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    • Is it a round trip? I mean pickup/drop point is same?

      I heard few queries regarding parking.
    • Looks perfect in this angle. 
          Agree on it. 
    • Interiors look outdated.     This one looks awesome.  Will be released in India?
    • Beautiful pictures,  Missed the trip this year.   Most of the places in Konaseema are crowded during Sankranthi. 
    • Konaseema never disappoints me with its beauty. Drive through the lush green fields is the most enjoyable thing during my visits every year. I made sure I toured places starting from Bhimavaram, Palakollu, Amalapuram, Godilanka, Vodalrevu (River Godavari merges into the Bay of Bengal), Coringa etc.    Couldn’t click much pictures as I have squeezed in too many a places into a very short time.    Started off with celebrating the Bhogi Festival as part of Sankranthi   A short drive to the Odalrevu beach. You can spot the confluence of the Godavari river and the Bay of Bengal sea in this area.   The beach was pretty much less populated during this major festive season and we can imagine the amount of crowd this place this place usually carries during the regular days       On the banks of this Odalrevu beach, we have seen a beach stay named Samudhra. Doesn't look so great from the outside but gave us a decent impression. Not aware of the conditions inside this place.   On the banks of the river Godavari at a small boating point. You can go on a boat ride at this place hiring the private fishermen.       On a bike ride towards Coringa. This is a small bridge constructed over the beautiful backwaters of the Bay of Bengal.     Beautiful views of the canal surrounded by coconut groves from the bridge       Sunset at the backwaters.
    • That's awesome. Have you thought of doing any new one's offlate?
    • You need to plan up an exclusive photo shoot at some exotic location pretty soon for your new ford  
    • Hey,   thanks for update. Yeah, became bit busy after wedding 😛😛   vRS is just rocking and planning to do a trip after quite long time 🙂
    • Thanks Sekar & Ranger for valuable fedback😀
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      1. Ranger +1 (Civic)
      2. Sagar +1 (Creta)
      3. Maroti +2 (Tigor) (Interested in joining) 
      4. Rajesh +1(Creta)
      5. Sridhar Tandra +1 (Tiago)
      6. Jagannadham +3 (Will confirm shortly on Car)
      7.  Bhargav +1 ( Vento)
      8.  Vinith +1 (Duster)
      9.  Anand Singh +1 (Ecosports) 10. Prabhu +3 ( Baleno)  11. Rajesh (Punto) 12. Rahul +1(Xuv500)
      13. Mandar Deshmukh +1 (Duster) 14. Karthik   Waiting List:   15. Pavan + Srikanth + Shiva 16. Ankit+1
    • My beast   Ford Freestyle 1.5 TDCi
    • Thank you @sagar   Cost was Rs.1500/- for adults and Rs.1000/- for children. My brother-in-law knows an endowment officer in Bhadrachalam. Through that source we booked.
    • Awesome pictures @KSK.. Looks so much fun. How much were you charged for this trip?
    • My family and my sister's family also went to Papikondalu on December 31st 2017. We have spent New year (2018) day amidst picturesque locations of Papi hills - for once disconnected from virtual world and not a bit concerned about wishing someone or getting buzzing new year wishes on our mobile phones. It was an amazing experience.   We traveled to Bhadrachalam and then to Pochavaram, which is approximately 72 km from Bhadrachalam, to board a boat and reach Kolluru. My brother-in-law did all boating and bamboo hut booking through his influence. Though we had wonderful time, my suggestion is not to visit Papikondalu with families during new year's time, especially Dec 31st. There was lots of boozing and smoking on 31st, continued till morning. On Jan 1st, there was an altercation between some tourists and local tribal, and tribals beat a couple of guys with sticks for creating nuisance for food not being prepared well (maybe they were still in hangover). But otherwise, it is a must-visit place at least once.   Some pics taken by nephew:         And some by me:   Need to walk through this trail for about 1 km to reach a stream:   Stream...:   Managed to take a pic of altercation: