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    Whoever has said – hills are green when they are far way – I so want to meet and dispute and take the character to Thekaddy on a free vacation with me! What you are looking for – Jungle Safari? waterfalls? meadows? cultural festivity in daily life? Let me give you few more – tea gardens, spice gardens, vineyard, meadows and valleys? Still you need more – Alright! Let me add it- Elephant Safari, Boating and how about off-road driving??? Ladies and Gentlemen…. Read the list again – give yourself this gift - Taste Thekkady!!! Airways to Thekkady Cochin, Madurai are two airports very close to Thekkady. I decided to opt Flight to Madurai and book a cab from the airport straight to the mountains. Early morning flight, not only gives you the entire day, it also gives you leisure, time to explore your way to Thekkady and luxury of nature. The distance between Thekkady and Madurai Airport is under 250 KMs and in four hours you can reach your destination. The road is beautiful, runs through small villages, towns, medical colleges, canopy of trees, hills, windmills and vineyards. Stopping at some great locations for a click will not be a mistake and should not be missed. Try out windmills at your back or the seasonal waterfalls on your way. Our cab driver was great as a local guide throughout our journey. We had our breakfast (Typical Tamil style and it was delicious) at Hotel Gowri Krishna and recommended for a definite try. The restaurant is quite decent and can accommodate over 60 to 70 people at a time if not more and the efficiency in serving the orders is just amazing. On your way at Periyakulam, do click photographs and images that thrills you and seek your attention. Our stay for the next three days was at a very decent and customer oriented Hotel. The stay was too perfect at this place. From the variety of food offerings to cleanliness, complimentary breakfast, evening tea/coffee, snacks …with view of mysterious mountains and valleys, floating cloud rom your hanging deck just gives you peace of mind and true sense of luxury and vacation together. The resort has a great garden, activity area, swimming pool, spa and of course three different option for residence! We requested for the top most floor to enjoy the scenic beauty of nature from our balcony and room. Activities at Thekkady Kathakali and Marshall Arts You should and must have two hours available for this show. You can do the bookings online or you can go and buy the tickets from the booking counter for the show. Both are really rich in their own way and reflects a strong fiber of our tradition and culture. Spice Gardens There are many spice gardens in Thekkady and Periyar. There is no harm learning half an hour the kind of medicinal plants cultured around and the variety of spice available in the region. A lot of medical company do research and purchase these ayurvedic medicinal plants in building their medicines and brand. Try yourself with some herbal soaps, fresh spice, some great medicinal powder for cleansing life and diet. Gavi Forest Drive The forest just thrills you from the time you enter the main gate and runs till the time off board the jeep. My trip was in monsoon so I did enjoy the beauty of greenery, the fun of sitting in a jeep, sightseeing elephants like humans everywhere, deer all around, bison of massive size, brown bears against trees and birds all around. The forest is thick and green, surrounded with valleys and mountains. The guide takes you around, stops every possible place where you can spot a wild life! Gavi Forest is almost all-day program. It starts from your hotel at 5.30 AM and continues all day. This includes beautiful boat riding, hiking over valleys and mountains to spice plantation (rubber and cardamom), a small visit to a museum and lunch. This trip was really a lucky trip for me. Every time I had a guide, they always tried to make it little different. During boating, the guide took us to a beautiful seasonal waterfall which appeared from nowhere and surprised us for quite sometimes. The waterfall was huge and strong, we anchored our boat in between two rocks and walked down the slippery water and rocks towards the waterfall. The hiking over to different parts of the mountain and seeing different scenic points are way too beautiful and fascinating. Enjoy the mist and clouds floating by, sip a bottle of water or two, click some pictures and enjoy the vacation like a vacation. Ayurvedic Spa No trip is complete in Kerala without Ayurvedic massage. However, you should be careful enough to review and select the right place for the massage. I did go for three hours package and ensured I used strong influence of the local network I made during my stay to ensure I get the best spa treatment. Local Sight Seeing Thekkady has a lot of local places to visit . Please make most use of it when you are in Thekkady. Murrikaddi spice garden, Chellarkovil, chellarkovil view point, Pandikuzhi, Idduki District, Kumlily, Mullaperiyar dam , Vagamom are some of them that I could finish during my stay. I am highly indebted to the guide and Periyar cab team to help me with my most demanding requests on planning my day. The owner did not only gave us the most helpful and knowledgeable guide, he ensured calling me every day , take feedback, suggest next day plan and stay in touch anytime. When you visit Chellarkovil