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    Hello guys, After a long search and wait, here is my new Ford Freestyle in Charcoal Black colour. The car search started in the month of August when my dad driving our WagonR in a narrow lane slightly brushed the car to a thin direction board. and the result was, totally damaged fender and bumper that costed us 3k. And from there all the issues piling up and periodical maintenance cost reaching almost 10k after 65k Kms, my father thought of taking a new car with solid build and of course better ASS. Cars considered: TATA TIAGO: A beautiful and solid car with excellent engine. visited the showroom Malik Tata Bowenpally only to get the worst showroom experience that made us drop the idea going with Tata though I love the brand and admire Mr. Ratan Tata. Apart from the experience, I felt the car is bit overpriced. (personal opinion, no offence) Basic one does not even come with power windows and dual airbags and is priced on par with premium hatchbacks. The top end is 7.5L without alloy wheels and Auto AC which made me think twice. A strict 'NO' to Maruti because of its build quality. VW Polo: Tried and tested car with superb performance and build quality and not to forget it's well known worst after sales experience. Hence dropped. Honda Jazz: We already own a Honda City I-VTEC and I know how well it performs. Also, know how bad the i-DTEC performs. My daily drive is home to college and back. Gundlapochampally to Punjagutta that is almost 100 KMS up and down. So our choice was a diesel or else a CNG. Since the Honda diesels are not good, we dropped the Jazz from our list. Hyundai i20: Nice car with nice performance but my dad somehow never liked the brand Hyundai (no offence). Also, the latest NCAP crash test rating for the i20 made me and my dad opt out of the deal. Hyundai i10: Nice car but simply overpriced Hyundai Santro: Nice car but a mediocre engine. As the car is only for me, I wanted a performer and the Santro isn't one. Ford Figo: Amazing car but showing its age. now comes the FORD FREESTYLE: A car with superb SUVsh looks, tried and tested 1.5 TDCi engine, solid build, killer looks and it's a Ford. The brand I loved since I was a kid. in the early 2000s when I was a kid I first saw the Ford Escort. Since then I always thought of owning a Ford. When my dad said he is looking to change the car for me and asked for alternatives, the first word from my mouth was the Ford Freestyle. Just gave a look towards all the other alternatives just to satisfy my dad and also I got a chance to boast about Ford whenever we visited other showrooms[emoji12] Now the buying experience: Visited the showroom on a Saturday night. We were three, me, my dad and my dad's assistant. We were well received by Mr. Rama Raju, the sales executive at Modi Ford begumpet. He took us straight to the first floor where the freestyle was standing next to the EcoSport. he briefed us about the vehicle and later too us on test drive after which my father decided to buy the car. He and I just loved the way it revved and drove. Extremely refined engine with amazing low end torque and pickup. The overall visibility and ergonomics for me (height 6ft) is really good. compared to our City's head room and WagonR's shoulder Room. Monday we booked the basic ambient variant which comes with two airbags, ABS with EBD. Since I only drive it in the city and have Honda City we thought basic variant should be fine. Later after going through the variants list we upgraded it to Titanium. We got our car delivered in a week as promised. On road price 9,05,000. We got accessories worth 5K for free as from the dealer. The overall sales experience with Modi Ford was really good and the SE Mr. Rama Raju is a very nice person to deal with. Coming to the car, it's a 1.5 TDCi engine that produces 99bhp at 3790 RPM. *) A very beautiful and enthusiastic engine with powerful low end and middle end torque. *) Solid body and build quality. Plastic quality is okay okay. *) Ride and handling is very nice and stable. *) Seats and ergonomics are very well designed Detailed review will be out after a long road trip and after first service. Here are few pictures, The engine that comes with no cover occupying the whole bay and heats up fast Insulation to the bonnet that controls engine noise Nice blacked out headlamps Nice C shaped fog lamps housing Side profile of the Ford Freestyle which looks likes a Mini SUV Smoked grey alloys 60R15 Good Year tires (stock) with option of MRF and Apollo Integrated turn indicator on ORVM Rear profile similar to Figo Reverse parking sensors on bumper with camera Scuff plates on all the sides a part of the vehicle Touch screen Infotainment system with really good working touch and UI Door open info display Automatic climate control