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    My take is Konkan. It is near to my heart. Completed my Engineering so spent most beautiful days of my life (and monsoon) there. Complete Konkan become beautiful during this season.
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    My personal favourite? Any Western-ghats. Chikmagalur: https://www.india-drive.com/index.php?/topic/505-hyderabad-to-chikamagalur-road-trip/ Mulshi and Tamhini ghats Mahabaleshwar
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    The last Himalayan trip ended in January of 2018. Arunachal was a great trip and the addiction was too strong. We decided to head to the Himalaya again. Many among our friends and relatives argue that with the same kind of effort or probably less, you guys can easily make a trip to other countries/ places. Why drive to the Himalayas all the time, that too from Hyderabad? Probably we are so brutally attracted to the Himalayas. Some who are well versed with the mighty walls up north ask, blinded by the gorgeousness of mighty Himalaya? The answer reverberates hell yeah!
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    It was 1 of August I was browsing TripAdvisor for resorts and planning my road trip to Bhandavgarh when I received a message in the WhatsApp group from @PrashantKMathur sir. I never miss his messages, and so this one. I was surprised and happy on seeing the message about the most loved SUV and most awaited drive from Ford. I immediately cancelled all my meet-up plans for the weekend. Fast forward to 3 days, it was Sunday, the drive day. I woke up early in the morning, took my camouflaged rain jacket which I bought for the monsoon drive meet-up but never wore and begin driving towards Chevella. The traffic throughout the drive was almost nill and I could constantly maintain 60kmph enjoying the empty road, drizzle and my TDCi engine's roar. The area is 70kms away from my house and I reached the venue by 10:00 AM starting at 8:15 AM with 20mins break waiting for my friend who never turned up. I was the first person apart for Team Ford. Was received really well by Vibrant Ford AGM and team where I get my car serviced and by Modi Ford team where I bought my car. 20 minutes later after finishing all the formalities and coffee break I was into the huge and beautiful Off-roader the ENDEAVOUR. I was accompanied by Mr. Sarath Ford's off-road trainer and he took me for the first round. The track was really good with lush green trees surrounded and even more tricky due to continuous rain and drizzle the night before event. He explained me everything about the capabilities of the vehicle, different drive modes and showed me how it performed in 4low with ease and how it struggled in 4high. The track and the experience was so good that I wanted to go on another round and he agreed for it. Finished two rounds of the drive and the time was 11:00 AM when I met @Jag's. Few minutes of discussion with the trainer and AGM Vibrant Ford sales I was back into my car carrying all the memories and small souvenir (Ford Hat) from the trainer going back home. Off-road Track. These obstacles were really scary to see. A small souvenir from the trainer (Ford Hat) on the music system. He's the trainer Mr. Sarath.
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    Track is managed by Ravindra. Fantastic pictures. Looks like you guys had great fun.
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    Nice share @SK01. Must have been quite an experience. The venue looks like Mr. Ravinder reddy's farm track near Sania Mirzas Tennis academy. Below is the link shared which happened at the same venue I suppose.
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    Hello trippers, Tell your top monsoon destinations from Hyderabad and why?
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    Via Bangalore is good to go. Don't take the shorter route. It is very bad. Four days is good enough. On day1, Stay in the Chikmagalur town. On day2 and 3, Stay in the guest houses, these are located in hills.
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    This is the best that I have done so far out of the list above and then comes in the Coorg down South along with Araku Valley
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    Nice post @Musafir. All the places around the western ghats region are best to visit during monsoons. Would love to list down a few for the record. 1) Chikamagalur and Kudremukh 2) Lonavla, Tamhini, Mulshi, Lavasa (All the roads and ghats around the Pavna lake) 3) Malshej ghat 4) Agumbe. 5) Few treks in the western ghat region to get beautiful views Sinhagad, Rajgad, Torna, Raigad, Harishchandragad, Tikona, Lohagad, Koraigad, Kotligad, Tung, Visapur, Andharban etc. 6) Goa is another beautiful place close to the ghats. (Beaches can be ignored) 7) Mahabaleshwar and Panchgani 8) Araku valley 9) Ooty and Kotagiri 10) Kodaikanal and Vattakanal (Best from Sept to Dec) 11) Coorg and Madikeri 12) Wayanad and Munnar
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    Hello Everyone, I would like to plan the Road trip on this August 14th. Day 1- Hyderabad to Srisailam (on the way mallela theertham) Day 2- Srisailam Local Day 3- Start to Mahanandi -- stay in mahanandi or start to Ahobhilam? Day 4 - Ahobhilam -- Hyderabad Please suggest is this fine or an compress this plan. or can we add any other stops. How about the road condition from Srisailam to mahanandi. Can we get accommodation in Mahanandi or ahobhilam ? Thanks in Advance. Regards Subhash
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    Thank you for the update. Beautiful pictures.
