thought of asking my uncle to go ahead by engaging a guide but my wife insisted me to go. As the distance of Vijaya Vittala Temple is close to the Hotel, We left hotel by 4.10 PM. We reached Tallari Gatta Gate by 4.25 and took a snap and proceeded to Battery car point. Due to paucity of time I could not stop over by Gajjela Mandapa. We saw all the ruins and places on drive in battery car. By 4.50 we reached the Vijaya Vittala Temple and after taking entry tickets, we engaged a guide out side the temple for Rs. 350/- Full team minus my wife 😥 Full temple Left side view through Wide angle lens Sun set time Right side of the Temple. By the time we saw the Vittala temple complex, it was 6 Pm and the time for closure of temple. When we came out we were told that the last battery car will depart from the temple at 6.30 PM so we did not went to Shiva Temple adjacent to Vittala Temple. We came out and wanted to see King's balance. Before that few clicks of Siva temple and Vittala Market. My wife also called me and informed me that she is feeling better. Vishnu Temple on the way to King's Balance King's Balance Few other structures near by We returned in the last battery car and reached the Hotel by 7.15 PM. We had dinner at the same hotel and went to bed early. Food is good at the hotel but the service is very slow. Room service is not available. End of day One
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    Day 6: Mirik to Nepal, Darjeeling and Gangtok. Mirik is very close to Nepal. We decided to drive down to Nepal. It is a 2 hour drive from Mirik. To enter Nepal, - Own vehicle - Owner of the car should be present - Original documents - Customs entry - Vehicle details entry - Identify card Cost 20/- per car. Process is pretty straight forward, It took us 10 minutes to finish the formalities. We went to Pashupathi market, It is famous for clothing.(Cheap) We had lunch in Nepal, Decided to drive back to Darjeeling. Since we don't want to miss view of kanchenjunga (world's third highest mountain) Roads are excellent through out drive (considering hills) View of Kanchenjunga is excellent from Darjeeling. Apart from the view, There is nothing much exciting in Darjeeling. We decided to drive down to Gangtok. On the next day, we have to try our luck with permits.(zero point) Start time: 11 AM Reached: 7 PM Hotel Hotel : Royal Orchid Rating: 5/5 Cost: 2300/- (value for money and very neat property) Food Breakfast :Royal Suite Mirik(4/5) Lunch : Nepal (4/5)(you can find plenty of bars, hookahs, Momo shops..in Pashupathi market) Dinner : Royal Orchid(4/5) Beautiful roads en-route to Nepal Best view of tea estates Image quality from pixel is quite impressive, I did not use DSRL for the entire trip. Selfie time Nepal entrance Enroute to Darjeling First view of might Kanchenjunga This is first time, I missed the DSLR light started to fade away, this is at 4PM
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    Day 5: Malda to Mirik Today it was event full. Instead of going to Siliguri we drove towards Mirik(less commercial). Roads are good through out the drive, Some sections are very narrow (village roads) We came across many tea estates enroute. We started gaining the altitude around 2PM. We reached Mirik by 4:30PM, Our stay is located 5 kilometers away from Mirik and it is very isolated. Roads are very narrow and dangerous, Hair pin curves are too narrow for Duster. Not a sedan/hatch back territory. Duster All terrain tyres came very handy. Slipping and sliding,(due to rain from past 4 days) We reached the mid way(2 kilometers) Many locals started discouraging us not take that route. In the mid away, it got difficult, With some patience and navigation, we finally reached the destination. Our expectations about the stay went down drastically looking at the road condition. Once reached the stay, We are blow away by the facilities and property view. Start time: 8 AM Reached: 6 PM Hotel : Royal Suite Rating: 5/5 Cost: 2500/- (Got an upgrade to 6k suite) Breakfast : Malda(3/5) Lunch : we skipped it Dinner : Royal Suite(5/5) Today it was eventful, We started to gain some altitude Beautiful tea estates enroute Inner roads through tea estates Our first road block due to slide. Now it is officially that we arrived Tucked-IN One of the best sunset ever Duster enjoying the view, All the struggle from the past four days is worth it? Thirty minutes that we spent at this sunset point, Will be remembered forever. Our accommodation is located 5 kilometers away from Mirik. Our host asked us, If we are driving a SUV? We said YES!, biggest mistake. And the next one hour drive is like switching between hell/heaven/earth Hair pin curves that can make your car tilt side ways, Slush, Some sections has zero traction, If we brake we will loose the traction. At one point we decided to turn back, We felt it is not worth the risk. Guess what? We couldn't find a place to take a U-turn. After one hour of constant spotting and corrections we made it to the destination. Looking at those roads, My expectation for the stay went from 100->0. Worst case scenario, we decided to sleep over in the car. Once we got down at the property. We were blown away by the facilities and the view. We stayed awake till 4AM in the morning with monk. Definitely best accommodation of the trip. Bedroom View Balcony Second room View from the hall Early morning rituals Kitchen
