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    Recently on my way to Hyderabad from Vijayawada, at 5:25 in the morning there was a huge rain. By the time I reached the railway bridge near Prakasham Barrage/Bus complex there was a huge flood water pool. Seeing that I turned to the right thinking there’s another way only to come across bus complex entrance. Upon asking a Innova Crystal owner, he said these floods are pretty common in Vijayawada and we can go through it. At first I was apprehensive, i knew how the damage would be. I did not want to take the risk. But there was no other way. All thanks to @Saran who posted his experience sometime ago with which I thought I can proceed, of-course after seeing smaller cars pass through it successfully. Entering inside was all together a different experience with mixed emotions. I lowered the windows, unlocked the car, switched off the AC, turned on the blinkers and proceeded ahead. The way my Freestyle TDCi performed was simply amazing. Never in that deep water pool, full of pressure I felt afraid or loss of torque. I’m really fortunate enough to have crossed it safely while a Verna stalled there due its low GC. All thanks to my Freestyle’s 190mm GC and punchy TDCi engine. Here are few precautions and tips for newbies who encounters this situation. DISCLAIMER : NEVER DO THIS WITH A CAR WHOSE GROUND CLEARANCE IS LESS THAN 180mm. I’VE READ ARTICLES OF CARS GETTING STALLED ANS SEEN A NEW SEDAN GETTING STALLED THERE BEHIND ME WHICH REALLY WAS SADDENING SIGHT. Precautions: Ensure that the depth of water suits your car. Eg: Never drive if the water is reaching or crossing shoulder line of your car (indicator level). This way you can prevent going into depths that covers your grille. Before entering yourself, check with other similar cars if they are going well safely. Check your surroundings, switch on your blinkers when in dark. Always maintain a safer distance from the bigger vehicles. Best, drive once they cross. Remove your seatbelts, unlock your car door (don’t open) lower your windows. (Electrical failure may jam the locking systems of your car door, window and seatbelts which will make escaping a really tough job in case of car breakdown) Switch off the Air Conditioner for additional torque. Tips: Maintain steady momentum and keep moving. Avoid sudden acceleration and braking. Avoid stalling. Maintain high revs. Move in lower gears(1,2,3) depending upon the speed. Driving through water puts additional strain on the engine and using the third gear, instead of the first, could lead to the car stalling. There’ll be a lot of pressure hitting your car, the car won’t move, but never stop the car. Stopping the car leads to water entering into intake and exhaust which leads to engine failure. Don’t crank the engine if it stops. Cranking the engine leads to permanent damage of vital parts. Starting with the water putting more pressure on the engine’s connecting rods, which could lead to them breaking. In addition, if water has entered the engine through the intake or the exhaust, it could cause serious engine damage and burn a rather large hole in your pocket when it comes to repairs. Pump the brakes stopping the vehicle for some time so that the water doesn't stay decreasing the braking performance. If you feel that the brakes aren't sure footed like before, don't worry, it's because of water. Drive in medium speed till you feel the brakes are good. Take it to your nearest service centre if the problem continues even after repeated braking. Suggestions are welcome.
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    First, sixth and seventh picture- My Freestyle on the way to Maredumilli at Rampachodavaram. (Shot on Galaxy A50) Second, third and fourth- My Freestyle at Pamuleravagu inside Maredumilli forest. (Shot on Galaxy A50) Fifth picture- My Freestyle at River Bay resorts Rajahmahendravaram. (Shot on Galaxy A50) Eighth picture- My Freestyle at Parimala on the way to Hyderabad from Vijayawada during Sunrise. (Shot on Galaxy A50) Last four pictures- My Freestyle at Shamirpet Lake. (Shot on Galaxy S10+ and Galaxy A50)
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    Have this on to visit list, heard a quite a bit about this during the recent past, will visit during October and sure will write a small post about it Also, are we guys planning any meetups, as I am eager to join you guys.
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    Fabulous pictures @SK01.. Keep it going.
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    Fantastic pictures. Wide angle? new generation swift, specially in red looks fantastic.
