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    • Can anyone suggest the latest routes update to Hampi ?   I did see Hyderabad --> Kurnool (take right turn) --> Kodumur --> Alur --> Ballari --> Hampi route above posted by Ranger. Please suggest if we can take this route only or any short route is ready now ?   Thanks!
    • Looking for petrol smell air freshner. I really love that smell. Any suggestions? 
    • Yes at times. Buffering and braked video while playing. But none while in download sceeen mode or while downloading. All these on app. 
    • Thank you for the review.

      Any issues with memory card?
    • Both the routes are good. 

      People usually follow this route

      Hyderabad > Kurnool > Kadapa > Tirupati > Srikalahasti > Nellore > Ongole > Hyderabad 
    • Thank you for the update  
    • My review on DDPAI Mini 2P dash cam after using it for more than 8months     Brand: DDPAI Model: Mini 2P (2K recording) Price: 7.5K including hardwiring kit Place: Amazon  Link:  https://www.amazon.in/DDPAI-Mini2P-Distortionless-Dynamic-G-Sensor/dp/B07KYWH7MN/ref=sr_1_2?keywords=DDPAI&qid=1573281833&sr=8-2&th=1   The quality is good, but the concern raised by many regarding number plate quality hasn’t been solved. One will find it difficult while looking at the video at speeds more than 50kph but can be readable when paused and zoomed or by zooming a snap.    This cam doesn’t have a screen, can be controlled by a mobile app. DDPAI mini 2P  comes with a bluetooth shutter button through which we can take snaps on the go.   Smaller model DDPAI mini doesn’t come with a shutter button and records in 1080p quality.    Sample Videos & Images         Night Quality     During Heavy Rains     Few Pictures  
    • There are some mixed opinions from hyd to tirupati route,  Option-1 - LB nagar - nalgonda - addanki - NH-16 - nellore - srikalahasti - tirupati Option-2 - Gachibowli - kurnool - kadapa - tirupati  It all depends upon the start point from hyderabad and also if you want to visit srikalahasti temple. Again no clear clarity on completion of proposed highway kurnool - kadapa, but what I got the information is that almost completed. The only issue you may face is between kadapa to tirupati, this stretch is not a highway and you may not feel comfortable.   Even I am planning to travel tirupati 29th Nov. Gachibowli - Nalgonda - addanki - NH-16 - nellore - srikalahasti - tirupati Day1 - 29th Nov - Srikalahasti temple darshan Day2 - 30th Nov - Padmavathi amma varu and local temple Day3 - 1st Dec - reach Tirumula, special darshan (300/-) Day4 - 2nd Dec -  Suprabhatam seva and vasanthotsavam seva Day5 - 3rd Dec - Return journey Tirupati - vontimitta (temple darshan) - kadapa - yaganti - kurnool - gachibowli   All seva tickets and accommodation (tirumala) tickets are booked except tirupati, I need to try in vishnu nivasam current accommodation if not search good hotel nearby.   Any suggestion, please.....   Thank you, Raj      
    • Hi All,   I am planning to travel from Hyderabad to Tirupati by road on 5th Dec (Night Drive). Can anyone please suggest the best route? and road conditions.   I have seen searched reg. same on the site however could not find any new topics.   Regards Johney
    • Guys, I am back to Bangalore on Nov 2nd. Started from Bhopal on Nov 1st early morning 5:00 AM. Reached Nagpur around 11:30 - 12:00 and continued. As mentioned earlier, I wanted to cross Hinganghat - Adilabad stretch during day time so didnt halt much in between. This time to my surprise, after Hinganghat and near Kelapur toll, was greeted by craters. If anyone is crossing this section first time that too in dark its very dangerous. There was hardly any place to move car from there. Somehow crossed that section and within 2kms there is a toll named Kelapur toll. I complained there about the road condition and they told work in progress. I even raised public grievance on "https://pgportal.gov.in/." and awaiting reply.   We reached Hyderabad at 7:00 PM and stayed in a hotel for night and started next day morning (Nov 2nd) for Bangalore. After having breaks for breakfast and fuel reached home (in whitefield) by 4:30 PM).   With this,  I completed the trip successfully :).   Thanks , Dhananjay     
    • I did this in the 2nd Week of October (09 - 13 Oct 2019). The route I took was Hyderabad (Miyapur) -> Zaheerabad -> Humnabad -> Gulbarga -> Bagalkot -> Belgaum -> Chorla -> Goa (Candolim). Road was excellent end-to-end, except from a small patch close to Bagalkot (which might have been very well repaired by now). Particularly the entire Karnataka section of the road was buttery smooth. We had taken a break at Belgaum, and continued on our journey next morning. Once we enter the Goa side of Chorla road, expect some broken patches - but at max for 15-20km, intermittently.   Btw if you break at Belgaum, do try the Donne Biryani at either Donne Biryani Adda (DBA) or Niyaaz. DBA is my personal favorite among the two 🙂
    • Guest Sudhakar
      Hello Guys,   I want to know updated road condition as i am planning this weekend.   Thanks in advance.