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    I'm planning a 9 days road trip along with my wife. I have these places in my mind but not sure that the days are sufficient to travel these distance and explore the places. We are planning a stay at Dandeli for 1 or 2 days, & at Goa for another 1 or 2 Days. Your suggestions and feedback will be very helpful. I'm driving a Volkswagen polo 1.2 comfortline. Dhoodsagar & Jog falls are the few place,s I'm looking to explore on the way. Thank you.
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    been to Badami, Gokarna and Udupi. @Badami - The temples and the architecture are marvelous. All the places are little crowded but its ok. Aihole and Pattadakal are UNESCO heritage sites and very ancient temple sites. One who likes ancient, history and architecture, these are the places must visit. Stayed in Hotel Mayura Chalukya, Badami. Went with zero expectations. Fortunately the place is cleaner and neat. Away form busy traffic. Have decent Vegetarian food option. @Goakrna - Gokarna beach is little crowded. But other beaches are very clean and not much crowd. Did a 13KM to and from treck and went till Paradise beach. Many people mostly came in groups includes some foreigners. From Kudale beach the trek is moderate difficulty. But one need to be very careful as one side is a cliff and other side is sea and very deep. Kudale, OM, half moon and Paradise beaches are pristine. Offer you spectacular views, clean water, away from pollution. Apart from trekking you can do some sports activities. Been to Mahabaleswar temple in Gokarna. Heard that its the temple to be visited after Kashi and Rameswaram. Its considered as holy as the Shiva temple at Varanasi @Murdeswar, @Udupi - Speactular beaches and temples Murdeshwar temple, Malpe beach and saint marry island, Kaupu beach, Marwanthe beach all offer you spectacular views and very clean. Nothing much to tell about Srikrishna temple in udupi. Its the temple one must visit in their life time. Its very old ancient temple and you really feel divine presence. Overall the places offer you the divine experience and close to nature. Forgot to mention visiited Almatty dam as all my family members want to see the dam as its in the news for long time. Hyderabad to Badami road condition : The drive from Hyderabad to Badami took 8 hrs. Met countless speed breakers. Badami to Gokarna road condition: The drive from Badami to Gokarna is better and took 4.5 hrs. Roads are good. Had a breakfast in Hubbali and lunch in Ankola - Kamat Upchar. Gokarna to Udupi road condtion: Drive from Gokarna to Udupi is very nice. But Road in some streches good and some stretch they are laying new road. Hence its slower. But we may too many stops inbetween and visited 4 places before reaching udupi. Had a lunch in Kundapura. Udupi to Hyderabad road condition: From Udupi to Hyderabad took 14.5 hrs via Agumbe ghat. Started at 7.30 AM. Some stretch road is good and some stretch its very bad. It took 7.5hrs to reach bellary. Had a lunch there. From there traveled via Aluru and Kodumuru and touched NH 44 at Kurnool and reached Hyderabad at 10 PM.
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    Nice information b@r@n. Few tips from my side. 1. Make sure there is water flow in Dandeli, without water rafting it is waste of time. 2. I heard Dudhsagar falls is closed, please do some research before venturing. I would suggest the following plan. Day-1/2/3 Hyderabad to Chikmagalur If you hate speed bumps, best route is via Bangalore. It can be done in a single day without any issue. Stay in Chikmagalur town and explore the places around, accommodations are cheap during weekdays. If you are planning on a long weekend, prebook your stay. Refer the following link for places to visit. Day - 4 Chikmagalur to Gokarna Via Jog falls Start early in the morning, roads are single lane and will consume lot of time Pre-book accommodation at Gokarna, accommodations at Gokarna are tricky. Limited options. Day - 5 Gokarna to Colva (South Goa) Stay in south Goa Visit Butterfly Island Local boats will take you to this place with minimal charges Enjoy the calm and peaceful beaches of South Goa You can get some beach view resorts at reasonable pricing Day - 6/7 Explore the beaches around South/North Goa Check this link out for places to visit in Goa Day -8/9 Start back from Goa to Hyderabad Start early in the morning Best route from Hyderabad to Goa link
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    Hi @Viswa Devabattula... below is the possible route map which Google map suggests and suggestion for planning your trip, Starting from Hyderabad, reach Dandeli and stay for couple of days. Then go to Dudhsagar falls on the way to Goa. As per you plan again couple of days in Goa and then take a different route to Jog falls. Before Jog falls, you can also visit Gokarna beach. Then finally return back to Hyderabad. Day 1: From Hyderabad to Dandeli. Day 2 & 3: Stay & hangaround in Dandeli. Day 4: Visit Dudhsagar falls enroute to Goa. Day 5 & 6: Stay & hangaround in Goa. Day 7: Visit Gokarna beach, Jog falls & end your day in Shivamogga. Day 8: Reach Hyderabad. Day 9: You will have 1 full day to cherish the moments and relax after your long drive.
