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    Hi all. I have visited this place again this week.Tried to cover some places that I have missed during the last visit. This time I covered Tigris Waterfalls(Polluru falls). One has to travel via Mothugudem to reach these falls by taking a left turn from a junction after you cross Chinturu. It is approximately 27 kms from the Y junction. Places visited: 1.Tigris Falls 2.Explored Coffee Plantation 3.Jalatharangini falls 4.Amruthadhara Falls The ride Tigris Falls Path that leads to the falls. We can drive through the path where there is enough parking space. Road to Tigris falls from Mothugudem. Road condition is very good and this is the same road that one has to take to reach Lambasingi if travelled via Bhadrachalam. Since that was a weekend, the place was fully crowded with over 200 people.Schools around brought their children for picnic mostly from a village of Chattisgarh.
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    Since the place is already mentioned earlier I'll keep it simple. Few pictures from the trip to Maredumilli. Enroute Maredumilli. Just before the first view point we have this beautiful stream of water coming all the way up from the falls. We stayed in Vana Vihari. Inside Vana Vihari Way to our cottage. the view point. Trails to Amruthadhara falls. Trails Some random clicks..
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    Coffee Plantation in Maredumilli. On either side of this road is Coffee plantation. View from inside the plantation. The gate at the entrance was locked.So we had to find our own way in. The place is vast so we couldn't go deep inside as we felt little scary and we are the only ones in that place at that time. Since it is a dense forest light goes out very early. Path that leads to no where. A flight of stairs that leads to???
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    If you are the one who is working and living in Hyderabad? If you are the one who would prefer to go on a short drive over a movie or going to a restaurant? If you are the one who can't take leaves to execute a very long drive but still drool on the images over the internet? If you are the one who have commitments and you need be home before night? Here is a list of places which can be easily done under the following conditions. ~200 kilometers from Hyderabad Start at 6 AM and reach home by 9 PM Budget less than 1000/- per head (assuming 4 people in a car) List of Places 1. Koilsagar 2. Bidar 3. Nagarjunsagar 4. Ananthagiri Hills, Vikarabad 5. Warangal/Laknavaram 6. Srisailam 7. Kuntala waterfalls 8. Orvakal 9. Singur dam 10. Dindi Reservoir 11. Pocharam wild life sanctuary 12. Bhongiri fort 13. Rachakonda fort 14. Kohir hills 15. Gottam Gutta
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    Superb @Surya78. Your pictures are beautiful and description is very much informative. Tigris waterfall is one such place about which I've hear it for the first time and I can totally imagine how beautiful it can get during the rains.
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    Any plans for this Sunday???
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    Gives a bold statement with these lights on rear !
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    Guys I'm planning to drive from Hyderabad to Hamsladeevi during December last week. Any accommodation available in Hamsaladeevi beach? How is the latest road condition from Hyderabad to Hamsaladeevi beach? Can we drive on a beach in Hamsaladeevi beach? Best time to visit the Hamsaladeevi beach?
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    Place looks perfect for a photo shoot. It would be great if we can go there
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    Amruthadhara waterfalls Bridges that we need to cross. To reach the foot hills of the waterfalls. Again forest trails Clean and fresh water. Views en-route to Jalatharangini waterfalls
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    Rampa waterfalls. Some more amazing views. Clean water gushing out. We started exploring the place. Trails to reach the waterfalls
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    Jalatharangini waterfalls Don't miss the famous Bamboo Chicken. Views inside the Vana Vihari resort. Resort itself is located in the dense forest. Some times visibility is very low due to the fog. Some random picture of the waterfalls that we covered. Forest trails that we took to explore deep.
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    In vana vihari. Forest trails. Beautiful roads and greenery is unbelievable. One more click of my Viva.