waterfall, ensure you cross the waterfall and go to the other side and climb up for having a stunning beauty of the valley below and mountains around. I wish I had luxury of time in my hand to sit all day long and see the clouds and day light pass by. Periyar Lake and Boating Bamboo boating or boating on a launch both are quite exciting on Periyar lake. The boat takes you around the forest . The boating has fixed timing and you can book your slot either online or buy tickets from the counter. However it is recommended to do the bookings online. Nature Walk, Trekking, Overnight Camping Though I didn’t opt for this one however I would still recommend if you are going in summer or winter, go for nature walk , trekking down the forest for almost 10 kms , cloud train, jungle trail, tiger trail and experience the stay at camp spots overnight inside the Periyar tiger reserve park. The arrangements can be done by your guide or online websites or probably through your hotel. I do have some idea how thrilling and beautiful the camping can be because the view of thick jungle, view from the mountains and safari through the jungle already injected the feeling in me. Off tracking This is all day event and is a great trill for those who are crazy for off road tracking. Though I could not experience since it was monsoon and the road trips were closed but it’s going to be a whole of an experience for sure Elephant Rides Definitely a great experience to interact and spend two to three hours with such a humble life. There are many elephant safari and ride programs across Thekkady. You can go for half an hour ride through plantation, elephant bathing, elephant training session and take a moment to greet the elephant and feed with your own hands Vineyards On our way to Madurai airport, we did visit a waterfall and a vineyard at Uttapalaiyam. Though the waterfall was not that exciting and over crowded, the visit to the vineyard was short and nice. You can talk and have a look at the way things work, hear how grapes are fermented, picked from the plantation and processed. The story will remain incomplete if I dont speak of the Kerala Lunch! Highly recommended - Visit this restaurant incase you dont know anything better. We were stuffed with rice, Malabar Paratha, beef, prawns, chicken, mutton, fish, some awesome veg curries , salad and chutneys/pickles for INR 600 per head. If you dispute, I dont mind because I already had my share that afternoon and didnt eat anything for dinner. I realized one thing for sure - Happiness is portable! Just carry it with you wherever you go! Give this place a try, it wont be disappointing.
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    Thank you For "This picture is crazy! " , who would say this is seasonal waterfall!!!
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    Very nicely written. It is always fun to read your posts. Keep posting. This picture is crazy!
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    Yeah.. But still, Good that you've shared. They are awesome. Absolutely no words. Every picture of the tigers that you posted carried some emotion and that's the best part of this. Kudos to the photographer!
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    Most important to me when I travel especially during a relaxed holiday. Thanks much for those tips above @Mady. I hope I make it to this place atleast this year
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    haha Usually to explore nice places leisurely it will take two weeks. But you can do a full circuit in 8 days. Problem in 8 days? you wont be able to cover all the places. Roads in Spiti are unpredictable, you always should have a two days buffer.
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    @sagar one month time gap buddy however the pricing was much better after negotiation than what was first quoted or published on the website. Pictures are not mine and been submitted by resort, friends and other visitors. 🙂 🙂 🙂
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    I have a solution to this now after the pre-monsoon drive 🤣😝
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    @Pinaki .. There you go. You've been away from posting for quite a while and are back with a bang. Brilliant and very informative post. I'm in love with the pictures of the Tigers. And looking at your expenses, it is definitely seems like an expensive affair. Accommodation in Tadoba is the only thing which I feel is always over priced be it at any gate. One super good moderately priced stay around this place will turn the tables upside down. Nevertheless, how much expensive these accommodations in the forest are, they always get sold out like hot cakes during half of the year. What was the time gap between your booking from the time of you made it to the trip ?
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    Tandra, it was so embarrassing to click pictures with my smartphone in front of the professional photographers who were capturing the moments in camera and lens like machine guns. See the break up Toll Gate - INR 730 ( These are the number of times you pay on your way up and down - INR ( 75, 70, 65, 80, 45, 75, 80, 45, 75, 70, 50). This is for Korala Gate. Highway Breakfast and Lunch - INR 200 per head Petrol - Up and Down INR 7000. This is for i10 Grand Hyundai. I got a mileage close to 18 kms almost.
