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    Human and Vehicle Permit Permit Process (Phuentsholing) The permit process could have gotten very elaborate for us if it was not for the Passports. On the day we arrived we encountered a thick crowd of workers who were immigrating from India into Bhutan. That lead to longer than usual queues and few tourists also mentioned it was the second day for them just waiting. Having a passport for all the family members really helped as passports had a dedicated queue at the spot for that day and very few were waiting there. We got our permits done in 1 hour and another 20 mins for the vehicle permit. Documents Needed for Human permit Fill an Entry Permit application form available at the counter (free of cost) Two passport size photographs per traveler Valid ID proof ( Passport / Voter card – Birth certificate for kids) An undertaking for Solo travelers Route plan, the itinerary of the trip. Hotel booking confirmation letter or Bhutan tourism documents stating the same. Documents needed for Vehicle permits: Valid Driving License Registration certificate (RC) of your vehicle Insurance ( I had my geographical area extension till Bhutan and Nepal - it's not a mandate but it's like a safety net for the worst-case scenario ) Pollution certificate Per day fee for a vehicle is Rs 100. I case you miss that the fine is Rs 1800/day Consider 2 + days as a buffer. Important: Reach Phuentsholing by 9 AM with all the documents and their photocopies. If you have a passport the human permit process is relatively fast. After the human permit is done head for RSTA Office. RSTA closes at 3 PM so you need to get everything done before that else be ready to stay a day at the border for that night. 1-2PM BT is their lunchtime. Permit process ( Thimphu) The permit process at Thimpu is time-consuming too, we submitted the documents in the morning and kept the passports with us, got the permit extension in the afternoon. With that permit went to the RSTA office and received the vehicle permit the next day. Please make prior calculations on the number of days extension one would need for humans + vehicle and proceed accordingly. From Thimpu for Eastern Bhutan needs a separate permit. Please bring a passport size photo (2 copy) and 2 copy of your Passport (All the travelers) to process your permit at Phuentsholing Immigration office. Valid driving license (Renewed timely + 2 Copy of it) and an emission test certificate and its copy to process your driving permit at Phuentsholing Road Safety and Transport Authority. Do Note, the Permits have to be applied at Phuentsholing and Thimphu Jaigaon - Phuentsholing The road is straight forward. However, the massive gate that you see is actually the exit gate. The entry into the country is via a different route. 1 km before this gate a diversion is available and one would need to take left. Location of the diversion - 26.851876, 89.382749 Google map would like to take the wrong route, it's not very far off to take the U-turn but its largely crowded and the whole process might take some time. Mark the difference in route. The route is simple and straight forward, however, if one is driving across he/ she should be aware of the check-posts. There are two of them where one would need to show the Human + vehicle permits. Earlier they stamped on the document acquired at Phuentsholing immigration. Now they just make an entry in the DB. However, make sure to ask for a stamp unless new rules are brought about. Near Phuntsoling Immigration Check Post 1- 26.849858, 89.399422 Near Gedu Immigration Check Post 2- 26.986311, 89.580926 Towards Bumthang Immigration Check Post 3- 27.520299, 90.460389 For reaching Thimpu these were the check-posts we encountered. GPX data to 3D render playback - https://ayvri.com/scene/7dj2o14g5e/c...013b5v8niinsxv Thimphu - Phobjikha Thimphu to Phobjikha is a straight forward route via Wandue. Phobjikha- Bumthang Valley Post Trongsa viewpoint the road gets really bad. There are chances of landslides but the advantage is there is major construction work going on in that area and thus heavy earth movers are quickly accessible. Bumthang - Mongar Well, the Bumthang to Mongar stretch was narrow but extremely scenic. We were able to reach till Sengor and had to return due to the mega-landslide. More on that later.
