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    @sagar and all admins who had planned and executed the trips have done a great job. Beautiful drive and well documented log. Enjoyed reading it. Hope I will join next drive. Where is this camp site. How far from Haritha? Have you carried the tents or there is some agency who are providing them? Where you had dinner and breakfast.
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    I am planning a trip to GOA from HYD by car next weekend. So anyone can suggest me the best route for that? I am planning to leave around 2:00 AM from Hyderabad to Goa which way i have to take?
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    Amazing pictures @Sridhar Tandra and too many of GAP is what I found in your pictures Thanks for those candid shots. I like the cute @pavanbandari picture too And Endeavour no doubt is a stunner not just on road but the drive as well. I felt a little wobble with Fortuner at certain speeds. Off-roaders for a reason
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    Lovely report as always @sagar.. 😊 India Drive members are looking as soulful as ever.. 😊.. Gandikota is one of my favorite places.. Gorgeous pictures!! Could not spot @Ranger's Civic.. where was she?
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    To satiate our wanderlust, we set on an impromptu road trip albeit on bikes this time. Visited Chincholi wildlife sanctuary today morning. Though did not visit Chandrampalli dam, we spent quality time trekking and exploring the location. Three musketeers: Adios amigos:
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    Dear friends... I am back to this thread after a year as it's again a time for my annual pilgrimage to Shirdi. Last time you guys were awesome in guiding me through my HYD-SHIRDI-MAHABALESHWAR-HYD trip. I enjoyed that 1700 km journey. This time the plan is for HYD-SHIRDI-HYD only. Though I have upgraded my car from Santro to Tata Tigor around two months ago, I actually booked train ticket to and from Shirdi to save leaves. Start on Friday evening and return on Monday morning just me my wife and 4.5yr old son. The driver inside me is pushing for road trip and says cancel train tickets. I am in love with my new car and clocked first 2k km in first 20 days. One trip to Chirala Beach and another to Basara and a few 100 - 200km trips near Hyd. Now my questions: - I know most of you will strike down my thought, however I expect to get some direction to make final decision by asking this question. How it would be if I start around 8-9pm on Friday night and reach upto Beed by sunrise and then cover rest until Shirdi in daylight? For return journey, start from Shirdi on Sunday afternoon and cross Beed before sunset and cover rest with headlight on. I am thinking that driving on 4 lane road in night is as good as driving in day. The only worry is any unfortunate breakdown of car post NH 65 will call for big trouble. Can @Ranger @sagar @BORNDRIVER @drsantoshms help me out from my dilemma. Thanks Guys!
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    Hi @S Kumar, Good to hear back from you after so long. As discussed above, no doubt about the route to be taken. But, I would recommend you to take any calculated risk by driving down this road during the late night hours as you are driving down with the family. I would rather recommend you to start by 4 am early in the morning and you would reach by noon. and for your drive back make sure you start by 12 or 1 PM on sunday after your lunch.
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    Beautiful pictures, Any improvement in the place/facilities. Did you guys trek all the way down? There was plenty of water during our visit. Looks like it is completly dry now.
