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    It was Dec of 2018, my wife had a full week plan in the Christmas to go to Calcutta to meet her family. We usually travel together, be it for a trip or a visit to our hometown, Calcutta. But this time it was impossible for me to get a leave sanction of a week or 10 days, due to my office commitments. Without any other choice she booked her flight to Calcutta during Christmas. At the same time I thought, I can get 4 days for a trip, 23rd to 26th , if I can manage 2 days leave. ( I have Saturday office). Since long, two of the many things of my bucket list were: 1) A solo road trip in my car 2) A visit to Hampi And this time I realised this is a perfect time to tick off both from my bucket list. And as we travel together, my wife was quite upset about my plan. But as a good friend, we never stopped each other for doing anything. So yes, finally I managed to get the leave sanctioned and this is the tale of my journey to tick off the two things at a go, “A solo road trip to Hampi!” There are lot of posts about Hampi in the internet; so, not posting about my stay details further. Hampi is having all sorts of hotels or stay options depending upon your budget & preferences. So just limiting my log to the route, photos I have taken and other small details. I usually do my research on the route rather than what Google is suggesting. Google was suggesting the route via Raichur but I took this route:- Hyderabad – Kurnool – Alur - Bellary – Kamalapur – Hampi. Took numerous breaks for photos, food or stretching, so I had to drive nearly 10 hours before I reach Hampi, else I could have reached much earlier. So let’s get started.. Cranked the engine at exact 6 AM:- Reached hill park restaurant, Jadcherla around 7.15 AM, to take the breakfast:- Location: https://goo.gl/maps/CYntB9cfixQ2 Around 10 o’clock reached Pullur toll plaza, near Kurnool:- Somewhere between Alur and Bellary:- There are plenty of options available once you enter the Bellary town. I avoid rice at lunch during drive. So, had a Masala Dosa at one of the food joints. I observed that, food options at Bellary are more on the opposite side of the road while going to Hampi from Hyderabad,. So in case you want to explore the town while going to Hampi, park your car on your side, cross the road & explore. Plenty of options are available. Finally around 4 O’clock in the evening I reached Hampi! Now, let some snaps taken in and around Hampi do the talking:- Next day morning, trekked all the way up to Anjana's Hill to experience this beautiful Sunrise:- Again let some pictures do some talking.. Day 3:- Near Tungabhdra River.. Evening of Day 3, once again I trekked all the way up to Matanga Hill to watch the Sunset, and the trek was quite tough than the Anajana’s Hill's.. But once I reached the top, the tough trek had paid off.. This view.. When you finally managed to get a selfie with the beautiful background, but someone photo-bombed it.. Found an interesting structure, once I get down from the top :- The famous Virupaksha Temple at dusk.. Had a lovely dinner at Mango Tree:- Location: https://goo.gl/maps/VsqAkovkBHz It was the last day and I had to head back to Hyderabad. So had my breakfast at my hotel before I started off around 8.30 in the morning:- Touched a magic figure in between.. 30000 & up!! Had a decent lunch at Food pyramid:- Location: https://goo.gl/maps/EiZQWDuuPeH2 Reached Home around 5 o’clock. “A solo road trip to Hampi!”, done & dusted!! Untill next time, much love, my love.. Cheers! Pralay
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    Hello Friends, In JAN-2019 , I had visited PUTTAPARTHI (PRASANTI NILAYAM) where Lord SATYA SAI BABA's Ashram is located . We entire family being devotee of LORD SATYA SAI BABA , frequently visit to PUTTAPARTHI . I would say minimum 2 to 3 times a year. This time I decided to put some blogs on our PUTTAPARTHI trip which might be helpful if any of our friends wants to visit PUTTAPARTHI. ACCOMODATION IN PUTTAPARTHI In PUTTAPARTHI , We used to stay Inside BABA's Ashram . The accomodation can be booked online http://www.srisathyasai.org.in/ For booking a room, We need to register first . Maximum 2 days is allowed per booking .If more than two days stay is needed a fresh booking can be made for another 2 days. As it