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    The Humble Duster AWD, aka Travolta from John Travolta of the faceoff because of Amazon green shifts between brown or sap green under the sun. Near and dear ones chose to stick with Bong Duster instead. To Bhutan aka. Druk Yul - Land of Thunder Dragon. Before I start with the details here are a few numbersTotal days of the trip - 12Total kilometers - 6200 Total Diesel ~ 520 liters Total hours behind the wheel - 120 +States crossed one way - TS-AP-OD-WBCountries crossed - IN-BUTotal Momos ~ 90+ ( lost count after that )Almost 42% of the vacation was me behind the wheels enjoying the banks of Himalaya. For Arunachal trip, it was at 40%, a 2% rise in drive time was definitely welcome. Bhutan is a vast country and demands time to explore. The 7 days permit limit is however a burden. I personally prefer to plot the important tourist spots on the map to where I am traveling and then plan accordingly, be it the routes or the time frame. Map of Bhutan from a local shop that might help in planning better. Route Planning for the tripHyderabad - Asansol was my usual route, use it at least two times a year. Post Siliguri we usually plan meticulously. The route chosen was Day 1- Hyderabad – Asansol (non-stop, 26 hours)Day 2- Asansol – Suri- Rampurhat- Malda- Botolbari – Islampur – Siliguri – Sevoke Road - Jaigaon – Phuentsholing (non-stop, 22 hours)Day 3- Phuentsholing - Thimphu Day 5- Thimpu – Phobjikha Valley Day 6- Phobjikha -Bumthang Day 9- Bumthang– Mongar Day 10- Mongar- Punakha - ParoDay Last- Paro- Asansol. Next Day – Asansol - Hyderabad**Here days depict the travel days only. Folks planning a trip from Southern Part of India like me, there are several great places to halt on the way. While AP is beautiful with its sea beaches of Vizag, OD has the beautiful Chilka lake. One can easily plan a stay. I have been doing non stop drives with the Duster AWD for last few years now. During non-Himalayan vacations, we sometimes halt at these locations to explore some more. Since we were going to WB anyways we decided to drive a week earlier and then continue with the journey from Asansol. My Plan was to visit a Historical tourist spot but that didn’t pan out well, we were working from home and hardly got an option to excuse ourselves. **All the days were kept flexible since we were driving on the hills and there was uncertainty awaiting every corner. Bhutan Leg Note the route - It kind of looks like a Dragon with Tang valley and Bumthang forming its two wings, Mongar the head!Planning Phase An individual planning a trip to Bhutan can easily execute if one plans to go till Thimpu and Paro. Going further East demands more planning. Let me explain why!->If you are driving you would ideally enter Via Phuentsholing side. Apply for Human + Vehicle permits there, on Nth Day and it’s valid for 7 days. Say, next day or a day later reach Thimpu and apply for human + vehicle permit extension. They would ideally give permit approval for (N+2)+7 Days. So the 2 days you spend at Phuentsholing or even 1 day is wasted unnecessarily. ->We had applied for a permit at Phuentsholing on 20th May and it was valid till 27th May. We reached Thimphu on 21st May and extended for Eastern Bhutan permits on 22nd May. The date’s extension was given until 31st May. However we had to exit out of Punakha by 27th. . 27th-22nd = just 5 days for eastern Bhutan! We were informed at Thimpu since this the original entry was analog it cannot be made for (N+7) + 7 days. I was utterly confused and reconfirmed our travel Guide + at the check-post of Thimpu and everyone echoed the same. In a Nutshell, you just get 5 days to explore eastern Bhutan Immigration Office at PhuntsholingIf you have a passport you would need to enter and stand in a queue at the backyard of the building. RSTA Office at Phuentsholing
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    @sagar this temple is called Rajrajeshwari temple. It is in a Place called Udgir which is around 200 km from Hyderabad.
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    Photos taken from mine recent visit to my native place in Maharashtra
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    The last Himalayan trip ended in January of 2018. Arunachal was a great trip and the addiction was too strong. We decided to head to the Himalaya again. Many among our friends and relatives argue that with the same kind of effort or probably less, you guys can easily make a trip to other countries/ places. Why drive to the Himalayas all the time, that too from Hyderabad? Probably we are so brutally attracted to the Himalayas. Some who are well versed with the mighty walls up north ask, blinded by the gorgeousness of mighty Himalaya? The answer reverberates hell yeah!
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    Recently I got my Ford Freestyle headlights upgraded to bi-xenon projector lights for better visibility and safe driving. (https://www.facebook.com/groups/indiadrive/931263420545568/?comment_id=931280210543889&reply_comment_id=931293200542590&notif_id=1566809833764757&notif_t=group_comment_mention) Though I’m very much satisfied with the output compared to the stock lights, there are two areas where I’m still not satisfied. 1) Visibility in pitch dark areas & when the oncoming traffic is on headlights 2) Driving in harsh weather conditions such as rain and fog. The solution given for the first and second point right from the seller, installer to fellow Freestyle users was to upgrade to iPH bi-projector fog lights of 4700k range which are surprisingly powerful than the existing projector headlights. Though initially I was convinced, now I’m sceptical over how the day light projectors would perform during harsh weather conditions. Last week on on my way to Vijayawada from Hyderabad after having a delicious lunch at Bharateeyam organic restaurant, paritala. There was a heavy rain fall during which I missed the visibility my stock yellow lights offered. Also during my visit to Maredumilli on Friday, there was a heavy rain and the visibility was low. I turned on my headlights so that the oncoming traffic could see my car but all my way I was very much sceptical on how useful are those white headlights during fog and rainy conditions and how visible are they. Thankfully the journey was safe and enjoyable and thanks to my yellow stock fog lamps which were really visible to the oncoming traffic compared to the white headlights. Now comes the question, what should I take? I have in my mind Hella Rallye 1000 bumper lights which satisfies the point 2 but I don’t know how useful are they in satisfying point 1. Also my question is, how effectively yellow and white lights will perform together if at all I take bumper lights or yellow projector fog lights? Request suggestions from experts that solves both my problems since this vehicle is for both city and long drives. My budget is between 7-8k and both the lights are coming in that budget. Any alternatives, please suggest here. TIA.
