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    Still not working.. it crashes everytime. Thanks
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    I guess it is working fine now. Anyway we will update.
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    Admins: Currently Whatsapp is not working. If there is any update regarding the drive, please update here. Thanks
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    Definitely NO for coasting. In the name of saving fuel, will end up damaging the clutch and sometimes Gears as well. In slopes, if you are at good speed during coasting, when you engage the clutch it's instant high preasure will damage the pressure plate and end up in lock which will seize the engine from cranking.
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    The drive is ON - Let us all gear up for it. We just have a day to go
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    If it is 4 days including travel between Hyderabad - Gokarna - Goa - Hyderabad, The time is too short, Rather I would suggest you to stick to either of it as @nitin88 suggested. Malpe is a place next to Udipi from which you can take a cruise ride to reach the St.Marys Islands. There are quite a few beach stays near Malpe which could be perfect to relax.