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    Spiti Valley is a brilliant place on earth. It is a forbidden valley of beauty and challenges. It is one of the toughest adventure roads left on this planet. The roads are carved into the mountains which are very terrible. This is arguably one of the world's most dangerous roads which is the most major challenge and one has to be extremely skilful in handling the tracks here. The roads include gravel and asphalt sections which are very narrow and steep. This is more challenging than the Leh - Manali highway. It's completely deserted with no people, no houses or hardly any vehicles. One has to be prepared to take up anything what nature offers during those days while you spend in the valley. High chances that no plan of yours can be concrete as the landslides or heavy rains might make you stay for any number of days in that region where you might not find any habitats. We always had a plan to organise this drive provided we need to know the persons skill in driving and handling those situations without panicking. Most importantly one has to be prepared to undergo any risk We shall definitely do this when have the perfect crew ready to break the ice
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    The journey was of 100 Kms so far and we had taken more than 10 breaks by now to stretch our bones and enjoy the views as well. Regular breaks in this track of first 150 kms is a mandate to flex your muscles as well as to get some time for yourself to connect well with mother nature. We all were swinging in the car for every move looking at each other. Our back, ass & legs, everything were abusing us. The journey so far had made us half dead without any doubt but, yes it was also very heavenly and beautiful from one end. So, definitely do not miss this route. After driving through these routes, we felt that we undoubtedly pushed our limits over our abilities. This trip to Spiti was one of introspection and reincarnation. Every destination was glorified by the impulsive changes in sights we had come across throughout. Those fabulous sceneries after we had crossed Batal changed into a new painting altogether. The off-road track continued to take a troll on us but the huge mountains all around covered in green carpet has been a treat to our eyes. All those huge trucks and vans seemed like ants besides the magnificent giant cliffs. We had to cross a lot of bridges, flowing water streams and unpaved paths in this route while it rained continuously. The route henceforth was very much ungripping the tyres which made our drive more cautious from causing any slip. One of those many gushing water streams which cut the road had to be crossed on our way Watch your speed and conditions of these bridges while crossing. I would rather recommend you to get down your car and check the bridge if you are unsure about the condition not being visible properly. These are of rusted iron sheets which are mostly corroded and might cause a cut to the tyres at times. We were stranded here again for about 6 hours again due to a landslide, to be precise huge boulders rolled down a giant waterfall causing a cut to running road. We were initially told that it might take at least a day or 2 for the waterfall to stream down and then clear the boulders but fortunately we had dared to cross the streams after 6 hours passing over a highly overflowing rocky terrain. All the while during our 6 to 7 hours of wait time, we just hiked in to the surrounding mountains and had the best of time getting close to nature. That feeling is ultimately not possible to express in words and worth an experience. This has been the toughest part of the whole trip as we had to get lucky from getting washed down the cliff. We had just risked it and finally did it. If you can observe the size of a Tata Safari in the pic below besides the stream, we were just behind that to go next. They called this stream 'Paagal Naala' which I felt had very much suited her after witnessing. Crossing the toughest hurdle of the whole trip, we felt relieved to be back on track. As the clouds got cleared, the views kept changing quite randomly offering more colours to the scene. Our drive towards Gramphu paced up as the route just got better while we climbed uphill. A few kms ahead and a left turn from Gramphu, we had got on to the metaled road and are on the top of the cliff towards Rohtang Pass. The road and weather conditions are good and there's less traffic in Rohtang Pass area. A break for some fresh air & a few clicks at the deserted Rohtang La point We reached our resort in Manali by 8 PM. Welcome back to noisy and crowded life again.
