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    Hello, I am looking to go to Suryalanka and Chirala this Monday and I've booked my accommodation at Harita beach resort for two days. Can you guys please help me out in planning my drive? I would appreciate any advice on this. Thanks!
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    Sorry for the late reply. We were on a meetup during the last weekend. It is good that you booked your accommodation on Monday. Usually it is overcrowded on Sunday and during loon weekends. You can go through this post. https://www.india-drive.com/index.php?/topic/478-hyderabad-to-suryalanka-beach-road-trip/ If you have time consider visiting Sea breeze resort (Chirala) Hamsaladeevi beach
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    Thank you @Ranger @sagar will do a shoot soon.
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    Oh! it's a sad state of affairs.