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– There should be only one topic on any given subject and only one subject discussion on any given topic. Posting duplicate thread may result in spam and that post shall be removed. Our moderators, at their discretion, may combine threads which are closely related or perhaps which run on a single topic.

– If there is an existing thread for the topic you are posting, please post to that thread rather than creating new. Post in the right place makes easy to find the posts. Please keep it relevant.

– Please read the entire thread before ask a question, as there can be chances of having the questions in common by the other members.

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– Trolls set out to incite flame-wars for the sole purpose of offending or irritating other posters should be avoided. Such user’s posts shall be removed permanently.

– If observed, a fellow community members violating the rules and guidelines, that member will be banned from the ‘India-Drive’ forum.