that cools the cabin in no time Vanity mirrors on both the sides 10 bottle holders all in the front Electronic adjustable and retractable ORVM Secret pocket on the dashboard Attached head rest in the rear which is a let down Decent legroom in the rear when front seats pulled all the way back Slightly tweaked taillamps Push button that is not so happy to access Traction control switch Reverse parking camera display works really well Surround sound system that is adjustable the way we like Sound EQ adjustment Digital compass Navigation works really well Average speed Instant fuel economy display Average fuel economy Trip meter Number of KMS traveled Distance to empty Here are few additional pictures PS: sorry for few blurred pictures. Detailed review will be out after first service
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    Night photography Location : Hyderabad Mobile : Pixel
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    Recent ride Hyd-sslm-vjw-Hyd Location : Doranala. One+ 5T
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    Firstly, Congratulations on your new car @Krish and Wish you many a miles ahead I think you have made the right choice by choosing the Freestyle over the i20 and Jazz. Amazing handling and built quality. You will love each and every mile of your drive from now on. Waiting for a detailed review on this soon
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    Khazaguda lake..next to lanco hills
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    How is this place, Is it worth a visit? Nice shot Mobile : Pixel Location : Medak highway
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    Congrats Krish. I always love Ford vehicles. They are fun to drive. Ford Fiesta 1.6 is the best car that I have ever owned. (civic is not even close to it in terms of fun behind the wheel) For service, I would advise to avoid Mody Ford. Fortune Ford Towlichowki is the best in City for Ford cars, they rectify issues easily and have efficient staff.
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    Thanks for mentioning behalf of me[emoji38][emoji12] Remember that night when I spotted you in Bowenpally and raced against your Tia with my Wagon R and almost reached you?? Everything without you knowing that I'm behind you [emoji23] Now a days I'm roaming jobless with my new car. Spot me soon.
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    Congratulations @Krish.. Very well written. I have heard that Fortune ford is much better than the Mody ford in terms of servicing from my friends.. Be watchful on this
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    You forgot to mention that members are now able to spot you often Kidding! Congratulations @Krish on your new Freestyle. I hope I will spot you someday at Suchitra signal
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    Thank you@sagar And thanks to all the members in the WhatsApp group for helping me take a decision. Detailed review will be out as soon as I cross 1500 mark or a long road trip or else first service. Whichever comes soon.
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    Nothing is scarier than a tyre burst where your vehicle gets difficult to control as it happens due to sudden loss of air pressure without any indication. This sudden loss of air from the tyre makes it very difficult to drive on the road. There is nothing more critical to safe driving than healthy tyres. These tyre bursts usually happen due to bulging out because of heavy load on the tyre. One should check the maximum limit that the tyres can endure and then load the vehicle accordingly. Always check the pressure when the tyres are cold in condition. Potholes or hitting kerbs are also few other reasons as they can immediately cause a tyre blowout. If your tyres are over 5 years / 40,000 kms old, you should consider replacing them. The older & more worn-out that your tyre is, the higher the chance of burst. It is recommended to take a break after every 2 to 3 hours of driving. This refreshment stop will not only do good to the driver, but also allows the tyres, brakes, clutch. to cool down. Give your car & tyres a visual check during these breaks. You have less than 1 second to take a decision between life and death during this situation of a tyre burst. At this instance, You are naturally wired to take the wrong decision i.e. you will step on the brake. During this circumstances, accelerating is the only safe decision where you've to do so within one second. Whether you are driving a Car, Bus, truck or a two wheeler.
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    Location - Hyderabad Khazaguda lake Mobile - MI
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    Which road is this one? Is it possible to create any competition?