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    DAY - 05 Kaza - Pangmo - Losar - Batal - Chhatru - Gramphu - Rohtang - Manali Distance : 200 kms Time taken : 14 hours (Including a Land slide break down time) Breakfast stop : Spiti Valley Hotel, New Kaza Google Map pointer Lunch stop : Quite a few small eateries in Batal Fuel stop : Kaza filling station (Highest fuel station in the world) Night stay hotel : Quality Inn River country Resort, Manali. Google Map pointer The drive from the headquarter of Spiti valley - Kaza started the next day after a lazy shower. However, here the case we were equally excited as the other days as we knew that today will be a lot more than exploring another beautiful awe-inspiring creation of God. Although we felt that the initial leg of our journey was pretty decent, the real test of mettle began once we were exposed to the revolting Spitian conditions. A narrow road barely good enough to drive reminded that they are still connected with the world, and also gives them access to the terrain that almost feels uncharted. Sections of these gravel road are narrow enough to barely let a car pass, and any error in judgment would only mean tumbling down the valley and into the fast flowing river. Yet, there are hardly any accidents, thanks to little traffic and the drivers who are used to these roads. The road is 140 kms long that connects Kaza and Gramphoo (Lahual and Spiti). It’s also known as Gramphu-Batal-Kaza road and 80% of the route has non metaled. We had our lunch at the Batal village in a small eatery. Commonly available food are, bread and Omelette, Maggi and Paranthe. We then continued our drive further towards Gramphu. The aerial view of the valley made me feel so composed. I would say, I was blessed by the nature. I had never seen something so magical. We soon came across a high mountain pass in the eastern Himalayan pass called the Kunzum pass which ranges about 4600 metres above sea level. Kunzum La as called by the locals or Kunzum Pass is one of the gateways to Lahaul and Spiti valleys. It is one of India’s highest motorable mountain passes. The road switchbacks precipitously up to this pass and runs up the dramatic, glacier-carved Chandra Valley. This painfully slow driving runs along some of the most treacherous terrains in the world so be careful while you drive. You might as well jump into a cloud of fog and go blind in sight. Hold you nerve tight and don't try to jump out of this in haste. The vistas drastically change from time to time while you traverse along this route.
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    DAY - 04 Kaza - Kibber (Exploration drive) Time taken : Full day Breakfast stop : Spiti Valley Hotel, New Kaza Google Map pointer Lunch stop : Restaurant at the entrance of the Kibber village Fuel stop : Kaza filling station (Highest fuel station in the world) Night stay hotel : Spiti Valley Hotel, New Kaza . Google Map pointer Having done with our breakfast, we started our drive towards exploring Kaza, Langza, Kibber, Pinjoor and Thinam. June - July are possibly the best months to visit the Spiti Valley considering the weather conditions in major. Our drive continued towards exploring various places around Kaza. We started off with one of the most prominent monasteries of the region - The Key Monastery The Key Gompa is basically a Tibetan Buddhist Monastery located on top of a picturesque hilltop in Lahual and Spiti Valley district of Himachal at an altitude of 4,200 metres above sea level close to the Spiti river. This Monastery accommodates nearly 250 monks. After visiting the 1000 year old Buddhist learning monastery, we drove down to explore the village of Kibber. While we drove close to the Kibber village area, we found quite a bit of vegetation in the region. We had stopped by a restaurant at the entrance of the village and had a sumptuous meal for lunch with a magnificent view. With a signature of the team on it's wall, we left the place. At the entrance of the Kibber Village, which was once known as the highest motorable village in India. Off-late, it was dethroned after the Komic village took the name for being the highest one which isn't so far off from Kibber. Kibber or Kyber village in Spiti, Himachal Pradesh is situated at an altitude of 4200 metres, 20 km from Kaza and 8 km from Ki or Kee or Key Monastery. This highest inhabited village offers a spectacular view of surrounding mountains in a cold desert region. We have moved further into the interiors of the valley towards Pinjoor. We were vulnerable to the might, the grandeur and the beauty of the vista. The humongous scale of the mountains made us feel as small as ants and gave us a thorough reality-check by teaching us the insignificance of our chase. The Spitian mountains took us to the primeval way of life as we struggled to find food, water, civilization and shelter in a scantily-populated region. I could only frame one sentence to describe the beauty of this valley. “It’s the place where luxury is Nature”. Mostly all the link roads to various sightseeing places or remote villages in Spiti Valley are open in this period and you can plan your visit between June and August. While travelling through such places, you start understanding life better - the virtues of patience, humility and tenacity is something that only you can feel when you move away from materialistic world and merge with nature. What we achieved that day while exploring, was a deeper insight into nature as we walked in the midst of the heaven of the fauna of Spiti. We started back to Kaza after all the exploration until the sun set. We saw the most beautiful sun set in the valley and thanked god for letting us witness such miracles.
