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    There are some mixed opinions from hyd to tirupati route, Option-1 - LB nagar - nalgonda - addanki - NH-16 - nellore - srikalahasti - tirupati Option-2 - Gachibowli - kurnool - kadapa - tirupati It all depends upon the start point from hyderabad and also if you want to visit srikalahasti temple. Again no clear clarity on completion of proposed highway kurnool - kadapa, but what I got the information is that almost completed. The only issue you may face is between kadapa to tirupati, this stretch is not a highway and you may not feel comfortable. Even I am planning to travel tirupati 29th Nov. Gachibowli - Nalgonda - addanki - NH-16 - nellore - srikalahasti - tirupati Day1 - 29th Nov - Srikalahasti temple darshan Day2 - 30th Nov - Padmavathi amma varu and local temple Day3 - 1st Dec - reach Tirumula, special darshan (300/-) Day4 - 2nd Dec - Suprabhatam seva and vasanthotsavam seva Day5 - 3rd Dec - Return journey Tirupati - vontimitta (temple darshan) - kadapa - yaganti - kurnool - gachibowli All seva tickets and accommodation (tirumala) tickets are booked except tirupati, I need to try in vishnu nivasam current accommodation if not search good hotel nearby. Any suggestion, please..... Thank you, Raj
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    Guys, I am back to Bangalore on Nov 2nd. Started from Bhopal on Nov 1st early morning 5:00 AM. Reached Nagpur around 11:30 - 12:00 and continued. As mentioned earlier, I wanted to cross Hinganghat - Adilabad stretch during day time so didnt halt much in between. This time to my surprise, after Hinganghat and near Kelapur toll, was greeted by craters. If anyone is crossing this section first time that too in dark its very dangerous. There was hardly any place to move car from there. Somehow crossed that section and within 2kms there is a toll named Kelapur toll. I complained there about the road condition and they told work in progress. I even raised public grievance on "https://pgportal.gov.in/." and awaiting reply. We reached Hyderabad at 7:00 PM and stayed in a hotel for night and started next day morning (Nov 2nd) for Bangalore. After having breaks for breakfast and fuel reached home (in whitefield) by 4:30 PM). With this, I completed the trip successfully :). Thanks , Dhananjay
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    I did this in the 2nd Week of October (09 - 13 Oct 2019). The route I took was Hyderabad (Miyapur) -> Zaheerabad -> Humnabad -> Gulbarga -> Bagalkot -> Belgaum -> Chorla -> Goa (Candolim). Road was excellent end-to-end, except from a small patch close to Bagalkot (which might have been very well repaired by now). Particularly the entire Karnataka section of the road was buttery smooth. We had taken a break at Belgaum, and continued on our journey next morning. Once we enter the Goa side of Chorla road, expect some broken patches - but at max for 15-20km, intermittently. Btw if you break at Belgaum, do try the Donne Biryani at either Donne Biryani Adda (DBA) or Niyaaz. DBA is my personal favorite among the two 🙂
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    Agree with your points, China is way ahead in technology now. We have to accept that fact. Their quality improved a lot, they are value for money. YI, OnePlus..list goes on. They proved that they can provide quality at a decent price. Unlike overpriced American brands.