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    Hyderabad - Asansol Although its showing 31 hours now, when I took the screenshot, on the D-day it showed the bland 1 day 2 hours. What ideally takes me 22-23 hours of driving took 26 hours this time around. Why! the details are below. ** Time the journey in such a way that you cross Vijayawada, Vizag very early in the morning, say before 6 am. Even the Vizag bypass gets crowded with heavy trucks reluctantly following rules on a single lane. NH65 didn't fail to impress this time too and I was able to keep a steady pace till Vijayawada. We make sure to time the journey in such a way that we cross Vijaywada, Vizag at least before 6 am or after 11 pm. I prefer the route via Vijayawada because of the scenic and smooth NH65. NH65 didn't fail to impress this time too and I was able to keep a steady pace till Vijayawada.
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    Roads are in pretty good shape, I would say 70% are Very good (a few diversions) and the rest 30 % are broken patches. We reached in under 10 Hrs. Started at 9:30 PM and reached the palce at 6:30 AM.
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    Thank you for the information. Looking in google map, seems to be Ghat road between Chorla-Panjim but assuming not that much danger ghat road and also this is not a National Highway route (Humnabad-Panjim) and I am alone driver (single) with my family, need to have a better plan. May need to re-think to re-schedule the trip later/next year so that Roads will be in good shape. Instead can re-plan to go Lonavala trip.
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    Flowing is best route: During recent rains most of the roads are damaged, but I heard they were cleared. Roads may not be in a good shape. Plan accordingly. Start around 4 AM in the morning, you will reach comfortably by evening. Hyderabad --> Zaheerabad -> Humnabad -> Kalaburagi -> Jevargi -> Vijaypura -> Bagalkot -> Belgaum -> Chorla -> Panjim
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    Thank you for the update. Water levels look pretty low even during monsoon. This is the best part, it is safe near the circular well. Many of our members have been there with their families. I am not sure about evenings but early mornings it is a good place.
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    Thanks for the precise info. Visited the site this sunday, Initial plan is to start early morning as suggested but couldn't start by 7. so we started around 2 PM after lunch hoping to see sunset at the dam site. lot of evening traffic on the NH 65, once we turn from NH65 to Atmakur side, The roads were getting narrow and road condition is not good, thus making the drive longer. We were able to reach the bridge by 4 PM, the views were spectacular and peaceful. Spent some time at the bridge and went ahead to the dam site. Wow! indeed it's a fantastic place where could see miles and miles of distance. But the place was slightly crowded being a sunday evening, maybe. nevertheless it was fun. we spent some quiet moments walking on the bridge, feeding peanuts to monkeys. after reaching the other end took few more pics and finished the sightseeing, and headed back to parking. while returning we went to haritha resorts for some refreshing tea. Didn't go to see the circular well, as this side of the dam look very isolated and no families around. We started the return journey by 5:30PM. little early than we thought, as driving in the narrow roads will be a trouble considering it was getting dark. Managed to reach the NH65 by sunset. Glorious sun was setting back in the rear view mirror as we drive back to city. Reached miyapur by 7:30. An evening well spent. Thank you!