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    The beauty of Himachal is praise-worthy for its culture, holy sites, beautiful valley and it's seasonal behaviour towards nature. And to experience a small chapter in there, I had roped me my friends and started off from Hyderabad. We decided to drive down from Delhi and have rented a Toyota Fortuner (2x4) through MYLES for this trip. Itinerary: Day 1 : Hyderabad - Delhi - Shimla - Narkand Day 2 : Narkand - Rampur - Tapri - Kalpa Day 3 : Kalpa - Pooh - Nako - Sumdo - Tabo - Kaza Day 4 : Kaza , Kibber, Langza exploration Day 5 : Kaza - Pangmo - Batal - Chhatru - Gramphoo - Rohtang - Manali Day 6 : Manali Local tour Day 7 : Manali - Mandi (Prashar) - Chandigarh Day 8 : Chandigarh - Delhi Day 9 : Delhi to Hyderabad ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- DAY - 01 Hyderabad - Delhi - Shimla - Narkand Distance : 430 kms Time taken : 12 hours (Including breaks) Breakfast stop : Amrik Sukhdev, Sonipat (60 kms from Delhi airport) **** Google Map pointer Lunch stop : Motel Golden Saras, Kurukshetra. ***** Google Map pointer Coffee stop : Don't remember the name but, we had some good coffee and snacks standing in a corridor over the clouds in Shimla. Night stay hotel : Tethys Ski Resort, Narkand. Google Map pointer We have started our drive from the airport around 7 AM in the morning towards Delhi after renting the Toyota Fortuner from 'MYLES'. By noon we got on to the ghat section towards Shimla and the vistas started to get better and better as we moved up. One of the breath-taking views which we had enjoyed during a coffee break just before entering Shimla. DAY - 02 Narkand - Rampur - Tapri - Kalpa Distance : 170 kms Time taken : 9 hours (Including breaks) Breakfast stop : Tethys Ski Resort **** Google Map pointer Lunch stop : We bread, butter and jam to stop by a scenic location and have our lunch en-route. Fuel stop : Near Karchham dam Coffee stop : Near Karchham dam. Night stay hotel : Hotel Rakpa Regency, Kalpa. Google Map pointer Our stay at the Tethys Ski resort on the cliff side. The next morning, post breakfast we started our drive towards the Kinnaur district from Tethys Ski Resort in Narkand. Narkanda which is at 9000 feet high, has splendid towering tree and is famous for ski slopes, apple orchads and Hatu peak. The roads throughout this Kinnaur valley are in a good condition. Watch out your speed on these ghats as there are steep curves throughout the ghat. Beautiful view of the Kinnaur valley en-route Karchham dam. Kinnaur valley is proud to have some hair raising roads offering unending views of breath taking sceneries all along. Driving through these beautiful roads has been a real feast to eyes as every sight makes you go awe with it's beauty. These roads in the Kinnaur valley are open during all the seasons and round the year barring few days of heavy snowfall. From the month between the mid of July to August, due to monsoon, these mountains are prone to heavy landslides. The best time to visit the Kinnaur valley is between May and July. Kinnaur is basically a major stretch of road connecting the major towns of Chitkul and Kalpa in this region. We have reached Kalpa driving up hill for about an hour on a narrow mud track by 5 PM and checked into the Rakpa regency hotel which had the best view of the Kinner Kailash mountain. To be cont...
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    Small, Crisp and fun to read. Those Sun rise pictures are too good. Adding few pictures of Chirala beach taken from my mobile.
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    We hit the road and found one more trail, Slat deposits! With proper 4x4(low range box) this place is going to be fun. Last picture of the day, signing off
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    As the crowd started to build up, we decided to explore the places around. We took this trail, which is visible from the small bridge. We drove few kilometers inside, due lack of company and recovery vehicle...Sadly my duster is not AWD. We decided to turn back!
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    Merged with the Sunset![emoji5] Sent from my S7 - Using India-Drive App
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    Father son beach time, Mandavi Gujarat.