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    Hi All, I am planning to travel from Hyderabad to Tirupati by road on 5th Dec (Night Drive). Can anyone please suggest the best route? and road conditions. I have seen searched reg. same on the site however could not find any new topics. Regards Johney
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    I always start at around 3.30-4 am for any long drive to that matter. 1) I can easily pass through city traffic 2) Drive at this time after a nice nap will be fresh and will not feel tired at least until snack time, by then I will usually cover off the distance and reach my destination usually for the day (Anything around ~600-700 km's). No tiredness means no fatigue! Also, the main benefit by starting at this time (since I do VJA / Anantapur most of the times) avoid heavy vehicles to the most. Buses reach their destinations already or the city outskirts which means no heavy traffic / head lights oncoming and very less truck traffic at this time. Fantastic Topic to discuss! Thanks @SK01
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    Hi All, Thanks for all your suggestions. As planned, I could start by only 6:00 AM from BLR and reached Nehru ORR by 1:20 PM. Took 2 stops , 1 for breakfast for 20 minutes and then refueling before Hyderabad. Climate was good and was greeted by rains in between twice till Hyderabad. As I was able to cover till HYD by 1:20 PM, I decided to continue further and finally reached Adilabad by 5:40 or 6:00 PM. It started getting dark. As the road till now was good , I decided to continue till NGP. and break journey there. But to my surprise suddenly greeted by very bad patch. My car took sudden hit on road and I was scared, luckily nothing happened to car. There were no cars on the stretch. Only Big trucks were passing and roads were pathetic. I slowed down to 40 KMPH from 80-90 KMPH. My only worry was, if anything happens to car then it will be a big problem, even mobile network wasn't there. (If anyone is taking same road, it will be good to cover this stretch during day time, at-least till the road gets repaired.) Somehow, I kept driving and reached Hinganghat. Here road was good and now I was able to see some local cars moving towards NGP. Also, was able to get mobile network too. On the way, my wife booked a hotel near NGP Airport and by 9:15 PM checked in a hotel opposite to airport. Had hot water bath and dinner and slept. Started for Bhopal next morning by 8:00 AM. Road till Betul was excellent and after that single lane but was able to drive at 50-60 KMPH. After crossing Hoshangabad at Budhni , took road towards Salkanpur and at Rehti took Kolar road. This lag(NGP - BPL) of journey was tiring. Reached Bhopal at 6:00 PM ( After halting at Pandhurna for 1 and 1/2 hours). I will start my return journey from Bhopal on Nov 1st and planning to start by 5:00 AM and will try to reach HYD same day. Will share my experience on this part after reaching back. Any suggestions are welcome :). Thanks, Dhananjay
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    Except your first day's drive between Hyderabad to Goa, rest of all the other roads are great.. you would surely enjoy your drive.. List of beaches to be covered if you are going there on a tour: North Goa: 1) Calangute 2) Candolim 3) Anjuna 4) Baga 5) Aguada 6) Chapora 7) Arambol 8) Dona-Paola 9) Vagator 10) Morjim South Goa: 1) Colva 2) Palolem 3) Agonda 4) Varka 5) Cavelossim List of places to be covered if you are going there on a tour: 1) Chapora fort 2) Aguada fort 3) St. Freancis Xavier's Church List of few known places to party and good food: 1) Curly's (Anjuna) 2) Cafe Mambo (Baga) 3) Infantaria (Calangute) 4) Tito's (Baga) 5) Lasagna (Vagator) 6) Bora-Bora (Morjim) 7) Beach side seafood shacks (Prawns, Squids and Crabs are a must try) Few things to do when you are in Goa: 1) Always try to keep your bikes or cars full on fuel. 2) Try all the Goan cuisines possible. 3) It is known that Alcohol is cheap there but let us be civilized. 4) Keep the beaches clean and preserve the beauty.
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    When buying a new car, it is safe to with traditional insurance. For old cars which are not under loan scheme. I think we can try out these options. RSA and Engine protection are key points. Is there any document which provides more information on engine protection?
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    What a Wonderful , inspiring and Lovely travelogue - One of the best one I have read this Year . Each Pic of Nature , Landscapes and Mountains are simply Unique and eye catching . Keep travelling and posting Sir .