is an ASHRAM , only NON-AC rooms are available but rooms with GEYSER and without geyser is available. Anyway we never mind to have AC/NON-AC room as our visit is solely for DARSHAN of LORD SATYASAI BABA SAMADHI and have a peaceful and spiritual stay. Inside the ASHRAM the room rent are very reasonable (200 to 250 rupees). We can take our cars inside the ASHRAM and there are ample of parking space available everywhere. NO HORN IS ALLOWED INSIDE THE ASHRAM and VEHICLE SPEED IS RESTRICTED TO 10KM/HR. Outside the ASHRAM , there are many HOTELS with AC and NON-AC rooms avaialable. FOOD OPTION IN PUTTAPARTHI Inside the ASHRAM there are three major canteens as below. 1. SOUTH INDIAN CANTEEN 2. NORTH INDIAN CANTEEN 4. WESTERN CANTEEN In SOUTH INDIAN CANTEEN the food avaialble are RICE,SAMBAR,CURRY , BUTTER MILK . The RICE and SAMBAR is unlimited where as CURRY and BUTTER MILK is only once. The food price is Rs.10/- and the timing is 11 AM to 1:30 PM & 7 PM TO 8:30 PM In NORTH INDIAN CANTEEN , various options are available like RICE,ROTI, DAL, RAJMA, 2 TYPES OF CURRY ,CHOWMIN,SWEETS, CURD , BUTTER MILK etc... In this canteen all food items are priced as per SCOUP. For example if 1 scoup rice is Rs.6 and if someone takes 2 scoup it is RS.12/-. The timing is is 11 AM to 1:30 PM & 7 PM TO 8:30 PM The WESTERN CANTEEN is mainly for FOREIGNERs but also for others as well .Here food like BURGER,PIZZA,PASTA...etc are available and timing is from 11 AM to 1:30 PM & 7 PM TO 8:30 PM. In all the three canteens there are separate queues & sections for LADIES and GENTs Apart from LUNCH and DINNER in above three canteens , the breakfast is available only in SOUTH INDIAN CANTEEN from morning 6:30 to 8:30 AM. In BREKFAST , the items are IDLI,CHUTNEY,UPMA & UTTAPAM. The breakfast coupon price is Rs.4/- . In each breakfast coupon we will get 2 IDLI/1 SCOUP UPMA/1 UTTAPAM. Apart from BREAKFAST & LUNCH , There are many snacks stall inside the ASHRAM where we can get food items like PIZZA,DONUTS,BREADS,POP-CORNs SAMOSA,CHAT,BHELPURI,GREEN COCONUT,TEA, COFFEE,WATER BOTTLES, ICE CREAMs etc......Those STALLs are time bounded (10 AM TO 11:30 AM & 3 PM TO 5PM & 7 TO 8PM). There is a bakery inside the ASHRAM where lots of varieties are available like PIZZA,DONUTS,BREADS,POP-CORNs...etc... So as a summary food is absolutely a no problem inside the ASHRAM but it is time bounded . DARSHAN TIMING BABA's SAMADHI is located in SAI KULWANT HALL. The VEDA CHANTING starts at 8 AM in the morning followed by BHAJAN and than DIVYA DARSHAN . SAI KULWANT HALL closes around 11 AM. In the evening same schedule from 4 PM to 7 PM. No MOBILE PHONE. REMOTE LOCKING DEVICEs , SHARPED items are allowed . There are lockers available. Normally we wear traditional dresses for DARSHAN but there is no such restriction except shorts. ASHRAM GATE OPENING & CLOSING The ASHRAM gates open at morning 4 AM and closes at evening 9:30 PM. ROUTE TO PUTTAPARTHI Two ROUTEs to be followed as below from HYDERABAD. 1. HYDERABAD-KURNOOL-ANANTHAPUR-MAMALAPALLI-DHARMAVARAM-PUTTAPARTHI-PRASANTHI NILAYAM 2. HYDERABAD-KURNOOL-ANANTHAPUR-PENUKONDA-PUTTAPARTHI-PRASANTHI NILAYAM In both the route , the road condition is absolutely a blessing ..... Drivers paradise ..... It is our lovely NH-44 till MAMALAPALLI or PENUKONDA. From MAMALAPALLI to DRAMAVARAM to PUTTAPARTHI the roads is double lane but excellent excellent..... Similarly from PENUKONDA to PUTTAPATHI the road is good though little narrow and this route is little longer than previous one. We always prefer to follow ROUTE-1. Total 6 TOLLs to be paid till MAMALAPALLI /PENUKONDA (around Rs.500/-). PLACES TO SEE IN PUTTAPARTHI There are many places to see in PUTTAPARTHI as below 1. SATYASAI BABA SAMADHI 2. SUPER SPECIALITY HOSPITAL- It looks like a temple 3. CHAITANYA JYOTI 4. SATYASAI BABA PLANETORIUM 5. SATYASAI BABA HILL VIEW STADIUM As a summary once you enter into PUTTAPARTHI main GATE....It will be a temple atmosphere...and absolutely SPIRITUAL ATMOSPHERE. PICTURES NH-44 (HYDERABAD TO MAMALAPALLI) FOOD PYRAMID ON NH-44 MAMALAPALLI TO PUTTAPARTHI ROAD ENTRANCE TO PRASANTI NILAYAM STREETS IN PUTTAPARTHI Thanks BORN DRIVER
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    Yes Yes I forgot your best friend.....😃😃 Well said. It seems we both have some similarity on feeling towards our cars...