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    My Plan is like... Plan - Day1 - Miryalaguda - Mahabalipuram – Stay (550 KM – approx. 12 hours) Day 2 – Mahabalipuram – Pondicherry – Stay (100KM – approx. 2 hours) Day 3 – Pondicherry –Mangroover forest-- Chidambaram –(65km – approx. – 1:30 min)—Thanjavur(110km 2:30 hours) Day 4 – Thanjavur – Rameswaram – Stay (230km – approx. 4 hours) Day 5 – Rameswram local Day 6 – Rameswram to Kanyakumari(309KM 5 Hours) Kanyakumari Local. Day 7 – Kanyakumari to Madurai – (245km approx. 4 hours) and proceed to Bangalore (450km 8 hours) Day 8- Banglaore to Hyderabad(570km approx. 9 hours) Any changes or suggestions. Suggestions on good pit stops. Thank you. Regards Subhash
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    We recently did a drive to Mulshi ghat. No drives in this month, we may have something planned towards the end to October. We have created a new group chat. You can join here to discuss on the meetup. https://t.me/indiadrive
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    Monday morning blues. But the weather is fantastic. Felt the similar vibes. Just go through the first post, many options are available. If you are planning, this weekend is the right time. Most of the places will be over crowded during Dussehra weekend. Gone through this place, looks good. Thank you for the information. You been there?
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    @gauravs79 roads are excellent. banglore highway is one the best in country. i'll update the other details in this thread. @Ranger Hi, small info. To cross bangalore by early morning (4-5) what time i should start from miyapur, Hyderabad? Which place is ideal for a break? pls advise. Thanks!
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    Bogatha waterfalls (300KMS ~) Bheemuni Paadam Waterfalls, Gudur (200KMS ~) Mutyala Jalapatham Waterfalls(260 KMS ~)
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    Enroute Pamuleru Vagu...
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    Any suggested hotels in above locations.
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    Thanks @Ranger. Yes wide angle from both the phones.
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    Well planned. Looks good. Check Airbnb for beach view accommodations. Do share a post on your trip. Wanted to visit Mangrove forest. There are plenty of options available on these sections no need to worry about food. Do advance bookings, since it is long weekend/holiday season. Al the best for the drive. Drive safe.
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    thanks, the video looks scary. what an amazing car. well done. and great tips.
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    Wish you a belated B'day !!! you proved - 'Age is just a number' !!! Awesome clicks, short n crisp writing ... thoroughly enjoyed reading the details with wonderful pics... Stay Blessed ! , Keep Driving ! (Y)
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    I have sent you the contact details to your inbox. Please check.
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    lol, then what about the sections between Hyderabad to Delhi that we drove on. They have charged us for no roads and single lanes. This one looks much better. Is it available during our Sikkim drive? Because I remember we couldn't a proper hotel between Vijayawada to Rajahmundry .
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    Day - 01: All the members attending the drive have gathered at the start point by 4:00 a.m. and the drive commenced by 4:15 a.m. Around 6 30 a.m. we took a short tea break to stretch ourselves and breathe in some fresh air. We headed towards Kalaburagi after the Tea break for our breakfast The road towards Karaburagi is a 2 lane road in pretty good condition with no potholes. We passed across various sunflower fields en-route Kalaburagi which was a treat to eyes as they faced the sun during its rise. A wannabe aerial capture of the Sunflower fields resting on either side of the highway. We stopped by the Lumbini grand hotel in Kalaburagi for breakfast around 8 30 a.m. All the cars gathered at a regroup point post breakfast before they got onto the highway towards Solapur. We got on to the Solapur - Pune 4 lane highway by 12 p.m. which was quite relaxing. Post lunch on the Solapur highway, we took another break at a coffee place as we got closer to Pune. One of our Admins tried his hands on a Japan made Kubota 4WD at the coffee place. After an eventful drive during the Day-01, we reached the Hinjewadi around 7 p.m. to get set for our water rafting session lined up for the next morning.
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    All these main temples elevated at different levels are connected by 50 to 100 steps carved between each other The third rock cut temple of Lord Vishnu seemed most majestic inside a 100 feet deep cave. The area surrounding the caves was well built by Red sand stone all over which also has the space to rest down and spend time As we climbed up to the top most level of the Jain temple, we overlooked to this beautiful sight of the 'Agasthya' lake surrounded by the Badami caves, hills, Boothnath Temple and the village houses. We got down the Cave temple and moved towards the 'Agasthya' lake and the 'Bhoothnath' temple which is 1.5 kms from the caves. These temples were dedicated to Lord Shiva Not just being carved at this absolutely scenic location, it also has a lot of rock carvings and caves around This cave behind the Bhoothnath temple is related to the 6th century Jainism which has carving of Jain Tirthankars. One last pic of the day before we headed back to the resort