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    Brilliant travel story accompanied by superb pictures @hsudhir. You have not missed any detail to mention. Araku is a place which is surely not to be missed out on during the winters. It is very cloudy and beautiful. Treks in Araku will be very exciting where you get a chance to meet the local tribes who usually are not to be known to the outside world.
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    We had reached the Thatiguda waterfall point and the views which the valley had offered was just breathtaking. Few stairs down to reach the foot of the falls Breathtaking view of the valley between the clouds The sun shone bright that noon. But, rain was all we had expected which could have shown up more green to the naked eye. The water flow at the Thatiguda waterfall disappointed us but the view what we had experienced at this place was quite refreshing. Thatiguda village was surrounded by a lot of green crops which gave us a very pleasant feeling. Thatiguda village road The drive was set back through the narrow village roads until we reached the main road to head to our next destination. Our next destination was the Gaalikonda view point enroute Araku. A bird's eye view of the whole valley from the view point This view point is one of the highest view points in the Araku valley. Approach road to the Gaalikonda view point. We drove through a numerous coffee estates and stopped by for a snacker. The time passed 6 PM and the commercial point where the coffee is being sold was already closed for the day The Jungle bells resort by Harita in Tyda lays amidst the forest on to the main road which is quite decent for a stay. The newly built A/C wooden cottages were the best of our stay options we opted. The resort management had arranged a traditional dance show of the native tribes for the residents in the night. The next morning, Our drive was set back at pace towards Vizag via Thatipudi. A click of the Thatipudi Reservoir enroute. We reached Vizag by noon to relax at several beach points. Beautiful views of the Bheemili beach. Clicking our last pic at the RK beach, our drive was all set to hit back home. It has turned out to be a pleasant weekend overall.
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    fantastic pictures and a well written triplog with all the places to see. nice!
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    Hi @hsudhir, excellent post. Very informative. I am planning to do this trip from Hyderabad for this Sankranthi weekend next week. I have heard of the Hot air Balloon festival in Araku during this month of January. Any information on that buddy?
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    Lol, this is something which people needs to be aware of, the after effects of their actions. This is a common practice which is happening in many beaches in India which should be restricted.
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    This is a good news! please share some additional information on this place, booking, pricing, food, beach side dinner (if any like Sea Breeze available) etc along with all your other trip details! Thanks in Advance Have a wonderful new year, wishing you more miles!!
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    Place is very neat. Agree on climate, it is always humid. Best time is November mid to Jan 1st week. In monsoon, it is little sultry.
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    Nice pics@hsudhir Sent from my S7 - Using India-Drive App
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    Beautiful pictures and narration. I have been to Aruku in 2011, it is been almost 6 years. I have few questions. 1.How is the climate in Aruku? I heard December is the best time to visit. 2. Any new places to explore? 3. How much did the accommodation cost? Is it safe for families? 4. How are roads from vizag to Aruku?
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    Visited Vizag during end of December. I have very less expectations on the City. I was blown away by cleanliness and well organised roads around Vizag. Even beaches are clean and good. Many new resorts are available around the beach.
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    Hi @rkamal, along with the options above, I would also recommend you to check out the beaches around Kakinada and Uppada. I have observed some recently built new resorts in this stretch. But, I would recommend you to avoid this during the Sankranthi week. As it’s going to be over crowded.
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    Buddha beach resort is good but the beach is very bad , there is a village near it , village's use the beach for nature call you cannot enter the beach
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    I have observed this exclusive lanes for FASTags at all exits. Having had 1 out of 2 exit for FASTags is allowing people to violate rules and use both the lanes in common. This is a disadvantage which can be overcome by putting up a penalty for taking the FASTag lane. May be people would be cautious from the next time before violation and also encourage everyone to get a FASTag. Can be a 'Hit or a Mis'
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    I would suggest to do your trip after the Rann Utsav gets over. The place looks better with out crowd and much enjoyable. Between December to February, Kutch is heavily crowded because of the festive season.
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    Hi Shuvam, My colleague has visited Kutch last week during the Christmas weekend. As per his update, The place was very crowded due to the Rann Utsav. Accommodations around the Rann Utsav area were very expensive. Do plan smartly and make your reservations well in advance.
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    Your Day- 1 is going to be really hectic and no doubt about that, because the nearest place to both Dhordo and Dholavira where you get accommodation for families would be Bhuj and Gandhidham. Gandhidham is more closer for you compared to Bhuj, to reach after your Great Rann of Kutch exploration on Day -1. For Day - 2, I would recommend you to do Dhordo and Great Rann of Kutch considering lesser crowd in the mornings especially during the Rann Utsav (Crowded) season. This place would also be extremely hot due to the salt marshy land in the afternoon. If you manage to fall out of Dhordo by noon, you can drive down to Dholavira and tour the Harappan and Mohenjadaro ruins (Indus Valley Civilization), Border line (Karni Temple) and get back to the Dholavira Salt marsh land to enjoy the Sunset.
