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    • Hi  Thanks for info... How was the route from betul to double chowki .. I intend to go to Indore  after a month or so ..
    • Thanks Prashant , your comments gives me lot of confidence. I have never drove such long distances anytime before. I am planning in mid-September. Plan is as follows - Start 4 am from Bangalore , overnight stay in Nizamabad (not sure if I can find some good hotels there). I hope with e-pass there should not be any problem to enter Telangana and Maharashtra. Then start 3 am from Nizamabad and continue till Indore Via Nagpur and Betul. Actually i don't want to stay overnight because of COVID but it seems there is no other way.   Any other suggestion regarding route , hotel stay etc are very much welcome.   Thanks Viru
    • Hi Viru, Trust all is well at your end. Honda Jazz is a good car to drive on any roads. I too have the same car and I drive all across irrespective of ghat roads or any terrain except the soft wet roads. Without any hesitation you can drive to Indore. When are you planning to travel and which will be your exit point for e-pass as Bengaluru is still under lockdown. Wishing you a safe n comfortable journey. Good luck. Prashant K Mathur
    • Hi ,  I am planning to drive in my Honda Janz  from Bangalore to Indore via Nagpur, will it be possible to cross GHAT ZONES in small car (honda Janz )? Also please suggest what is the best place for night stay in this COVID time.   Thanks Viru
    • All the routes are equally bad. Plan to start early morning. 
      Speed bumps and bad patches will kill the overall pace. 
    • Guest Planning to travel Hyderab
      Hi friends, planning to travel Hubli to Hyderabad by road please suggest the best route if someone travelled recently. Thanks
    • Hyderabad - Bangalore stretch is safe in terms of night travel. The check posts at the borders are active 24x7 which I feel is good move by the authorities.
    • Guest Night travel
      Can I travel in night time ? Is it safe and how about police checks?
    • Thanks for the help. very useful
    • awesome, thanks for the post. very helpful
    • Here is what I can tell you about the part of my recent trip which overlaps with your route:   Hyderabad to Nagpur (27th July 2020)   Nagpur to Betul (28th July 2020)   I hope others will provide information about the rest of your trip (Betul to Bhopal).
      I left the Bhopal route at Betul and headed to Dewas via Chicholi > Timarni > Harda > Khategaon > Kannod > Chapda > Double Chowki > Bangarda > Lasudia.
    • Yes, I went to a doctor in the neighbourhood (I drove around looking for a small and less busy clinic, since I wanted to avoid a place where I may pick up COVID). I explained the situation and asked for a certificate saying that the subject (me) does not have any COVID Symptoms. The doctor checked my BP, Temperature, asked a few questions, and then issued a certificate. Attaching mine here for your reference. He charged me 500 Rupees for it, which is the same as what you pay many places for consultation, so I paid without trying to negotiate. Maybe you could get a better rate per member from the doctor you go to.     I think it will be needed for all travelers. In my case, I was the only traveler.
    • Hi @Sankalp - MH rejected my epass request stating fitness certificate required. did you had to furnish fitness certificate? how to get the same? is it required for all traveleres
    • I feel you on the roads between Betul and Indore. NH47 is highly un-national-highway-like on average during that stretch.