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    We're back from our recent trip to Shirdi, Triyambkeshwer and Shani Signapur. Here are my trip stats: Distance Covered: ~1600 KM's Route (While going): Hyderabad -> Zaheerabad -> Solapur -> Tembhurni -> Karmala -> Ahmed Nagar -> Shirdi Route (While coming back): Triyambkeshwer -> Nashik -> Nandur-Shingote -> Rahuri -> Shani Signapur -> Ahmed Nagar -> Karmala -> Tembhurni -> Solapur -> Zaheerabad -> Hyderabad Day1: Hyderabad to Shirdi, started 05:15 am from KPHB and reached Shirdi 06:00 pm, took 1 hr break for breakfast/ lunch. Day2: Shirdi to Triyambkeshwer, started around 12pm and reached Triyambkeshwer 2:45 pm, Day3: Triyambkeshwer to Hyderabad via Shani Signapur (1.5 hour stopover at Shani Signapur), started from Triyambkeshwer at 08:15 am, reached Shani Signapur around 1:30 pm, started from Shani Signapur around 03:30 pm and reached Hyderabad home 12:30 am Road Conditions: 1. Hyderabad to Basavakalyan, 200 KM stretch is toll road and very good road condition 2. Basavakalyan to Solapur Bypass, 95 KM stretch is still a mess but things are moving and road condition has improved, lots of diversions 3. Solapur Bypass to Karmala, Single road but good road surface 4. Karmala to Ahmed Nagar, patchy road but manageable 5. Ahmed Nagar to Shirdi, four lane road, condition is okay, heavy traffic 6. Shirdi to Triyambkeshwer, mixed condition roads, at some places it's bad but 80% road condition is good 7. Triyambkeshwer to Shani Singnapur, I should have taken a different route (Sangamner, Tharabad, Rahuri), the route I have taken was pathetic, broken roads for almost 50-60 KM's after I took Nandur-Shingote route, the worst section of the entire trip Caution: 1. Don't take Bypass before Ahmed Nagar, rather go via Ahmed Nagar city, Chandni Chowk etc. Bypass road condition is just terrible, no roads and car struggles in 1st/2nd gear only 2. Carry all original documents of your vehicle and make sure no window meshes (even magnetic ones) are installed, no crash guard, no extra lights - this is applicable if you are travelling around Nashik or Pune. No issues around Karmala, Ahmed Nagar, Shirdi
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    I would say, it is better than Spiti valley. But the problem is timing, In December this terrain is difficult compared to Spiti (in summer, Monsoon)4x4 with snow chains is a must in December.  Yeah Around 4~5k We got them a day before the trip NE is opposite to commercial. My next trip would be somewhere around Arunachal Pradesh. At least in December, very few tourists. Our car is the only self drive car. Most of them are cabs, very limited in number.
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    Distance : 150 Kilometres to temple site. Approx Route we took : Gachibowli via Nehru Outer Ring Rd and NH65 Road condition : Excellent Restaurants : You can find many on the highway like Vivera, N grill. we had lunch at Hotel Durga near Narketpally. Food is excellent and good service. Recently went a day trip to (12-Aug-2019) Chaya Someshwara Swamy Temple at Panagal, is an Ancient Hindu Temple, dedicated to Lord Shiva, located in Nalgonda District of Telangana. we started around 8 am and reached the temple by 11. The Deity in the temple is famous as "Chaya Someshwara Swamy" due to the Vertical Chaya (shadow) present in daylight, on the Shiva Lingam forming a permanent shadow of a pillar. This shadow is constant and visible from sunrise to sunset everyday. The construction of this temple is marvellous which features such exceptional sight. The whole atmosphere is very peaceful and serene. The temple premises is cool and so much reminded us the Ramappa temple. Around 1 pm we started back to Hyderabad, roads are excellent, reached Home by 4 pm. Over all its a relaxing drive and pleasant darshan. Sharing some pics.
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    Which temple is this @mit1682.. and where in Maharashtra
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    good information here.. definitely would help folks planning this travel..
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    Yeah need to see, will update about the trip if everything goes as planned. Thankyou @Ranger
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    Hi, Well narrated ☺️. Do we need AWD or 4x4 vehile for this trip?
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    Thank you for sharing the information.
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    Hello Guys, We are planning to Goa starting in the 1st week of Sep 2019 (may be 6th) from Hyderabad by car(swift new model). Any updates on route would be very much helpful. I heard about floods last week in Karnataka. Would september be a good idea. Any recent travellers - updates on road conditions ? Thanks in advance!
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    Hope you do not mind if I add couple of photos of this temple. This is the Chaya or shadow from unknown source visible at same place through out the day (Sun rise to Sun set). Interior of the temple.
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    amazing pics and the trip looks like quite an adventurous one. thanks for the details and writ-up. quite inspiring!
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    After exploring the Dam for an hour, we started driving towards the Manjeera river bridge. We took a small break at the bridge and enjoyed the view. Not even a single vehicle crossed us during our 15 minutes break. On one side, it was the Manjeera river. And on the other side, it is the Singur Dam. Our next destination is the Circular well. This place is very isolated and calm, it is definitely a must visit place. Fishermen! We started walking on the rocks, which lead us to the reservoir for about 100 meters. We were surrounded by water on almost all sides. (small Island) We sat here for an hour and enjoyed the cool breeze. Water currents were quite high. Avoid getting into the water and beware of the crocodiles. We parked our cars on the bank. We explored this place for around one and a half hours and started back to Hyderabad. We found this resort near circular well view point. They serve only lunch and dinner. On our return drive, we tried a few rolling shots. Sticking to the speed limits of the ORR is quite tough, but we enjoyed the photography. We reached Gachibowli in no time. -Thank you.
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    Thanks for the suggestion @RajG. But what I heard from few of my friends in the WhatsApp is that Projectors and LEDs combination doesn’t go well.