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    Location : Suryalanka Beach
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    Sorry guys, was having some problem with uploading the pictures. Now it got resolved. 2 way lane after NH65 to reach Bidar. It was pleasant to drive during winter. View from Ring road which I took before entering the Bidar town. This is a 4 way lane and from here you can reach to every place in Bidar. Few pictures from the "Gurudwara Nanak Jhira Sahib" temple in Bidar. Water was so chill here @ around 10 A.M. With my daughter.
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    Sorry dude.. I didn't have any pictures of the fence... but sure that you cannot cross those fences... but if you really want to get to the other of the fence, then only possible way is, climb up the rocks from the sides to reach that place... many people where climbing up inspite of warnings.
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    I am planning for 4 days tour for Dandeli and Gokarna. Can anyone update on road conditions and best route from Hyderabad to Hubli/Gokarna Other suggestions for these places are also welcome
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    Im not sure about the latest road condition. But I would prefer Mumbai -> Hyderabad -> Kolkata route. -Better roads -No safety issues -Plenty of food options -Most of the stretch is 4-lane -Safety during night driving It is just 1 kilometer bad patch no need to worry about. Cars like Honda city(fully loaded) crossed it without any issue. It is just a bad road near a small village. I suggested to stay in Vishakapatnam because you have you good stay options. Once you cross it, very minimal options available. Are you travelling with family?
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    Thank you very much for your reply. In this i have few quarry. request you to please go through the same and provide your valuable advise. 1. What about the route Mumbai- Nagpur- Sambalpur- Kolkata ? i heard that the road in between Nagpur and sambalpur is not good enough. Not only that Sambalpur to Kolkata route road condition is also not so good. Seek your advise in this. 2. I heard that the stretch between Solapur and Kalaburgai has some bad patches. (around Akalkot). is the work for the same is completed now. My travelling time will be around 1st week of May 2018. 3. Last day travelling 900 km will be compensated if i travel something more on 2nd day. hope the road condition will be good. then instead of staying at Visakhapatnamm what you suggust if i move some more km. waiting for your valuable reply please
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    Hi Ranger, Thanks! I just completed the drive over the week end and I did it via Suryapet and it was indeed a good decision but I would suggest people to not use it in the night driving after crossing Suryapet we need to travel 15-17 km's from really an isolated place where in you'll cross a few villages except that 15-17 kms, the roads are very nice and its all highways so didn't faced any problem. Couldn't take pics as it was really dark, we crossed it between 7-8 and it was pitch dark. While returning I came via Warangal enroute Laknavaram and the road is undergoing 4 lane expansion work filled with all pot holes and patch works. I would suggest people to avoid this route if there is an alternate route to Warangal and again after Warangal the roads are really good(). Till Yadagirigutta from ORR the road is absolute beauty post which the roads remind us of Hyderabad city roads
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    Completed with the Goa Trip. I took the route Hyderabad --> Jadcherla --> Raichur --> Lingsugur --> Mudgal --> Hungund --> Bagalkot --> Belgavi --> Kanakumbi --> Goa Started from Hyderabad JNTU @ 2.00 am and reached Goa "Grand Hyatt" by 5.00 pm. Took short breaks in between ( in total 1 hr break). Most part the roads are average to good (single lane) except some places like mehabood nagar 5 - 10 km (bad), Manvi village (Bad). There are speed breakers on all the villages and once you enter the village the roads are bad.
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    @Ranger thank you , i will also update after completing journey.
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    Thankyou @Ranger. Mostly I'll start with my familu by 4am as you suggested. I'll update once the journey started.
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    Nice one.. Please share some pictures of the log which can be more helpful
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    4 AM is correct time to start. You reach the destination before sunset with less breaks. Hyderabad to Omerga is completely toll road, elevated near villages. You can maintain good cruising average. keep a target to reach Omerga by 8 AM, from Omerga you can to do it leisurely. If you are planning to do it in single day without any halt. Would suggest you to start early in the morning. If you are planning to do a night drive, keep an eye on the stray dogs/pigs near villages. Roads are not so great once you cross Omerga. But the advantage of night drive is less village traffic. Drive safe and all the best @Bapiraju and @Tapan Do update us when you are done with the trip.
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    Any pictures of the fence @b@r@n ? Just to get a better idea
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    The fencing are at the top. To reach the water, one needs to climb down and then he can get to reach the water. As mentioned, don't have any road trip pics.. but yeah, here is the water flow picture when you climb down to the bottom... The water was very chill.. we took this picture around 2 in the afternoon...
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    Wonderful. Please do update us back after you are done with your trip.
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    Hi I have done the Mahabaleshwar drive last week...The trip was truly satisfying and enjoyable. Sure will share the travelogue and photos sometime as time permits. Kaas was a bit of a disappointment, Though sceneries and vistas around are pretty good, we did not see many flowers as expected, nothing like coloured landscapes. I would suggest you to start early as the crowd multiplies by around noon.