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    Very good pictures Pralay . I did a solo to Hampi way back in 2011 and then last year to Tirupathi during monsoon end . Inner peace [emoji1605] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Excellent pictures. What kind of camera are you using? Wide angle pictures are eye pleasing.
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    @Pralay as always, your photos were awesome. Share more it will not be boring. In fact it will very helpful for newbies like me. Like photographic tips & tricks.
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    @Shekar, I do have lot of photos but restricted to post here, as it might be boring for the readers. Wanted a short & crisp blog. 😊
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    Excellent log. I never did a Solo till now and may not do also. Photos are crisp and live. Hope you have more photos to share. I could find your love for your travelmate your car in the photos. Keep traveling.
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    Thank you @Ranger 😊 I used my Redmi Note 6 Pro & SJCAM action camera in the Hampi trip.
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    Thanks bunch man☺️ Taste of Solidarity is beyond to explain in words.. the moment when you meet yourself! Inner peace.
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    Thanks @sagar.. 😊 Actually camping was in my mind but thought camping alone will be hectic.. Like arranging everything in one hand is too much. Yes i could go in some groups.. But then purpose of solo trip wouldn't have been served.. So decided to scrap the idea of camping and focused on driving and exploring😊😊
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    Was it solo? My car was there with me 😊😜. To be frank, I never felt bore and on a road trip? it is impossible! The entire stretch till Hampi is good except a patch of a 45 mins drive near around Bellary is in bad shape due to industry belt & road widening work
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    @Sridhar Tandra, I started on 23rd.. (Day 1) & explored Hampi a little bit during evening 24th to 25th (Day 2 & 3) Covered Hampi fully 26th (Day 4): Return journey from Hampi to Hyderabad Overall It was around Rs 4.5 to 5k except fuel & toll. Advantage of solo trip 😜 Toll Cost was Rs 225/- except ORR. (One way). From Kurnool till Hampi there is no toll. And I took the same route while return.
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    Nice work Pralay.....Pefect Other way work around... Try avoiding frequent change of this AC VENT POSITION going forward.....and keep the clip and Fevikwik all the time inside the car.......😃
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    Name: G Kiran Kumar Location: Hyderabad Favorite past weekend getaway: When I was staying in Bangalore, a weekend trip to Sakleshpur Longest Drive: Hyderabad -> Sabarimala -> Thiruvananthapuram -> Coimbatore -> Ooty -> Chamrajnagar-> Dharmasthala -> Sringeri -> Karkala -> Udupi -> Murdeshwar -> Gokarna -> Goa -> Belgaum -> Hyderabad Few pictures from my longest drive & some from my favourite shortest weekend trip of all time.
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    Road looks beautiful and also Driving in this type Weather is bliss. Every Pic looks Fantastic @Ranger, Keep Smiling
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    @Pralay I saw you saying 4 days for this trip and you have updated day 1 (Drive) day 2 morning and evening treks and Day 3 return is it? I mean 4th day was not utilized in this plan, is my understanding right or am I missing something here? Also, can you help us with the details and cost of the hotel you stayed in Hampi? Approximate toll costs on your route while going and returning? Your return route was also the same?
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    So, this is what happened with the AC vent yesterday. The AC vent adjuster just came out of the vent while adjusting:- Went to Hyundai ASS and they had given estimate of around Rs 1500-2000/- (Material is ~ 1200/- for chrome lining vent or Non chrome Lining vent ~800/- plus labour charge is ~ 800/-). The process will change the entire vent including chrome detail and it may take a full day. They will open the lower part of the dash (Beige coloured part ) and fix the new item from behind. They have also told, the actual bill will surely be less than the estimates. This made me realise that, 1) A little costly affair to what I am getting or what I am fixing 2) Fit & finish of the dash may not be as perfect as the factory fitting. And I don't want to spoil the super factory fit & finish of Hyundai which is niggle free till date. But again, I have always arrested even a small problem in my car immediately & fixed the same ASAP. So going by that, this can not give me peace of mind hence it had to be fixed. Returned home, took my weapon from dear wife: And bent it like this.. Next, I held my weapon against the vent adjuster clip (the part which was still there inside the vent): Allow me to introduce my next weapon, everyone's favorite:- And Bingo! It was fixed!! I had spent ~ 5 minutes & 5 Rupees as against nearly Rs 1500-2000/- and full one day as informed by Hyundai ASS. 😊😁 I got know that, this is a very common problem of this kind of adjuster which is very common in modern day's car. So instead of taking to ASS try fixing it by Jugaad. If it does not get fixed you can always go to fix it from outside or ASS as per your wish. That's it, a small, simple, easy & effective DIY, done & dusted! Cheers! Pralay
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    Thanks Prashant. I will go for wheel balancing and alignment . Any information for question no.5 & 6 above ?
