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    Brilliant pictures @Manas .. Where was the graffiti and the tomb pics shot?
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    There are still a lot more amazing stay options as such in Vattakanal. Our stay was decent and not luxurious but, had an amazing view
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    Did Hyderabad(Manikonda)-Tirumala-Hyderabad(Manikonda). Started 7:00AM on 19th Nov Reached Tirumala 05:30PM Including four breaks(BreakFast, Tea, Lunch, Tea) total break time was 2 hrs. Started from Tirumala 12:15PM on 20th Morning & Reached home 10:30PM Including three breaks of 1hr 30 mins. Took below route for both Journeys.
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    Winter is the best time to visit. You don't have any decent stays around Hamsaladeevi beach. (expect for few home stays) You can stay at Vijayawada. Try to visit early in the morning, it is fantastic. (5AM)
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    Hows this place during Dec? I am planning for 7th/8th Dec ..
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    Keep a check on the tyre tread depths, tyre pressure and tyres alignment in regular intervals or atleast monthly.
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    Finally! Here are few pics from my end, including two of the youngest members of the group!