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    We reached Satara at about 2 PM. Till Satara roads were not so good in Ghat and good in plains. We encountered a traffic Jam at Satara due to failure of a tourist bus at a Junction. When we came on to NH 48 for Kolhapur, we stopped at the first Dhaba. I was not hungry and had a coffee and my wife had a wada. We decided to skip lunch. 4. We picked up the speed on NH and covered 30 Kms in no time, at that time I had to stop for taking a call which forced me to change my plan. I had set Google map to Hyderabad. Distance shown was about 580 Kms via Phalton-Pandharpur. Time of arrival at Hyderabad 2.15 AM (May be without breaks). I thought I will stay somewhere close to Solapur if I feel tired. Took the next U turn and stared back. We crossed again Satara and entered road towards Phalton. When we are about to reach Phalton, we found many police blocking the road with barricades and not allowing vehicles in to town. We were directed to another road stating that will connect Mumbai-Pandharpur Highway. It was not a long diversion and we entered Highway in 10 Minutes. 5. Immediately on entering Mumbai-Padharpur road we had to change our lane to right as the Left line is full of devotees. After driving slowly for some time, 4 lane road became two lane and we had to move inch by inch and when were in the middle of town, we were stopped by police as the devotees increased. When enquired with police, they said it is Rath Yatra similar to Jaganath Rath Yatra. There were few lakh devotees walking with bajans on the road. Temporary water and food arrangements were made for them. When I requested the police officer on duty telling him that I have to reach Hyderabad, we were allowed after 5 minutes. Mean time google map said further road also blocked and asked us to take diversion. We followed it and exited the town without any traffic jams. It took us about 50 Minutes to cross the town of about 5 Kms. Distance to travel increased again and showing 525 from Phalton and the road is through Baramati entering NH 65 at Bhigwan. Till Baramati Roads were good with mix of 4 Lane and two lane and after that till Bhigwan also good two lane road. We entered NH 65 at about 18.30 Hrs and the distance to home is about 475 Kms. Expected time did not change with all the delays and extra kms. It is showing 2.30 AM. Just after 15 Kms on NH from Bhigwan, it started raining and it became complete dark. Though road was good, mist coming out of truck tyres brought down the speed. By the time we reached outskirts of Solapur weather became clear. I saw a OYO hotel before Solapur but my wife not shown interest. I felt I can drive further. For a moment, I thought of bad roads and diversions after Solapur but decided to face it. We continued our journey without dinner. After Satara we did not stop for a tea also. Reached home sharp by 2.00 AM of Day-4 (Friday) and slept off. Finishing touch of the journey is the front right tyre was completely flat when I woke up at 10 AM. Thank god nothing happened in the middle of night. Two punctures were found in the Tyre. Clicks some where between Mahabaleshwar and Satara Ghat road. This is in Mahabalshwar End of the Log Thank you one and all for liking the log.
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    Two important points to consider: -Manufactured in China -Designed in China I don't trust the products that are designed in China. I am fine with manufactured in China, more than 90% of electronics are manufactured in China.
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    Most of the Chinese dash cams lack quality: Even Transcend, HP, Garmin manufactured in China, bro. Xioami is from China but it has the quality in Mobile. So Xiaomi backed 70mai may have good quality. We can't expect them to produce good quality visuals.: Use VIOFO or 70mai Once or see its video on Youtube. Windshield glare itself will kill the quality.: VIOFO has optional CPL filter lens which reduces glare very well.
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    Most of the Chinese dash cams lack quality. They are made to help us during emergency situations. We can't expect them to produce good quality visuals. Windshield glare itself will kill the quality. GoPro is the only way to get quality footage(outside mount). But it is not an ideal dash cam. Not worth it.
