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    Hi Sagar, I looked at banggood.com for EKEN H9R and it has 2 models priced around 3500 & 5500. Haven't done the comparison so far but will do it shortly. It's available at amazon.com for about USD 60+ The other one, FITFORT is also from Amazon.com for about USD 60+ I look at the number of people giving the ratings and what the rating is before buying. Both these are at 4.5/5. If you know someone traveling from US then you can order it. If you have to look at buying from India only then you can look at Procus Rush 4k action camara (rated 4/5) available at amazon.in for 5500/-. To add further... the ones I mentioned can be used as regular 4k cams and not limited to Dash Cams.
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    Thanks buddy for sharing this info. I have been using the dash cam for over an year now and its very helpful. I have been successful in sharing the pics with traffic police via whatsapp too. I did enough research before I bought one and planning to pick a new one (pref. EKEN H9R or FITFORT). My suggestion for others who plan to buy... buy one with 170 degrees wide angle with loop recording. Rest all is secondary.
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    By the way we did a trip to Gandikota and orvakal two weeks back.. and Tried to cover both sunrise as well as sunset.. It was an unplanned trip and we stayed at a small lodge in JammalaMadugu Village. Nothing to write home about the stay and the food options available in that village but the trip was worthy.. Here are few pics..
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    Thanks a ton Gowtham.. I liked Option 3. But I would like to know if you know any sources like Xenonplant etc.. Share the details of the garages who can do this if you have the info handy..
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    Guys I have a question. I own a 2016 model Swift Dzire. The factory fitted headlights are poor by any standard IMHO. I initially opted for some better Philips bulbs which were suggested by the showroom guys and they were ok upto some extent. I want to know if we can get any better lights installed on my vehicle(something like Projector lamps). Please guide if anyone has any idea. Thanks Jagan
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    Wow.. Nice share. I've been here thrice and have never seen so much water in the Penna at the Gandikota gorge. It was either dried up or very less. But, your pics show some good amount of water there which must have made the sight even more beautiful. Cheers for the share @Jagan24
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    That's great job @Sai Vardhan. Appreciate it. Any particular sources or trusted online stores to buy the above mentioned brands?
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    Might be a new road.. not sure though
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    Beautiful shot. This one is newly laid road? It was not present during our drive!
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    Near Kurnool on the way to Gandikota (April 14th, 2018)
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    We will check few options this weekend and will decide the plan.
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    yeah i seen it! Have planned to add it on my swift.
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    Can you try again. If you are still facing problem. PM me, I will upload.
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    Gowtham, Unable to upload the picture says upload failed.
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    Sure I will let you know.. Recently, Vinit got fog lamp projectors in his Duster. They looked good, worth the money. Major problem with LED's is they spread unevenly without a projector. One of my friend got it on his i20.. the spread is worst than stock head lamps. Later he switched to 100w bulbs with relay kit. Do you have any pictures of LED bulbs headlight output(without projector)?
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    Well I would definitely recommend you to go for the LED's as in the leds which i export are cree chip LED's and comes with 3years of warranty. And it has a socket to socket fix. No need to tamper the headlights seal. And generally the imported leds comes with fan at the end for heat dissipation. And leds which i source has a aluminum heat belts which last long. And has a temperature of 5000kelvin. (pure white). And the market price of this starts from 6.5k set of 2. I can give a discount of 15% for ID members including installation. More over the warranty is for 3 years. Way longer then the branded ones.
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    Even i am also looking to change my lights for my swifty! Gowtham add me in in case if u guys are ordering any!!!!
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    Adding few pictures of Projector fog lamps.
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    Hi Jagan, Swift has many aftermarket options being a popular car. I would suggest not to touch the headlamps, since it is crucial part of the car. Work on the fog lamps. There are many aftermarket projectors for fog-lamps(available under 5k) I'm in similar dilemma for Civic. Even though Civic has dual barrel head lamp still the lighting is poor. Option1:(cheapest option) Get 100w bulbs with relay kit. Will cost you around 1k+ Option2:(most expensive) Get a proper projector kit, avoid cheap stuff. Will cost you around 15k+ But I would suggest you to avoid this, If anything goes wrong on highway, it will be very tough to handle. Option3: (safest choice) Get a projector fog lamp. Xenonplant guys have some cool fog lamp projectors. Will cost you around 10k but they will provide you 1 year warranty. Regular installers can get it for you around 5k. But Im not sure about the quality. Let me know..about your choice. We can do some research. Faizan, Please share the details here. Will can add some more members and can get some discount. Can you also check with your source about the projector fog-lamps?
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    Hi jagan, You can go for the LED' headlamps they are super bright and have a very good spread beam and are pure white in color. Please ping me personally for more details for the price etc. Thanks, Faizan.
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    Dream Drive Discover sticker looks fantastic on a grey color car. Nice captures @Ravi
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