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    Graciaas!! So, you got the shiny new car which is eager to hit the road! But wait, what about the permanent registration? You can always rely upon your dealer to this favour, of course against some money, but you can save few hundred to thousand bucks if can do it yourself. In this write up I would like to share my experience of car registration in Kondapur , Hyderabad. So, first thing first, what are the papers/documents required? Form 20 (In Duplicate if you have Finance and signed by the Finance company/bank) Form 21 provided by the dealer Form 22 provided by the vehicle Manufacturer Photocopy of a valid Insurance Certificate Tax invoice from the dealer Temporary Registration Certificate Life Tax Receipt Photo ID Proof (Govt provided) Address Proof (Ration Card, Electricity Bill, Passport, BSNL Telephone Bill...) Aadhar Card PAN Card. Just in front of the first counter.. as on 18.08.2015 How do I prepare myself, how to deal with RTO officers? Well, RTO officers are very friendly here in Kondapur. You just need to be well informed and all the documents should be perfect. Some people around there are really helpful (personally we got help from a stranger!), so don't worry, just do the below things before you head to RTO for permanent registration of your brand new car. Verify if you have all the copies of the documents mentioned above. Carry a pen, small pencil & eraser. You need to sign on form 20 at 2-3 places (IIRC) and do a pencil trace.(eraser is , in case if you could not do the pencil trace properly.) Refer your owner's manual or ask the dealer where the Chassis number is punched or engraved properly on the body. Usually there is a plate provided which has the chassis number. But some car is provided VIN no. or chassis number in more than one place. Find out which one can do the pencil trace. You need to do that on Form 20(IIRC) wherever RTO officer asked to do so. Please practice couple of times on a A4 paper so that you can do the same smartly over there without wasting your valuable time! check yourself whether you can comfortably reach this place and take pencil trace of the number Remember, chassis number should be visible properly on the required papers. It’s always better to reach early to get familiar with the environment. 10.30 AM is the opening time, be there around 10 AM. You might even find some friendly agent who will verify the document order without a fee. Anything else? Valuable tips or something? Of course.. I am outta here! No worries. Just do take care of the following things while you made up you mind that you will DIY registration of your brand new car! Some people like me done full mat floor cover as soon as they get their new car. Its really good and helpful thing unless you know the chassis number is engraved below the full mat cover! Well, just check up where exactly the chassis number is engraved for pencil trace. Make sure you haven't covered the area with the full mat until the registration. In my case, I had done my full mat just a week after I got the car. I checked up for chassis number and found that chassis number is on the door panel of Grand i10 which is easy to do the pencil trace. But wait..kahani mein twist hai. the moment we started doing pencil trace to get the chassis number, we realised that it's not that much engraved. In Hyundai Grand i10 chassis number is properly engraved in the chassis itself, just pull the drive's seat to extreme back, you will find below to that the chassis number properly engraved for pencil trace and guess what.. I insisted to fix (semi-fix actually) the mat to the chassis (by adhesive) in order to avoid misplacing the mat while driving (which is good otherwise IMO). Hence, we had to cut the mat for that place & repair it again to get those precious letters & numbers!! Thankfully the guy dint charges a single penny for the cutting & repairing. I heard, some cars like Maruti have their chassis number engraved under the bonnet. Owner of those cars will not have tough time in this regard. I have seen in Honda Jazz, in the right side of the driver's seat, but again, if you cover it up, be prepared to cut it! So this type of car owners be careful. I Dint notice that, floor mat is covering the chassis number Take 3-4 copies of Form 20 from the dealer (or take photocopies) and get it endorsed from the finance banker. Extra copies will ensure keeping documents for every agency including you. Arrange all the set of documents in line with the RTO guideline at home, so that you will not block the queue at the RTO for setting up the docs. Better do not go on Fridays & Mondays to avoid rush Hmm.. reached early at RTO office. Whats next? After entering the RTO park your car in the designated place and come to the registration counter with papers/documents. It's on the right side after you entering the RTO office. You will find some Xerox shops etc. which are behind this counter. As you have already made your set of documents at home in the order specified in the list, just give it at the New Registration Counter. The clerk verifies the documents; he will guide you to put sign on 3-4 places on Form 20 or/& any other doc if required and ask you to put sign on a digital signature pad. He will issues a fee receipt after collecting the prescribed fee of Rs 635/- (Application Fee - Rs 200, Service Charge - Rs 200, Smart Card Fee - Rs 200, Postal Charges - Rs 35) and another 620/- or so for HSRP charges (High Security Registration Plate). Make sure only owner signs on the digital pad. After that you need to go the next counter in left side to join another queue for photographs, finger print & eye scan (This photo will appear on the RC). Then you need to go the vendor shop for HSRP (extreme left point if you stand before the counter), where you need to show the receipt of Rs 1235/-(approx) That vendor will give you the time & date when you need to come there again to fix the HSRP(After getting the Reg number), but before going there make sure to call him @ 9963908679, (please do cross verify the number again), Then you have to take the pencil trace of the Chassis number. If you have finance, then there will be two copies of Form 20, you have to take pencil trace on both the copies.