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    Yay! super cool report as usual @sagar. Here are few pics from my end!! While I missed a lot of pictures with convoy, we have had super fun with the team as always. Like @prabhum said I literally feel like a family reunion when I drive with this group. My beast... Lone warrior! Admin on the job for the cover pic! Yo soy el administrador!!! Most vibrant tents & our Greyhound guy in one of them !! Most awaited Sunrise view from the tents over the gorgeous Gorge!!! I got a little creative here.. My two little devils Yashu and Oordhva! Couple of family pics I managed to click! The evergreen & ever energetic @prabhum garu and family! Super cool @Anand Singh Now you know if it is Rio De Generio or the Status of Liberty!! and few more of them!!! Thank you very much @sagar @Ranger for this beautiful drive, all the memories that you have given in this trip and wonderful pictures!! Yet another super awesometastically managed drive!! Waiting for the next one to come, Adios until then!!! ❤️❤️❤️
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    Excellent report @sagar Thank you for sharing. Sadly, we couldn't take the pictures of entire convoy. I think after Koilsagar, this is the meetup has highest member gathering. Few mobile pictures from my end Low light conditions, spoiled the overall pictures. Quick break, enroute to Belum Caves Bonfire Early morning trek Convoy Panorama
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    Day - 1 (Contd.. ) All the members were set to explore the place by foot and capture the best of views at the campsite The huge red boulders added to the magnificent background and the landscape looked majestic. We have pitched our tents at our own private space overlooking the view of the Penna There were a lot other campers who have reached out to the same place. Disadvantages of being here during a weekend It was a pleasure to have the Fiat guys @Asher @prasadduggirala @ksa171983 tried their level best to make this pic look candid. Did I just spill out the beans guys? A few captures of the whole group before I had shut down the shutter on Day - 1. This was followed up by a long session of interactive session besides the Bonfire until 1 AM in the night This click is worth the memory of a lifetime to sac in
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    Great captures @ranger My duster missed the drive as I was driving to Bangalore. How are the water levels in Srisailam dam?