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    Looks like a super fun trip with friends . Nice one @Saikishore Very sure that no one will be allowed to pass through the mining arenas in that area. I would like to share a few places to explore around Manchiryal for your next trip in future.. 1. Yellampalli Reservoir (Godavari river) 2. Pranahita Wild life Sanctuary (mostly Blackbucks and Antelopes) 3. Kadem Project 4. Ramagiri Khila 5. Kavval wildlife Sanctuary
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    Me and all my office team started to attend my colleague marriage at Mancheriyal today on 9.2.2018 on my cousin's XUV5OO Morning started at 6am from chandanagar filling full tank at lingampally Sri Mallikarjuna filling station as the fuel quality is good at this service station. And headed towards Karimnagar highway with full josh. But from bachupally got heavy traffic on medchal bypass road. Road is good from gandimaisamma x roads to medchal and from bypass we took medchal road and immediately took right towards shamirpet road. This road remainds mee hell as this road is heavyly traffic by sand and bricks trucks parked at side of road across the road till Karimnagar Highway. We had a stop for having tea for refreshment at a small road side hut. Tea was really so yummy [emoji7] After crossing pragnapur cross road we halt for break fast around 8am in a dhaba. Food was not so good but it was ok.. to have it After to many halts and traffic on highway finally crossed lower maneru dam and took bypass road. More pics and update will keep later Sent from my Mi A2 using Tapatalk
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    Lovely, You really are on a roll to explore the places around Hyderabad. What's next in line? Brilliant pictures btw
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    Hey Pulkit, Welcome on board. Please go through the thread below which has all the latest updates and discussions on the current route and road status between Hyderabad to Goa.
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    Finally we reached to Mancheriyal town at 11am and attended my colleague marriage We have started to visit the open cast mining at bearby location but due to security reasons outsiders are not allowed the area ,so we retured from there started to Kaleshwaram lift irrigation project and sripada yellampally dam by 4.30pm we almost spent 1hrs at dam premises and found police was asked to move from dam area as some one has committed suicide jumped from dam. Later at 5.20 we travelled around 20kms and found a palm trees and we went there. We parked our car under a tree and all our colleagues moved to hut and had palm tree vine (Kallu) (On total trip in Mancheriyal except town all other areas roads are too bad and lot of difficulty in driving. We can experience see-saw game in cars on this roads as heavy traffic of coal and sand trucks in this area.) After spending time till 7.40pm we started back to Mancheriyal town to halt and we booked 2 rooms for us at kinnera lodge near beside to Mancheriyal bustand. Kinnera lodge is reasonable but parking is not available. And one more food is good at Ruchi restaurant Some of the pics Sent from my Mi A2 using Tapatalk
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    Thanks @Ranger It is a beast on our roads Gowtham, never had any issues with any kind of roads / potholes on the Betamcherla stretch. We never felt those potholes inside the cabin. noise level inside the cabin was also very less. Tried high speeding once while returning on the NAM between Orvakal and Kurnool to see how stable it is and It was rock steady even at 180 kmph and cruised without any issues. I felt a little shaky at 180 kmph and when rain started to pour while on wet roads and bought down the speeds gradually to see where the vehicle gets stability, it was around 150 kmph when I felt back the confidence on wet road. Overall, Endeavor is as tough as it looks and equally comfortable inside. Last row is a little cramped yet comfortable compared to various other cars we have in the market but need to compare it with Fortuner when I get a chance. The automatic gearbox works like a champ with almost no lag around any shifts with beautiful pull over. Will have to drive Fortuner for similar amount of time to understand the difference. It returned us about ~11+ km / liter on the kitna deti hai front which I felt is impressive overall with various road conditions and speeds we drove on.
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    Beautiful pictures Sridhar. Very nicely composed. Any insights on how well Endeavor performed?
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    Thanks @mayank for lovely words. Credit of my travel enthusiasm goes to my car, mine group BOCH (Baleno Owners Club of Hyderabad) and my home minister . Waiting for memorable trip with ID.
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    That's so adorable... Good to see such enthusiastic parents letting the young one's experience what travel and nature feels like
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    Aarav saying good night to Sun
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    It is better to avoid the place during the night. The place is very deserted and close to the Chincholi. How much ever safe we think it can be, there will always be a calculated risk
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    Nice pictures @rahul sharma. The place looks very much green and with this lovely weather in Hyderabad right now, I feel this could be perfect in the early morning breeze
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    yep .. just drive and keep driving Traffic wise i did not face any trouble .. occasional idiotic folks but otherwise it was smooth.. I did not go through the ORR.. i drove only through the mumbai highway ..
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    Gottam Gutta is beautiful place. Must visit. Few clicks from my side.