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    Hi Shuvam, Welcome on board. Considering your travel with family and the drive starting from Ahmedabad, the plan that you've drafted looks impossible to me.. It isn't possible to do both Dholavira and Little Rann of Kutch on the same day. Your day 1 actually starts post 10 O clock starting from Ahmedabad and you would reach Little Rann of Kutch vaguely around 2 PM considering a food stop in between. Your permits is for Little Rann won't consume much time but, Since you are travelling with family, I would recommend you to take a guide if your's is the only car doing the trip. It is quite easy in this place to experience an adventure where you would have no humans, signals or anything for help as it is all deserted and a dried out lake. Since you are doing this with your family, I wouldn't recommend an adventure By the time you fall out and escape from little Rann, it will definitely pass 7 PM to sight any other place. Let your day 1 include just Little ran of Kutch and your Day 2 and 3 can include the rest of the places you want to visit.
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    We shall most probably have our next drive meet scheduled in January - 2019. Please do stay tuned to the forum to get an update on this Yes, We do car pool for the drive meets
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    Count me in as well for the koil sagar trip!!!
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    @Ranger Thanks you so much .. The road condition throughout the drive were excellent. and most enjoyable drive happened between Vizag and Araku and I would say ecosport was the right option we opted for this drive. Where as, Honda Jazz wasn't so impressive as Ecosport was. The accommodation costed us around 2000 INR for a night which we felt was worth booking for 3 members. Also, the food was good at the restaurant inside the resort. The bookings were so full at the resort and very much safe for families. Note: There are monkeys inside the resort and we did not face any problem with them. Weather has turned out to be one of the most frustrating thing. It was very humid and hot. We expected rains being the mid of monsoon season which did not happen.
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    It has been a short trip but had so much fun driving through the ghats.
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    Having just 2 days in our hands which could fit in to our schedule, we thought of covering all the possible places and most importantly enjoy the drive on the ghat. Heading our way to some view points, we took a pit stop where the valley offered magnificent views Drive through this ghat was the best part of the trip and we had enjoyed every bit of this. We stopped by our first destination, The Borra Caves. An arched entrance greeted us as we made our way slowly into the colossal caves. Numerous man made steps have been carved into the rocky terrain which are an amateur trekker's delight. Stalactites and Stalagmites formations are seen in the interiors of these caves. The views inside the cave were very intriguing which were said to have originated from the river Gosthani due to its continuous flow of action over the rocks. 2 kms from Borra Caves exists the Katiki waterfalls which involved some amount of travel on a Jeep to be hired and walk. We skipped to cover the falls as it could eat up a day's time which would be late for us to cover the rest of the places in Araku. We drove down to our next destination across the Ananthagiri hills in Araku. Our next destination was Thatiguda waterfalls which needed a diversion from the main road through the Thatiguda village. Drive through the narrow deserted lanes enroute was quite fun and exciting.
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    DAY-1 Hyderabad to Hampi -- 380 kms Our drive was all set and we started off from Hyderabad (Miyapur) around 4:00 AM towards Hampi. We reached Hampi at around 12:00 PM. A leisurely drive of approximately 8 hrs, which included a breakfast stop in Raichur. On arrival at Hampi, we checked into the 'Lakshmi Heritage Tourist home' near the Virupaksha temple which charged us 1400 INR per room for a night stay. Amenities at the guest house included free Wi-Fi and breakfast which seemed decent enough considering the guest house was located at the center of Hampi. We had our lunch and rested down for a while and left for the Hampi local tour at around 4:00 PM. With the limited time on our hands, we knew that it was impossible for us to cover all the attractions in Hampi, so, we tried to cover as much as possible for the evening until the sky turned dark. High and above at 'Virupaksha Temple' Sasivekalu Ganesh Temple These ruins and their weird arrangement are the main attraction in the landscape Beautiful view of a coconut farm from the 'Sunset point' DAY-2 Hampi to Gokarna (via Hubali) -- 320 kms The next morning, we started our drive at around 6:00 AM towards Gokarna, one such beach that is less popular hence more inviting. We drove past the spiritual town of Gokarna and followed the narrow road that leads to the ‘Om’ beach to reach the ‘Namaste Cafe' around 12:00 PM, where we had booked our rooms for 1000 INR/night. The best part about the cafe was the location where it was situated, which was complimented by a great ambiance and reasonable food prices. As we started to hit the track heading towards Gokarna Our drive was set to pose on our way The cozy beds and lovely weather made us really lazy. So, we decided to have a hearty lunch and get some much needed sleep. Done with our afternoon siesta at 5:00 PM, we got out of our beds and on to the OM beach to take a dip in the Arabian sea. The beach had many visitors considering it was a long weekend and the place has many shacks and guesthouses to accommodate the tourists. One snapshot as we stepped on to the beach As the light slowly faded away, we watched the sunset at the beach which is one of the experiences that will stay etched in my memories. As the sun slowly moved into the sea, we lied down and let a million stars shine down on us. Later on, we moved back to the 'Namaste Cafe' to chill out for the evening enjoying the view of the beautiful OM beach. We had a lovely time sitting by the railing, listening to the sea waves which seemed in tune to the people playing some delightful musical instruments. It was a very relaxing experience staying away from the glittering lights and the busy roads.