(On the bottom edge of the first page of Form 20 IIRC, otherwise ask the inspector seating there). You bring all documents, receipts along with your car to the vehicle inspector who sits in the open small shed, beside a tree near the receipt counter. He will ask you or his chela to read out the chassis number while he verifies on the Form 20. Gives you a copy of the receipt and voila you have done with the registration process!! The entire process took us only 40-45 minutes (max an hour) and it is not at all difficult. The RC smart card will come to the address as mentioned in the RC by post.(You can get it by hand next day by giving 300/- to anybody from those Xerox shops behind the receipt counter; but I would suggest to take it through post) Your Registration number will be updated on the RTA website by the same day evening. You can search using your Temporary Registration Number. After a couple of days you visit RTO office again to fix the number plate (make a call before going), you need to show your HSRP receipt or tell your number, they will take out the number plates & ask you to put sign on their register (proof of received I guess) . They may ask you to give tips of 100/- to 200/-. Now it's up to you whether you will pay or not!! However, they had done the job perfectly. So, Finally our "white knight" is getting the number plate!! That's it.. Congratulations! Your car finally got the permanent number plate!! PS: The process mentioned here is as on 18.08.2015 ; Kindly visit RTO for any update in this regard.
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    Nice pictures @abhi89 like @Ranger said, I am jealous of Bangalore & Pune for there never ending weekend getaways but always in love with Hyderabad because we have an option to cover more miles!! Nice write up buddy
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    That's nice & really pocket friendly. Nice information, thanks for sharing. We visited during 2014 February, IIRC the rate was 5K for two of us.
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    Leh now-a-days has grown more towards the commercial end. But the beauty there still remains the same except for the crowd. Everything are available quite easily over there unlike Spiti. Spiti is almost a no man's land. Extremely adventurous. Do go through the whole log above as it has everything which can be your absolute guide. Good 15 days would be sufficient to explore Spiti if you are planning to drive from Hyderabad.
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    Very True, While going down to the foot hills, we had a race who would reach first from the top. and we saved our energy well since it was the first event and place of that day after we woke up. And while coming back.. we motivated ourselves to put up a race to climb the stairs up hill, but the motivation was not sufficient enough for us and we gave up and took our own sweet time by the time we reached the start point.
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    A longer sick leave where you would have to produce a doctor's certificate would make it very much comfortable to do this
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    Looking at the number of plans being made in multiple posts this spiti would need annual leave approval ... sick leave would not do 😀..
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    Spiti Valley is a brilliant place on earth. It is a forbidden valley of beauty and challenges. It is one of the toughest adventure roads left on this planet. The roads are carved into the mountains which are very terrible. This is arguably one of the world's most dangerous roads which is the most major challenge and one has to be extremely skilful in handling the tracks here. The roads include gravel and asphalt sections which are very narrow and steep. This is more challenging than the Leh - Manali highway. It's completely deserted with no people, no houses or hardly any vehicles. One has to be prepared to take up anything what nature offers during those days while you spend in the valley. High chances that no plan of yours can be concrete as the landslides or heavy rains might make you stay for any number of days in that region where you might not find any habitats. We always had a plan to organise this drive provided we need to know the persons skill in driving and handling those situations without panicking. Most importantly one has to be prepared to undergo any risk We shall definitely do this when have the perfect crew ready to break the ice
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    I personally loved it! Tata has to pull up their socks with Service and Tia would be the best car in the segment, I had serious service issue at Venkataramana Kondapur but the same dealer's service at ECIL / Kushaiguda is excellent with this guy Praveen Sagar leading the Service Department. Yes Tia is available with Automatic Transmission as well. Again, like I said Tia is the best car in the segment with top notch Interiors and features for it's price, total VFM
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    beautiful pics.. one of a helluva drive it is.. I did the drive from Hyd-Blore-Mysuru-Bandipur-Ooty in 2017.. Stayed at Mysuru for 1 day and 1 day at Bandipur.. Ooty was not in my to-visit as I was unsure about the hairpins and the way the borrowed corolla Altis's condition.. After the stay at Bandipur was just driving without any destination in and around Bandipur, Saw a board which said Ooty-80KM.. and thought to myself "came so close and one should not miss Ooty". Went ahead and enjoyed the hairpins honestly and the Corolla Altis surprised me with it's ease of Maneuvering. We just had lunch in Ooty as it was not in our schedule.. Had some nice oxygen time . Drove down back to Bandipur-Mysuru-Blore(stay over) and then Hyderabad.