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    I have found this article on my FB share and wanted to share it with my friends here as I felt it could be helpful for everyone commuting through the wild life or forest regions in India. In order avoid as well as to safeguard ourselves and vehicles from animal encounters, here are a few codes to be followed by motorists. 1. Firstly, Do not stop when you see the wild life on the road. 2. Do not honk or flash your headlights or do anything that can irritate the larger animals like elephants could turn aggressive. 3. Keep a steady pace and over-speed when you see the wild life. Drive at speeds not exceeding 40 kmph through wild life areas, be ready to brake. 4. Stop at a safe distance if you see wild life on the road or about to cross the road. 5. Keep yourself ready to make a U-Turn in case the wild animal starts moving towards you. 6. Do not get out of the vehicle. If you have to do for any reason as you can't catch the sight of the leopards which hunt from hiding on the tree trunks. 7. Never stop at densely vegetated places or a place which could be a wild life "corridor" such as a culvert or a water body or a narrow section of the road. 8. Wild life encounters happens a lot on curves when you can't see the animal till you are round the curve. Exercise utmost caution when taking curves through wild life sanctuaries. 9. Do not break rules for timings through wild life sanctuaries. 10. Establish eye contact with oncoming vehicles to check if there is any wild life ahead. Always scan the surroundings for any wild life threats. Please be kind to other road users. Be it human or animal.
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    Hi team, Last week my friends have been here and camped at this view of the Gandikota gorge.. Sharing the pictures here 😊
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    Yes, after going through this discussion, I wanted to share these pictures of the campsite. Looks beautiful. These were clicked with their mobiles so, couldn’t get them well but I can imagine the kind of sunrise they have enjoyed at this site 😍
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    Nice share Sudhir, SO this was the camping ground on the edge of the gorge which everyone were talking about all this while
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    Hi All, Please share your best mobile picture. Rules: Shot should be landscape Share some information like location/object name etc Add mobile name No category restriction, can be anything.
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    Thank you@uday. Yes, I got 10k cash discount plus 5k worth accessories.
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    That 100PS machine is a rocket. Engine is very practical and less turbo lag.
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    I didn't experienced but saw it live, while returning from kanyakumari having a tea break on NH, saw a Isuzu old type vehicle carrying lot of root type food don't even know those saw first time, saw a sudden sharp steering towards right and flipped the vehicle, God's grace no death, passengere survived with very Minor injuries but driver strucked up in his door, very bad situation, God has given me little brain to me and I successfully bought him out mean while my frnd called the ambulance, he went to hospital and had a leg and shoulder fracture. Maintaining the air in the tyres is the only way u can restrict the tyres burst, and while it happened we have to take decision as mentioned above and we don't think of it and apply both. U want to be good in such situations play video games then ur guessing will be good but should not be addicted.
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    Things to carry: Shoes, track pants and T-shirts. Toiletries, Sunscreen, Sunglasses, Mosquito repellent cream and Glucose / Electrol (personal medical kit) Camera kits for photography enthusiasts. Most importantly loads of energy and positive attitude. Cost per head: 3,800 INR which includes (Includes stay for 2 nights in a 3 star hotel, Buffet Breakfast for 2nd & 3rd mornings and club fee) Payment mode: We will share the details once we create a whatsApp group. Disclaimer: Accepting to participate in this Drive, is an agreement that you have joined us voluntarily and you accept that organisers do not hold any responsibility for loss or damage of property (vehicle etc.). Also, you are responsible for your own safety and any act of negligence that endangers the safety of fellow passengers, guests or others. Terms and Conditions: 1) Only cars are allowed. 2) No age/sex restrictions on joining the drive until the driver is licensed. 3) Your car must have all the necessary gear. (Spare tyre etc.). 4) You need to follow the designated convoy position and keep safe distance from the adjacent cars. 5) No compromise on safety at any time seat belts are a must!, always use indicators for lane change. 6) Kindly avoid 'free-play' and 'show-off' during the trip - follow the Marshal's instructions at all times. 7) Carry enough water/ refreshments/ drinks for self and passengers. 😎 Driving members can bring up to 3 guests. We encourage families. 9) You are required to confirm compliance to the conditions for this trip before we can register your RSVP. 10) Acceptance of your RSVP is only notional, and the organizers reserve the right to select the final list of attendees. 11) The organizers do not hold any responsibility for loss or damage of property (vehicle, gear etc.). If you are a long-drive enthusiast and visiting new places give you a high, YES, this group is just the one for you! Come join us and share your experience. Let's Dream.. Drive.. Discover!
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    True. They might have woken up to a beautiful sunrise view at the gorge. Could you share the price details of the campsite at this place ?
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    Updating a 360 deg capture shared by Ashok which we had clicked at a view point during our Matheran trek 😊