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    Vikarabad,Ananthagiri Hills I drive to Anathagiri Hills at least 5 times a year, every time I visit, I discover something new. List of places discovered: 1.Forest trail, which can be accessed via temple. (safe to visit with families) 2.Multiple View points. 3.Lake. 4.Telangana tourism for food and washrooms. 5.Kotepally reservoir. (Ananthagiri Hills to kotepally distance is around 20 kilometers) 6.Kayaking by Telangana tourism at Kotepally reservoir, you can book a slot online. 7.Waterfalls at Kotepally. (water will be visible only during monsoon, currently it is active.) Google maps, location details : (Click on the name for maps) 1. Ananthagiri Hills temple 2. Ananthagiri Hills view point 3. Ananthagiri Hills lake (Drive further till you find a left turn) 4. Kotepally reservoir (Kotepally reservoir has two route, one will lead to dam, other will lead to Kayaking) Map Ananthagiri Hills is magic during monsoon. Lush green Hills are soothing to the eyes. Google maps: Covered all the view points : URL Road condition: Road is 2-lane all the way from Hyderabad to Ananthagiri Hills.(except for few bits at the beginning) Roads improved a lot, compared to previous years. Smooth roads with curves are fun to drive. Distance : ~100 kilometers Hotels: Telangana Tourism(Breakfast, lunch and Dinner) and Hills&valley (lunch)
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    Hi Everyone Myself Trisha this is my first post. I am sharing story of my dandeli visit and some birds photographs by my friend Chris. Dandeli is truly a heaven for Bird watcher, I am a great fan of birds, I based in Goa and after 15 years of my first day on earth i realize that there is a place near Goa Name Dandeli... being a wildlife enthusiast it was surprised for me. It was like i got a treasure. I remember in 2018 I stayed in Dandeli for 3 days (it was a 2 night package) there was a lots of bird chirping around me near the farmhouse where i stayed. here what my friend Chris captured from Dandeli Coppersmith Barbet Chrimson Sunbird Chestnut Tailed Starling Fish Eagle Great White Egret Not only bird there are black panther, bear, leopard you can spot. Jeep tours in Dandeli wildlife sanctuary are available and its an adventure of a lifetime where you get to witness the natural habitat of wild animals, exotic birds, and unusual reptiles. Dandeli is a Photographer and wildlife lover delight. The place is abuzz with water adventure that rekindles your desire to enjoy the thrills and spills of the sport.
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    This is the map which could be of some help in planning your trip in Hampi 😊
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    This read gave me peace of mind before I sleep and your Jeep looks super awesometastically fantabulously crazy good in those ghat pictures! Good job @ksa171983 cheers🤘🍻
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    I started avoiding perfumes in car. I had a very bad experience in my old Fiesta. Few years back, one of my friend forgot Ambipure on my dashboard. It was parked in the direct sun for a full day. Perfume leaked out completely on the dashboard. This used to be my favorite one. I hate those gel perfumes, Personally I used to experience a head-ache during long drives. Air vent perfumes are much better than gel based perfumes. Now, I am using a nice deodorant in my car.(I don't have leather seats in my car ) I'm very happy with the outcome, spray when ever it is required.
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    Hey @pralay, Interesting post. Amongst the many I have used, I liked the AER best which I felt had more is better fragrant than many others. Others would just work for a time being and leave my car with the same old plastic new car smell which I usually don't like.
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    Day one(29/01/2017) Sunday, Morning 8:00 HYDERABAD-->>>RAJAHMUNDRY Distance: 429 KM Drive Time: 9 Hours including one long break and few resting breaks Mileage: 13.2 KMPL Vehicle: Honda City VX Manual Transmission (Golden Horse) Fuel: Petrol Speed: Cruised at 120 KMPH Route: HYDERABAD--> Suryapet--> Vijayawada-->(VIJAYAWADA BYPASS ROAD) Nuzivid--> Hanuman Junction--> NH16 (CHENNAI-KOLKATA HIGHWAY)--> Rajahmundry. Many of you might be familiar with the Vijayawada--> Rajahmundry normal route, but this is a newly constructed route which skips Vijayawada city traffic goes through many small village roads, narrow roads, small ghat roads or mini