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    Thank You for the link. It helped me with much detailed description of road and food options.
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    Hi @rajashekar Just came back from the trip. Excellent place, young kids & teens will have more fun than small kids will. I have been to many jungle camps in and out of india, i felt the staff here is so helpful and supportive and go out of their way to make you feel comfortable. we (family of 3 our son is a teen ager) stayed in cottage felt safe. To see the animals in safari we got to be lucky, we spotted some malabar squirrels, sambar deer, and variety of fox can't recollect the name. birds and butterflies are a treat. the whole area is green. we had a great trip. The route we took is pretty much what google suggested, the road are good. But pre-booking the cottage is must. while coming back we visited mahanandi temple as its just 30 km from the camp. Thanks! karnool > orvakal > nandyal (NH 44 & 40)
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    Hi Rkamal, Have you visited this place ? Can you please let me know the route you have taken? and is it safe for family and kids
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    Thanks for the replay. We are planing to go Group of 12 family members and plan to visit akkamahadevi temple. and rope way..so plan to stay a day in srisailam. How about route any idea ... Srisailam to Mahanandi. Regards Subhash
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    One of the biggest problems is accommodation. Make sure you prebook the accommodations. It will be tight in both Srisailam and Ahobilam . Expect over crowd in all the locations. Day 1 : Hyderabad to Srisailam Start early in the morning. You will reach by 11 AM. Complete the rituals. Explore around. You need to take lot of steps to visit Mallelatheertham. I feel that one day is good enough for Srisailam. Day 2 : Explore around Srisailam. Drive down to Mahanandi temple. Plan stopover at Ahobhilam. Day 3: Take a guide and go on the Ahobilam forest trek. It is beautiful during monsoon. Day 4: Drive back to Hyderabad via Bangalore highway. Based on accommodation availability you can change the plan. Roads are good, you wont feel them hectic since the distance is less. Single lane roads. Not suitable for high speed cruising. Return drive will be easy, since you will the Bangalore highway. You can cut short the trip to three days, go on a short trek in Ahobilam and drive back on the same day.
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    Nothing can beat this in south Indian. There are many unknown beautiful locations in Kerala. Any IndiaDrive plans to Kerala? Never attended a meet till now. Was promoted to father and got busy with early stage chores.
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    Great to know, please provide us the update on this stretch once you complete your trip to help us all with latest information. Thanks in advance.
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    Wish you a belated B'day !!! you proved - 'Age is just a number' !!! Awesome clicks, short n crisp writing ... thoroughly enjoyed reading the details with wonderful pics... Stay Blessed ! , Keep Driving ! (Y)
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    What is the distance between hyd to Nuzvid via Vijayawada as from khammam it is 315 kms
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    Hi @vivekv8 Please refer to below links for more details on this stretch
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    How did I miss attaching the pictures I have taken on my mobile!! It's never too late!!! Sent from my ONEPLUS A5000 using Tapatalk
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    Day: 3 Explore waterfalls near the resort. Waterfalls name : Jhari waterfalls. Waterfall usually opens at 9AM. Since we stayed inside the forest. We took the resort jeep and went till waterfalls, around 8 AM. Don't attempt in your own vehicles, curves are too steep. No single person is present at the waterfalls, apart from us! They charged us 500/- for ride to waterfalls 200 meter walk from the road.. After spending some time at the waterfalls, we returned back to the home stay. Had breakfast and started to Babu Budangiri. Clouds! We took some off-road trails. Once the visibility is clear, we drove further. Zero crowd, we stayed here for an hour and enjoyed the view. Photo time Breath taking view Some more pictures at the different view points. Day 4: We drove back from Kuteer to Hyderabad. We started at 9AM and reached home around 10PM. Thank you