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    Welcome on board Vignesh. Since you are driving in July, be cautious about rains. There are multiple routes to Shiridi. Avoid Nanded route. So you can either take Route 1 Hyderabad --> Hamnubad --> Omerga --> Osmanabad --> Ahmednagar --> Shiridi Route 2 Hyderabad --> Hamnubad --> Omerga --> Osmanabad --> Solapur --> Kajart --> Ahmednagar --> Shiridi Both Route 1 and Route 2 has equally good and bad patches. So it doesn't matter which route you take. If you are planning to take halt via Solapur is best option. Any particular reason for halting in Pandhapur? I would suggest you to halt at Solapur, since the hotels are good. Hyderabad to Solapur : Roads have improved a lot(4-lane). Only 50 kilometres of road work is pending()single lane/diversions) Be extra cautious while driving in the night(monsoon). Solapur to Tembhurni : Roads are good (4-lane) Tembhurni to Shiridi : Mix of good and bad roads.
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    Thanks for the information brother. I'd like to share my experience at Kondapur RTO on 30th Dec, 2017: I need to go for registration for my new Baleno and I thought of taking help from some broker initially but after reading your post, I wanted to give it a try myself. So I prepared myself going there with all necessary documents. I arranged all my documents which I got from my dealer in the below order properly. 1)Form 20 2)Form 21 2)Form 22 4)Invoice Copy 5)Life Tax Receipt 6)Temporary Registration Certificate 7)Insurance Copy 8)Address Proof (I put my Aadhar copy) 9)Pan Card 10)Ex Showroom Pricelist I went to the Kondapur RTA at around 11 AM and I went to Counter 2 to submit these documents, but I came to know that I needed to book a slot online for registration. There are few xerox shops behind the RTO office. I made a online slot booking with the help of one such shop and he charged ₹30 for that and gave me a printout of slot booking confirmation which contains the application number and the fee that we need to fee. I already paid the registration fees to the dealer and hence my due amount is 0 printed. If there is any due amount then we need to pay that. With that online slot booking printout paper and with the documents I stood before Counter #2. Very less crowd. The guy standing before the counter took my documents and checked it whether I provided all necessary docs and whether they are in proper order. After verifying he handed over those docs to the officer who sat inside the Counter #2 and he told me to wait and he would call my name when the process done at Counter #2. In around 10 to 15 mins, he called my name and gave me a small receipt along with its carbon copy and asked me to take the xerox of it and handover to him along with temporary registration copy. I did the same. He took the xeroxes and gave my documents set back and asked me to go to Counter #1 for photo and signature. I went to Counter #1 and took the photo and given my signature. Now I was told to go to break inspector who sat in the shelter just before the office. I went to him and he asked me to get the chasis number pencil sketched on the front page bottom of Form 20. This was bit difficult task for me. I tried 3, 4 times after erasing the previous sketch with the eraser which I carried, finally I succeeded. I took the pencil sketch from the chasis number which is printed at the left corner edge of engine cabin. I went to the officer along with my docs and submitted him, now he asked me to bring the car and read the chasis number. I did the same and he told me that I could go then and I'd receive the message and registration book would come to my postal address. I wanted to reserve a number which are available on current day. For that I took a DD of 1000 from some nearest xerox shop (we need to pay Rs.100 extra) and filled RRMA application and went to counter #2 along with the copies of invoice, temporary registration certificate and aadhar copy. The guy who stood before the counter, checked my documents told me to write other 2 numbers on the application form along with my phone number. so that if required number is not available then they will give any one from other two. If all 3 chosen numbers are not available then they will call us so that we need to again tell them numbers after choosing from available current day numbers. So better to have a copy of registration numbers with you. After writing other 2 numbers of my choice on the application, they have been submitted at Counter #2. I left for home then and next day I received a message saying that my HSRP is ready for affixation and please visit the nearest center from 2PM to 5PM. I still need to get my number plate affixed as I didn't go there, planning to go this weekend. I thought of sharing my experience and it may help some people like me who want to get the registration done on their own without taking any brokers' help. I provided information as far as I remember and please excuse If I miss anything. :-) Thanks
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    Beautiful post. But I have one question, I think showroom guys quote the on road price including registration fee and other charges right?