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    Thank you sagar, Did a few long drives to all neighbouring states. Drove about 3500 km in my 4month old Ecosport AT. Experience till now has been excellent, especially after upgrading from wagonR I could find the difference in every aspect. Ride quality and pickup are the the ones impressed me most.
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    That's great.. Would be glad to go through your travelogues with pictures and drive details if you could share them on the forum. No wonder that's the best in it's segment
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    No intro required from your end 😜
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    Welcome on board @RamB, Looks like you have done a lot of travelling from your introduction.. Would love to see your travel stories being shared with the fellow members on this forum. Could you share your experience handling the new Ecosport AT ?
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    It was clicked at my home town Kannur , Kerala. It's near Azhikkal beach
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    Naa still running fine! Looking for a Automatic. Couldn't find any decent one in the market. May be I will get Duster Automatic once the next generation is launched. Great, You will be joining this time?
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    Our return journey pumped us with a small stream line with the beautiful greenery on either side. We were in awestruck by seeing this natural view with a combination of green and brownish red. Fisherman take their boats from here towards the river. Road to Vijayawada gave us "Stress free journey". This amazing fields on our way back to home, made our trip complete. Mr. Sun waving Good-bye to us
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    Here we go, The beautiful Bay of Bengal The sand bed is at a same level for until 1 km, we haven't risked further though . It is a paradise for the swimmers. Mr.Sun welcoming us for a free tan on the beach. You can see people going a little further into the sea and still at a same height. Huge waves kicking in some fun. The other side of the beach has an extraordinary view. One of the best is, crabs building their homes by sand balls with beautiful designs everywhere.
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    Capturing the leafy moments And the boats went deep into the ocean and faded away. The port area Have you ever seen a Honda city shying off at the river The sticks in the background are clear indicators of the water depth. Leafy moments II Random click. Can anyone figure out? All set to go on a beach drive
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    Hamsaladeevi village welcoming us with the beautiful hay bundle We found ourselves so lucky on our way to the beach as this empty land had offered us a chance to sight the meeting point closer. Usually, it is filled with water during high tides and heavy rains. City showing off Getting ready for the drive on the sand bed. It is a 3 kilometers drive to reach the meeting point On our way to the river Krishna and Bay of Bengal meeting point This sandy land had some air to breathe As the port has heavy Tidal waves, we can see slight difference in water colour. But you can figure out the meeting point from a distance with the waves striking the river. Even our city wants to pose with the beach One more click please, says the city to the photographer Fishermen on their duty.