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    Correct point, it may loose its effectiveness. Very valid point. No problem, even if it lasts for 2-3 months I will fix it once again with Fevi-Kwik. That is any day better than opening the dash (especially with the airbags one, which I have) for this little issue.. at least to me. Cant really depend upon the workmanship of the ASS as compare to Factory fitting.
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    Thanks @sagar for your appreciation. 😊. Hope this thread will help others. I wonder why A part which probably faces least abuse from the users gets damage like this and that too in Hyundai cars, which is known for it's interior quality! Jugaad is one side, but seems the problem is common. A new way out should be in place
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    Hello Ranger , Yesterday evening , I read the entire blog. I felt like really I am travelling with you guys. Couple of questions as below. 1. It was a planned trip or sudden trip ? If sudden one, I must salute you and your friends. If it was planned it must be a very exhaustive planning. 2. I understood that the accommodation in each of your halts were not pre-booked and you booked them after reaching those places ? The accommodation in MIRIK is like a dream house and a perfect place to have a wonderful leisure time. How you came to know about this accommodation in Mirik. 3. During your entire trip , I saw the stretch near FARAKKA BARRIAGE is horrible .Total how many km is so bad in this stretch ? 4. I saw the stretch between SIKKIM TO LACHEN,LACHUNG....etc is also equally bad, In some of these stretch , I dont see any road at all and the roads are very narrow. I guess you were continuously climbing up while going from GANGTOK to LACHEN, LACHUNG.... ? 5. Is it possible to do this stretch (GANGTOK to LACHEN,LACHUNG...) by using SEDANs like CITY/VERNA/TOYOTA ETIOS? I think SUVs are perfect for this ....Till GANGTOK no issue for SEDANs. Finally a mesmerising trip and equally a wonderful travel blog. Again a big Salute. About your comment on PURI. (HIGH EXPECTATION but Pretty Average). I am little sad (joking) as I am a NATIVE of BHUBANESWAR (ODISHA) which is very closed to PURI. However I do agree with you. This city is not being maintained well and it is not because of city administration but more towards mindset of the peoples. In fact PURI beach is one of the most famous beach in India but it is not clean and you will find lots of wastes here and there around the beach. We used to visit PURI ,Whenever we go to Bhubaneswar (almost once a year during summer vacation of kids), but our travel is solely for DARSHAN of LORD JAGANNATH and spend 1 to 2 hr in beach. Regards BORN DRIVER
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    I may have missed checking it. Thank you @Ranger.
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    Thank you I have attached accommodation names, price and ranting for all the stays en-route. (at the beginning of each day)
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    I guess most of us seems to confuse between tyres, rims and which one to go! Regarding Rims: Don't change your rim size unless you know what you are doing. This will directly impact suspension setup. Some of the brand top cars do give higher rim size. If suspension parts are same for lower model vs high end model, it's safe to upgrade. This is not true for luxury or performance oriented cars. They do have different suspension parts for top end variant. Is it worth to upgrade my rim size? Unless you are driving performance oriented car or by upgrading to higher rim size, you are getting too good tyre (better brand/performance/comfort), it's not worth at all and remember higher the rim size, pot holes damage your car more. Upside, if you get better tyre, the handling performance increases drastically Regarding Tyres: As mentioned earlier, there are multiple types of tyres exist (comfort, performance, long running) Typically Bridgestone/Apollo/MRF and other brands offer hard wall compund tyres. These tyres take lot of abuse and runs for miles. Downside, they deliver performance nature All performance oriented tyres are soft wall compound tyres. They are perfect for high speed cornering to better breaking. Downside, they dont run for long and can be noisy. Potholes can easily damage them and pricey. Comfort oriented tyres offers blend of long running and smooth riding. Best of both worlds, master of none