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    Haha ! yes no one told me Arnav was there Super Pictures Saran !
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    With full of energy... Towards trek! The Village! Entry to our new explore - Koil Sagar Sunrise or sunset? Sent from my S7 - Using India-Drive App
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    Thanks Gowtham. Still few more to upload Sent from my S7 - Using India-Drive App
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    Excellent pictures Saran, It is just like a mini report.
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    Stars! Captured in Samsung Galaxy S7 (manual mode - long exposure [30secs] ) Camping time! Lake view Sun set Lake side! Unusual parking... Trek time! Early morning view of the camp site With our youngest member. @Varun 's Batmobile Thar Camp at sight Love of light Preparation Stars! Canon 1200d - 18mm
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    Excellent pictures @Surya78 @Ravi @ravitejanani and @Saran Waiting for more! Common guys, I heard a lot about your night photography session, waiting for those night photography and convoy pictures.
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    Thanks@Sruthi [emoji4] Sent from my S7 - Using India-Drive App
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    Sugandhar [emoji1305]super se uper [emoji1303] Saran super edits [emoji1305][emoji1303]best output !!
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    When love the nature, don't hesitate to click a memory... Stars! S7 - long exposure Koil Sagar Trek! Sent from my S7 - Using India-Drive App
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    Sunset view [emoji1305] Sent from my iPhone using India-Drive
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    Camping, Star Gazing, Meteor Shower, Bonfire, barbecue chicken, India Drive, Convoyof23, Gameof7 [emoji5] @ Koil Sagar - Early Morning shot 🙂
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    We had a signal issue at the camp site. Pictures will flow in from today evening. A messed up panoroma from my end.
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    Hey Guys, This contest is a great idea, other members who didn't participate can have a walkthrough at the camping site. BTW it is 5.45 eagerly waiting for the photographs.....