ghat roads. The road conditions are worst till Nuzivid and from there the road is two lane road and is good. There are no proper restaurants till Rajahmundry, one must be prepared to eat on the way side dhabas or else wait till Rajahmundry. Coming to the Hyderabad To Suryapet road, the road is awesome 4 laned road there are many restaurants on the way, driveking wrote a review about this road so I'm skipping the info of this way and will go on with my journey. I stopped at Ma palle ruchulu for breakfast. The restaurant is awesome and the prices are reasonable for the quality. Don't expect any luxuries in the restaurant, it's a simple yet best village themed restaurant. Best items to eat is pulla atulu in veg. I don't know about non-veg. Waited there for one hour and started to Rajahmundry. And reached Rajahmundry by 5:00 in the evening. Stayed at housing board colony, my grandparents place. Here are few pics if the restaurant and the way. Pictures of Restaurant, Vijayawada Bypass road and the worst part of the Vijayawada bypass road. Day Two (30/01/2017) Monday. No activity, Took rest. Day Three(31/01/2017) Tuesday, Morning 7:30 RAJAHMUNDRY-->MAREDUMILLI Distance: 86 KM Drive Time: 2 hour 45 mins with few photography breaks. Mileage: 13.2 KMPL Vehicle: Honda City VX Manual Transmission Fuel: Petrol Speed: 80-110 KMPH Route: Rajahmundry--> Gadaala--> Rajahmundry Airport--> Burugupudi--> Korukonda--> Gokavaram--> Venkata Puram--> Folkspeta--> Bhuoatipalem--> Rampachodavaram--> Ramannavalasa--> Maredumilli. Started at 7:30AM from Rajahmundry and reached Maredumilli at 10:30AM. The road conditions are excellent two laned road takes you through beautiful dense forest. After reaching Gokavaram mobile signal goes off only BSNL signals are available. After reaching Rampachodavaram beautiful dense and beautiful forest starts and the ghat road starts from there. One can easily maintain 80-100 on the road there'll be no traffic after crossing Rampachodavaram, that's the last place where we can find population and from there it's calm, beautiful, lush green, dense forest and agency area. There is a reservoir at Bhupathipalem name is Bhupathipalem reservoir that's a beautiful place which also offers boating. There are two resorts to stay at Maredumill 1) Birds nest resort 2) Vanavihari Eco Tourism The best place to stay for a family is Vanavihari Eco Tourism. There is a restaurant in the resort, veg and no veg are available on demand. Best time to stay and visit Maredumilli is October to November. And best place to stay is Hill top resort at Vanavihari Maredumilli. There are many other AC and non AC resorts to stay ranging from ₹1000 per night to ₹2000 per night for two people and ₹600 for an extra bed. There is Jungle star nature camp a site for camping. Places to visit at Maredumilli 1) Jalatarangini Waterfalls 2) Swarnadhara And Rampa Waterfalls 3) Karthikavanam And The Vali Sugriva Medicinal Plants Conservation Area 4) Madanikunj-Vihara Sthal. According to the receptionist at Vanavihari most of the waterfalls are dried up now. And Karthikavanam And The Vali Sugriva Medicinal Plants Conservation Area is empty, no one to guide and no one will be with you even to open the gate that's my personal experience but the place is must visit for nature lovers and Photographers. There is coffee plantation area where you can spot birds according to locals, but the place is deserted without a single person, better to go with groups and good offroading vehicles, preferably a Thar. Maredumilli is a place for true nature lovers, Photographers and for the people who want to forget and come out of cities and enjoy the nature. One can enjoy the silence of the forest and lush green beauty of the forest in any season. I visited Vanavihari took photographs and explored few lonely and beautiful places in my Honda City, felt that's not the right car and not the right place for 3 people took rest near the coffee plantation gate and left the place with a heavy heart. Places to Eat: Restaurant at Maredumilli. PS: don't eat at way side Restaurants at Maredumilli. And bamboo chicken is famous there. Haven't tasted as I'm a vegetarian. Here are few pictures.Vanavihari Maredumilli Ghat road through dense forest at Maredumilli Me with my grandfather Bhupathipalem reservoir. Day three(01/02/2017), Wednesday afternoon 2:30. RAJAHMUNDRY--> VISAKHAPATNAM Distance: 190.7 KM Drive Time: 3 hours 30 minutes hours without a break Mileage: 13.2 KMPL Vehicle: Honda City VX Manual Transmission Fuel: Petrol Speed: Cruised at 120 KMPH Route: Visakhapatnam--> Annavaram--> Visakhapatnam. The road conditions are excellent four lane road till Vishakapatanam. Started off to Visakhapatnam in the afternoon at 2:30 after watching the no use budget Reached Visakhapatnam by 6:00PM. Attended a marriage in the night at slept at 1:00AM Stayed at Green Park Hotel. Hotel is excellent. Price ₹7000 per night we got for ₹6000 office discount. PLACES TO EAT ON THE WAY TO VISAKHAPATNAM: One Food Court at Annavaram on the right side while going to Visakhapatnam. Day four (02/02/2017), Thursday Morning 11:00. Visited few places and temples. Places: Kailash Giri, Submarine Museum. Temples: Laxmi Narasayamma temple at Sujatha Nagar. Simhachalam. Very bad that I forgot my camera in the room couldn't take pictures that day. In the night we visited RK Beach. The night is unforgettable... Slept for few minutes on the marble platform and watched the sea. Clicked few pictures... And left the place. Day five (03/02/2017), Friday Early Morning 5:00. Visited Tenneti Park for sunrise photoshoot. Took pictures from the view point and enjoyed the scene. Here are few pictures of the sunrise and my Golden Horse. Started to Rajahmundry at 3:00 in the afternoon and reached by 6:00 in the evening. Day six(04/02/2017), Saturday Morning 7:00. Distance: 430KM Drive time: 9 hours including one long break and few short breaks Mileage: 13.2 KMPL Vehicle: Honda City VX Manual Transmission Fuel: Petrol Speed: Cruised at 110KMPH. Took another route from Rajahmundry not the regular Rajahmundry--> Vijayawada--> Suryapet--> Hyderabad route. This is a bypass route which skips Rajahmundry takes you through a new bridge over Godavari river and then connects to the Khammam-Aswaraopet road. Take left from lalacheruvu and it'll connect you to the bypass route. The road conditions are worst two laned road till Aswaraopet, once you enter Aswaraopet you should take a left and it'll connect you to Khammam road. The road from Aswaraopet is excellent two laned road, one can easily cruise at 100KMPH. Road is surrounded by lush greenery and farms. Many places to rest under trees. This road has many truck traffic as they enter this road to avoid toll gates. It took us 9 hours to reach Hyderabad because of the worst road till Aswaraopet. After Khammam it connects to sathupalli and then connects to Suryapet then regular highway starts. Enter this road only if you want to avoid toll plazas. On this route we reached home by 5:30. We stay at Kompally traffic starts from Uppal. PLACES TO EAT: Vijayawada to Hyderabad Many way side Restaurants till Suryapet. After Suryapet there are many good restaurants, few are On the left when coming to Hyderabad: 1) G Hotel Nice hotels with decent price and quality 2)Hotel Sai Prasad Pure Vegetarian Pure vegetarian restaurant, no neatness 3) Vivera. after Narketpally Veg and non veg no neatness Hyderabad to Vijayawada : On the right when going to Vijayawada: 1) Annapurna Pure Vegetarian Decent and simple veg restaurant 2) Village Aharam Organic restaurant 3) Ma Palle Ruchulu Super village themed restaurant with good food and decent price 4) 9 restaurant Haven't tried 5) 7 food court Good food, good ambience value for money. Lastly thanks a lot to the guys in the WhatsApp group who had helped me in the journey
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    A group pic of all the 'India-Drive' members @Village Aharam who have attended the breakfast drive meet A short celluloid of the drive towards Rachakonda.
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    Very nicely composed sagar. A wonderful meet, Kids to elders everyone contributed to make the drive a success. 4 days and 1600 kilometers in a convoy was fun. Even though the drive was hectic, It was great to see the high energy levels and lifted spirits. Thoroughly enjoyed the meet. Looking forwards for the pictures from other cameras as well. Dream Drive Discover.
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    Very informative post. Its very helpful specially during holiday season. Will buy one right away and will share my experience. Hope more toll booths are added in the future. Good move by government.
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    Where can I buy the fast tags? Currently two Banks are tied up with NHAI to provide the fast tags ICICI Bank http://www.icicibank.com/Personal-Ba...tag/index.page AXIS Bank Couldn't find the link.Will update once I get it. What is the price of Fast tag? List of toll booths around Hyderabad that accepts Fast tag now.List will increase in the coming days.