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    • Day 0   I had a hectic amount of route planning done for this trip. Bugged many a member in various fora/ FB for the optimal route to reach Mysore without getting stuck in the BLR traffic or the horrific car chases on the BLR-MYS NH275! I had below two options finalized, thanks to @Ranger and other enthusiasts’ inputs: Option1: Hyd-BLR on NH44, take NH75 at Hebbal get onto Tumkur road, take either NH48/NICE road to get to NH275 BLR-MYS with a 722 Km run ideally taking 12h 27m of drive time (per google maps) Option2: Hyd-BLR on NH44, turn right at Devanahalli to Doddaballapura, then to Neelamangala, join NH75 to Nelligere, then take 150A to Pandavapura and Mysore with a 747Km run ideally taking 12h 50m of drive time (per google maps)!     I chose to give option2 a try which seems a slight stretch (distance/time) and will be a good experience to share upon return! Finally, with a fair amount of spirited driving, total distance actually covered is 742 Km with 11 ½ hrs of drive time – beats both the above estimates! 😊 Enjoy the drive as much as the destination Day1: Hyderabad to Mysuru   Started at 4.15am from KPHB Colony. Found traffic even at that hour to our surprise – could be the airport crowd or others hitting the highway like us ahead of the holidays! ORR and BLR highway were super smooth, as usual. We had a tough time to keep under 100kmph on the ORR which is a real irritant so to say! It was great to watch the sun rise over the horizon signalling a bright day ahead!   After a supposedly quick but ended up really long coffee break (thanks to the guy who killed some good 30 mins which seemed eternity to prepare coffee – looks like he needed some real good tea/coffee himself 😊) and few random stops for quick photo shoots, nature appreciation and biting on some home brought/ bakery bought breakfast we continued non-stop till my ‘Badass’ longed for a ‘parents visit’ which I couldn’t help but oblige! Having paid for over speeding (@ ~ 100Kmph) during one of my last drives to BLR (☹), I was super cautious to drive between 80-100 Kmph after Chikballapur. Reached Nandi Upachar @ Devanahalli at 12:07pm for lunch break! After a good ~ 1hr lunch break and another tank-full we started to explore the new route and hit the road to Doddaballapura. This route is extremely good except for very few patches. It is either a 2 lane with divider at few places or without but in excellent condition and you can easily maintain 60-80 Kmph depending on the traffic conditions. We crossed Doddaballapura and then proceeded to Neelamangala on a beautiful and winding road with green fields and few good lakes/ponds in between. This route has hardly any traffic and we can maintain good speeds throughout.     After Neelamangala, took NH75 (toll road) towards Nelligare. Was extremely surprised to see really looong queues at this toll plaza for the single ‘cash only’ lane while we, with the FastTag zipped past! I don’t know what else our govt needs to do to make our crowds invest in a simple thing like FastTag to save their and everybody else’s time & money! NH75 is super smooth dotted with many Udupi classy food joints, excellent roads with less traffic and no tension of speed guns and beautiful landscapes with coconut trees on both sides of the road providing great relief to the long drive!     At Nelligere, we diverted to Pandavapura which again invited us with super smooth roads (except for very few bad patches – all amounting not more than 5Kms) with very scenic surroundings. I bet the whole long drive stress vanishes if we slowly drive along this stretch savouring the nature around us. Of course we should also keep an eye on few villages we cross along and their usual traffic which was not bothering at all!       We were surprised how they could maintain so many lakes/ponds so neat and clean and we found boating facilities too at quite a few of them even in remote/ interior parts of the state when, despite major efforts and publicity, all most all of our lakes - in Hyderabad especially, are littered with garbage and plagued with water hyacinth – sad state of affairs here ☹ We could savour these perfect views enroute Pandavapura. Seeing us, we saw two other cars stopping by to saviour nature and click their favourite pics! We reached Mysore and checked in Hotel Dasprakash Paradise around 5PM ... … with a total drive time of 11 ½ hours and elapsed time of around 12.45 hrs from the start covering some 742 Kms. Returned some 12.6 Kmpl mileage with a fully loaded car carrying 5 members and some spirited driving! Quite happy with my choice of this route and I highly recommend it over the usual NH275 except during night drives as am not sure about the sparse traffic and winding roads and anyways one cannot enjoy the nature beauty at night.   We quickly freshened up and visited Brindavan gardens for about 3 hrs. Few pics @ Brindavan gardens:   We bid good-night to the moon,   which surprisingly looked closer and brighter than we find in Hyderabad, returned to the hotel for dinner and called it a “good day” indeed 😊 (to be cont'd)                      
    • No nee on the way...it will be fine to divert for good places...   I have visited the above places expect Gandikota camping.  
    • We should plan a track meetup for India-Drive members. 
    • Shamshabad is good.   Thank you for correcting it. Updated the thread and poll. 
    • Added two more places to the list.  Looks like good number of tracks are coming up in Hyderabad. 

      Still Shamshabad and Leonia tracks are my personal favourite. 
    • @Ranger no, due to time constrain we just visited dam and returned to Hyderabad.
    • Nothing much on these routes. 
      You can consider visiting following places:
      1. Mahabalipuram 2. Pondicherry 3. Chirala beach resort 4. Gandikota camping 5. Belum caves 
    • Hello,   I am planing to Tirupati trip on March 2nd week,  which is the best way. I planned for 5 days trip, Looking for any other places we can visit other places.   Earlier I covered Tamilnadu and Karnataka.   Please suggest the best route and best places.   Regards Subhash
    • Via Nagpur is the best option.
      Hyderabad to Nagpur roads are good.
      But Nagpur to Varanasi are not so great.

      Limited food options in these routes.
      Carry water and snacks as a backup.

      Avoid night drives, try to plan your drive during day time.

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    • i am planning next for a road trip from hyderabad to varanasi with my suv....which is the best route from nagpur....i prefer NH ...
    • Any idea anyone about the condition of the roads from CUTTACK TO SAMBALPUR and SAMBALPUR TO AMRAVATI and AMRAVATI TO AURANGABAD ??
    • Good pictures guys. Thread is active after a long break. 
          Waiting for updates. 
    • Food options are very limited in this area, specially when we drive along with family, finding a decent food joint is up hill task.  Thank you for the update.      Don't expect any drastic improvement.
      This road work is pending from the past one decade.  Sad affairs!    Plan your food spots in advance. Carry water and energy bars. 
    • Hi Pranav,   Did you complete your trip.  If yes, could you please update on the current road condition, specially between Adilabad and Nagpur.   Thanks, Dhananjay
    • Thanks Ranger. Yes enjoyed the drive...7 days and 2300 KM..